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Final Fantasy Tactics: Binding the World Together OoC

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Cid, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Here goes out of context chat for FFT:BtWT
  2. I have gotten the first post out there for the RP.
  3. 1 month has passed, and still no post.
  4. Yeah, sorry. I've been pretty busy struggling to catch up with schoolwork and keep on top of all of my classes, coupled with the struggles of university applications... posting has not been much of an option lately. I'll try and get caught up on this, and pretty much everything I have neglected in past weeks come next week (March Break for me).

    Sorry for the holdup, but I did inform you that I would probably not have a ton of time going into this.
  5. Yeah, still not much of an excuse for the other people in the SP though.
  6. Sorry, I've been really busy lately, and have been unable to post anywhere.
  7. Though it's exceedingly late, my inspiration for this has re-risen as my little sister has picked up A2. I will do my best to get a post up and start the flow of the roleplay, though it likely won't be anything special (since it's from my phone).

    One question though, are others still interested? I know that Book and S2 haven't been around here, so I gather that they are out. Are there gallant souls who might take their places?
  8. I'll be down to take one of their places, since Tactics was one of my favorite FF titles, though I may be lost for a while if you guys have been posting a lot in this RP.
  9. There hasn't been a single post.
  10. LOL okay I'm done to replace someone, though will I be taking their character or making my own? And is there an SU or something if I do make my own? xD
  11. Just send me the character, I will calculate the stats depending on race, and job. There is a Sign-up buried within the profile threads, yes. Also, to Eebit, I'm going to ask you to hold out on posting just a moment longer until I can re-do the opening post, as it is.... well, short.
  12. And off we go. I'll update the post with the colours after I get home; right now I'm about to board my flight so I have no time to get the hexcodes, nor the patience to do so from my phone. Looking forward to this RP moving.

    EDIT: Eh, didn't see your note to hold off on posting. It's not that big of a deal honestly that the first post is short. Mine's not that great either, being that it was done on a phone.
  13. Thanks for the post Eebit. The sad thing is, the post was actually shorter than that before, because i'm a complete moron. As soon as the others post, we can finally begin.

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