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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by belle2021, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. I just started today.
    My name is Rachelle, I'm 20 and I love roleplaying. Hence why I'm here. Lol.
    Anyways, I am really into:
    Vampire roleplays
    High school roleplays
    Family roleplays
    Paranormal roleplays

    And I wouldn't mind doing Zombie apocalypse roleplays either.
    I, personally don't have limits when I roleplay but I always limit myself to what makes everyone else comfortable. I haven't roleplayed in a group in a long time, and I have been mostly doing one-on-ones.
    If anyone is interested, let me know.
  2. Hey there! Another new member, this is excellent~ Welcome to ZEJ, our humble little slice of internet pie. I heard that you are from Neopets - in which case, our rules are a lot less restrictive on roleplayers and their creativity (really, just let your creativity run wild~). If you've got any questions about how things work, feel free to shoot me or another user with a red name a message, and we'll be sure to give you any help you need. :)

    As far as your interests go, I'm definitely down for some paranormal stuff at all times. Psychological sort of roleplays always intrigue me, and I'm sure that @"Rose Swan" and @ShadoeMayari have some of those up their sleeves! If you're interested in starting something up, or just browsing through ZEJ's offerings, head on over to the Interest Checks section!

    Once again, welcome to ZEJ! I hope you stick around and have lots of fun here~
  3. Thank you! Yeah Neopets is really irritating so I'm glad this is a lot more easy going.
    I have a plot in mind for paranormal but it's sort of like Ghost Whisperer.
  4. My my! More new people!

    Welcome to ZEJ! My name is Jude, or Gist, or Wendy, or whatever happens to be suiting my fancy at the current time. :3

    I have been here for I guess half a year now, and I'm really starting to like this place. We don't have just a roleplaying place; we support arts and general discussion as well~

    Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay here! <3
  5. Welcome to ZEJ, Belle!

    Glad to have yet another new member! I hope you enjoy it here. As Eebit said, we have a variety of RPs that you can look at. Interest Checks is the best place to go, but there might be a few currently open in out-of-character, or even already started, that might interest you as well.

    If you wanna try hosting an RP, just type up an overall description of it and place it in the Interest Checks section. It'll probably take a few days to gauge everyone's interests, so just be a little patient. We're still a rather small forum, ;)

    By the way, you can just call me Nate. I use this username to look cool. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions as well ~
  6. Okay. Thank you! All of you. Haha. I will explore the site some more when I get time to. :)
  7. Hey there, and welcome to ZEJ! I'm Rose, one of the admins and one of the people Eebit mentioned earlier. Yes, we have some paranormal plots up our sleeves frequently. We're fans of it. Feel free to peruse more of the forum, and also check out Galamion, a prebuilt world for you to run around and have adventures in. It needs a little more love. I have a one on one going now with @blackoutEquinox and that's about it. Maybe we could do one! If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone, we'll be glad to help!
  8. Sorry for my short replies. I am pretty shy when meeting new people but trust me there are times you can't get me to stop talking. Haha. Anyways, I'll check out that world you were talking about and I am up for a one on one too!

    Anyways hello, aside from being a half-hour late to say hi to you - I really enjoy seeing a new face. Me and @Dark are close buds, we're also furries - so you can imagine how open the community is here - they welcomed us with open arms - and we're crazy - so you should fit right in!

    PS: We love new people~
  10. :) It's not a problem :)
    Hello by the way. I'm glad everyone is so welcoming. :)
  11. Welcome to the land of endless possibilities and overkill on forum games-*Shot* I'm Starr, the resident Sky Serpent ~There are many roleplays you can join in by looking up their Interest Checks. If anything interests you, don't hesitate! We also have our general discussion section for non-roleplay topics and forum games to keep ya' busy.

    Hope you have a great time here!
  12. Ah, excellent!! I'm so glad that you were given a warm welcome. Again, welcome to Zej, and I hope that everything goes well for you here! I'm so glad that I got you recruited! ^^
  13. Yeah, it's just too bad that you got silenced permanently for doing so. Thank you though!
  14. Eh, it was worth it. Wouldn't be the first time that I've done something like that to get me silenced permanently. XD I really don't mind. I'm just glad I got someone over here.
  15. That combined with the fabled auto-locking of threads over a certain criteria I've heard so much about are why I'm completely disinterested in ever RPing at Neopets. :p

    I mean it's not like we're draining  NP of all their members.
  16. Heh, Neopets. I started out there and eventually moved to better pastures.

    Sorry I'm a bit late greeting you! My internet's down and I've been out for the last week. I'm one of our several admins and if I ever have the time online to help out, I'd be glad to answer any questions. Until then I'm sure someone else will be happy to.

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