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Grid Layout Poll

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Feb 1, 2017.


Preference: Grid Layout, or Single Column?

  1. Grid Layout

    4 vote(s)
  2. Single Column

    7 vote(s)
  1. Hey gang! Now that the xenForo transition is underway, as the dust settles, we have some decisions to make. The first of which being, what do people prefer the forum looks like?

    Historically, we have operated based on a "single column" layout -- all of ZEJ's forums are available in a single column, as one would expect from the name. However, in the transition to xenForo, and with the new theme that @Nebulon Ranger has purchased for us, we now have the option to display our forums in a "grid menu" format.

    Although it may be possible for us to support both (pending discussion with Dark on whether he is alright with supporting both), the question arises -- what do we want as our "default layout?" In the following two spoilers, you will see screenshots of each in action. Please vote in the poll according to which you would like to see as the default for ZEJ.


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  2. In the grid mode are you able to select which forums are 'full' and which are 'half' or is it automatic?
  3. I believe it's automatic depending on how many forums are in a given section.
  4. I'm used to Grid already so I cast my vote for it. Personally, I like how it shows the entire thread name on top of it's aesthetic.
  5. I suppose I should actually say what my vote is and why.

    While I wouldn't mind if we could support both, I prefer single column. It's how MyBB!ZEJ looked and the grid feels a little... disorganized and cluttered? I dunno.
  6. Too used to single column. Grid seems weird, but I won't say no to it if it came down to it.

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