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Hi there.

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by ShadoeMayari, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hi there, Mayari here. I'm the other admin from Magnolia~
    And, uh, I dunno what else to put here. ^^' So, yeah.
  2. Hi!

    Put "One day i slip an accident and dieded" and you'll fit right in here. ^^

    I'm crazE. I have no moderating or admin powers! However, I do have the power to change the batteries of most electronic devices. I hope it'll come in handy one day.

    For if the world runs out of batteries and doesn't know how to change them... B|
  3. Welcome to ZEJ, Mayari. : >
  4. Ohai, all you awesome and beautiful people (and Rose). <3
  5. I'm more beautifulest.
  6. I'm going to hurt you.... >_>
  7. Hey Mayari, glad to see you here! :> I trust that you'll have no trouble finding things around the joint, but all the same, welcome to the humble corner of the anarchist internet! We have no rules! Go nuts! But use common sense or I will swing my mighty fist of banhood. And nobody likes that. Because you'll probably ban me from Magnolia in return.


    Yeah, shoot me a PM or a profile comment if you need any help finding stuff, or if people are being jerks, or just want to chat. I'll be around. I am always watching. ;>

    Welcomely welcomes!

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