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DISCUSSION Favorite Character Color?

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Gist, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. We all use a specific color when we make characters, so is there a specific color that you hover towards, like shades of grey green or blue or something, or do you just pull up a html color slider, close your eyes, click, and /bam/, there's your color.

    I do the latter myself, really. XD
  2. I usually try to fit the color to the character, though I will say that I kinda tend to hover towards cooler colors, like blues and purples.
  3. Black and blue.
    Sometimes purples...

    If I'm not taking the game seriously, then florescent pink.
  4. Usually Lighter Greens/Shades of Yellow. Eg: Erkin Asper, Reglan Gern.
  5. Like Nate, I try my best to suit the color towards the physical appearance of the character, oftentimes mimicking the color of their eyes, hair, or any other discernible features of theirs to as much of a tee as I can. The only other prerequisite is that it has to not hurt my eyes on the theme that I'm using at the current time.
  6. I base my character colors off of a sense of what seems to fit the character best-- sometimes it's based on physical appearance (like Jay, whose color is based on his hair)-- but often it's just what reminds me of them. I've been getting into Googling images of certain character-reminiscent things and then grabbing a color from there... which leads to characters like Ebrethiel getting their colors from searches about "boiling blood".

    Although, I seem to lean towards purple and green hues...
  7. Naeova's color is pretty sick if I do say so myself.
  8. So glad I'm not the only one that does this. LOL. Assigning a color to your character based off of personal traits is another sweet way of designating text and all that. Very nice, Cerby. Can't wait to see Gabriel Viatyche's color! :5
  9. A personal favourite colour (lelz canadian spelling) of mine has always been Kisara Seithe's brand of orange. I think it perfectly epitomized her as a character - bright, yet biting - and it really is a nice shade of orange. It works really nicely for her role as a dual-wielding magician of Light and Dark Mana; the Twilight Mage. Plus, it synergizes well with @"Shadow"'s choice of Trebuchet MS as a font, as all of his colours always seem to. Perfect match of saturation and hue.

    Being that I use ZEJ Light as a theme, I stay far away from using exceedingly bright colours because they show up terribly against the white background. Like most, if I'm using an image, I'll try and take a colour off of a picker via Photoshop. Typically that comes from the hair, but in others it is clothes, or even special effects surrounding them. Whichever looks the nicest, really. I'm kind of a sucker for aesthetically-pleasing colours. In more recent times, though, I run a Google search for '<colour> hexcodes' and browse through a few of those to find a pleasant-looking specimen.

    but jonno you've already seen it!! [/ignoringthepoint]

    On that note, maybe we should compile the colours of all of our characters in a big list like we had in the Cult's Chatzy...
  10. I tend to use Colorzilla to get a color from the image, or I just go on a color picker and pick a random color that looks cool and fits. I do prefer shades of blue though.

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