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Finite Eternity Discussion

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Ziolang, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Questions, discussion, etc regarding installments to the Finite Eternity genre; i.e., Judicial Component.
  2. Will Enemy Profiles not make an appearance in the Profile Thread?
  3. Honestly I don't know why their profiles would be released before the battle even begins. They'll be posted at some point, just not immediately~
  4. By the way, Zio, you mixed up the Critical and Evasion values in the Ally Party a bit. Both Orthros and Asura's Critical/Evasion are swapped, and Yukiin's stats have several mistakes XD
    (neither Orca nor Gable have any mistakes, though)
  5. So what about those doors?
  6. Mystery cell properties updated. @Silver is allowed to complete Asura's move this turn.
  7. In case it wasn't clear, Yukiin and Gable's basic attacks have a 3 cell range granted by their weapons. Unless this isn't what you want, please update your profiles accordingly. My bad for missing this during the profile reviews~
  8. Why do we even have that lever?
  9. Gonna Knock Back Lance away from the door so we can get in there maybe.
  10. >throwing Connor into the Waterway
    inb4 Cthulhu is provoked
  11. >mfw it actually worked.
  12. Can't help him out if they're both in the water.

    Yuukin, move the guy I can't reach into the water, the one that isn't Skye. That'll put an end to this. ^^
  13. Didn't catch my 7 int damage type (it was a typo I promise)

    Anyways, throwin' the boy back into the water. Riperoni.
  14. >10% chance of knocking units over the railing into the waterway; succeed every time.
    >3% chance of Gable evading that attack: succeeds.
    >perfect kill accomplishment via drowning

    All that's left is for y'all to have perfect victory, seeing as no one has taken any damage yet
  15. We have appeased the Deep Ones with our sacrifice to them. Flawless victory is ensured, RNGesus is on our side.
  16. Cerby you should go on Lance. Going on Skye is overkill
  17. Overkill is the point, actually! If you bring a Unit to negative health equivalent to an amount equal to or greater than half their Maximum HP (so in Skye's case -7/-8), it's called an Overkill and you get more Experience (sorry if you already knew this). Even with Asura's flurry here and Yukiin using a Skill and Orca contributing a Basic Attack, unless someone lands a Critical Hit (which we can't presume to rely on) then you still won't have enough resultant damage to Overkill Skye. Orthros ensures an Overkill in this situation. I could still focus on Lance if you want, but he's Blinded and doesn't have enough MP to do anything right now, so that situation seems fine for the moment. Yukiin and Orca can close in on him this Turn.

    I was a bit quick on the draw, though. I had Santa Claus delete my post, and I'll wait for Yukiin and Orca to move so Orthros can start moving towards Lance afterwards.
  19. I didn't even know Overkill was a rewardable thing... Best GM 2015.

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