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Hi =)

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Frost1076, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone! I'm Frost. I found out about this place when my friend (Elegante) saw that I liked writing and roleplaying with other friends. I don't know how great exactly I am, seeing all the people here, but I have a lot of character and story ideas, although it may take a little time to get accustomed to how.

    For whatever reason I tend to give my characters depressing background stories, but other than that, I'm probably just your average roleplayer.

    Well, can't wait to get to meet some of you guys and get better at roleplaying. =)
  2. Depressive background stories are usually interesting, tho! Sometimes they even lead to compelling plots!


    Welcome to ZEJ! We're all bros here that are always glad to see a newcomer. Check out our various roleplays and statplays, our interest checks if you wanna start RPing right away, and other stuff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any staff-- they're very awesome and would be happy to help.

    Have a good time here :)
  3. Welcome to ZEJ! It's very nice to meet you. I'm Rose, one of the admins here. Check out some of our roleplays that we have to offer, and our exclusive Galamion section. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone!
  4. You seem really great and I hope you have a good time here.

    Welcome to ZEJ, Frost!
  5. Hey there, Jack Frost! Welcome to ZEJ~

    If you're interested in a roleplay or you decide to propose your own, the Interest Checks section is your best friend. Even if an existing roleplay has begun, I think most Game Masters are open to accepting at any time. Hope you enjoy your time on ZEJ, and I hope to see you around!

    (Also I'm sorry if you got a bad first impression of our IRC-- we normally love new people there, but most of us were probably distracted by something else when you arrived. Try stopping by again if you want [though most of the conversation in there currently is about Pokemon X & Y]!)
  6. Howdy there, Froster! Welcome to our humble slice of internet pie, which we affectionately know and love as ZEJ~ My name is Eebit, and I am one of your friendly neighbourhood administrators. Don't be alarmed by the formality (or the scary red name), because we are more or less just the same as regular members. You can come to one of us if you ever need help finding something around here - be it a roleplay to participate in, where to post a certain thread, or even if you want to just chat, really.

    As Starr mentioned, we're all pretty relaxed and buddy-buddy when it comes to RPing, so feel free to shop around and check yourself into things that interest you. If you're interested in anything in particular, feel free to post in its respective Interest Check or Out of Character thread, or just shoot the creator a PM. Most people are happily accepting with open arms!

    Anyway, that's a semi-basic rundown of some basic topics. If you need anything, like I said, shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to try and help you out. I'm kind of like a call centre that way, except I won't just tell you to turn off your computer and turn in back on again. I'd like to think I am a bit more helpful than that~ :>

    Welcome again, and I hope to get to know you better throughout the course of your stay here!
  7. Welcome to ZEJ, enjoy your stay. Eebit said pretty much everything you need to know :p. Just saying though, it is not too big of a forum, the extra numbers after "Frost" probably weren't required xD. Anyway, I'll leave on that. See you around.
  8. A bit late to the welcome wagon since I haven't had a chance to properly log on since last week, but welcome to ZEJ, Frost! I'm one of our many administrators. If you can catch me when I'm online, I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have. :)

    join the club lol

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