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Finite Eternity Discussion

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Ziolang, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Ah. Actually I wasn't aware of that. Still, I'd rather see the perfect victory if for nothing but bragging rights.

    fuck tha police
  2. Alright. I've looked into the possibilities and the soonest we can KO Lance is next Turn. Acting in the interests of whatever grants us the most Experience yield, I'll trade the Overkill on Skye for a Perfect Kill on Lance and pulling both of the Levers while aiming for the largest chance at that Perfect Victory. Orthros will attack Lance this Turn, and since Lance is now in G2, Gable can get another 5 Piercing Damage on him by using Glitterstorm to knock him into the Wall Cell in F2. This puts him at 6 HP.  We can Perfect Kill him in the next Turn with a Basic Attack from Orthros and a Skill from Yukiin (using his S-Ability this Turn will mess with the Perfect Kill so just have him wait for now), but not before Gable pulls the WRONG LEVEEEEEEEEER.

    This hinges on Blind being our friend for this one upcoming Enemy Phase, however. I'm assuming the Perfect Victory will give us an Experience bonus, so we're trading the surefire bonus of the Overkill for this opportunity.
  3. What a stunning victory...!
  4. Side question @Ziolang. Why didn't pushing Lance into and through the lever trigger it?
  5. I... was somehow under the impression he was knocked into F2. With the correct direction he'd have hit the lever, not the wall with the same resulting damage... and I guess since he's protecting the lever he avoided triggerring it...? The Lever's durability will need to be updated tho.

    Can I have my Best GM 2015 award now =D
  6. Updated; as always, lemme know if I missed anything~
  7. If Orca and Gable each land a Basic Attack on Lance, that's perfect kill number 2~
  8. No, if Yukiin lands a Basic Attack, it's the Perfect Kill. Gable will do 3 Damage to Lance.

    As for a list of errors in the update, the coding for Orthros, Asura, and Orca's X-Gauges got a little messed up; Orthros should no longer have either Bark Over Bite or Dieftharménos Fterá; the Duration of Asura's Blurred Blade hasn't been reduced; and Lance should bear Ítta now.

    EDIT: I forgot to say, praise RNGesus. He has graced us generously in this fight.
  9. Was not aware that posting to wait was a requirement. Apologies for the delay.
  10. Yeah, all player phase actions must be taken [or denoted as not taken] before anything can proceed. There's always the possibility of variables, hidden events, etc.
  11. Well...I'd say going for the victory rather than the overkill worked out
  12. LMAO Level 3
    Good shit, men.
  13. One more level and Asura will be positively wrecking anyone who dares to attack her in range.
  14. As soon as I receive updates on my purchases I'll be good to go. Sorry for the holdup.
  15. It's not your fault, actually. There's a lot of irl stuff that's been going on for me this past week that likely won't die down until next week; so likely no update until then anyway~

    [I haven't even finalized the enemy units yet thanks to you guys jumping straight to level 3 lol]
  16. Is this still A Thing
  17. Yes. I apologize but with Life throwing its curveballs in addition to you guys level leaping it'll still take time. Also I have to right a summary for myself, reevaluate certain things based on the first battle and overall put more time into this than I expectes. I promise this won't die, but once again its intended purpose was fairly selfish in that I needed the GM experience.

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