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[Day 1] The Streets of Brookdale

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Gist, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. The moon had risen over the quiet village of Brookdale. Not a sound out of the ordinary happened upon the small place, with each remaining denizen seemingly asleep in their abodes. For the most part, this would be true; however, among the shadows lurked people that clearly did not hold living to the highest regard. Things would not be as they once were, nor would the population recover from such a drastic turn without taking drastic measures. From thirteen villagers, the population of the small town had dwindled down to an unlucky seven, not including the mayor. Perplexed at how the sheriff had not pinned down the cause of the foul play, the mayor of Brookdale, Daniel Reisa, had to turn to a final attempt to try and curb the source of the killings once and for all.

    He penned a letter to each remaining denizen, unknowing of who was responsible, in hopes that he could keep his village safe from further harm:

    Dear Concerned Resident,

    Hello. My name is Daniel Reisa, and I am the mayor of our village of Brookdale. With every passing night, I grow more and more worried of our fate. To date, more and more of our fellow citizens have been falling victim to foul play, leaving us more and more in danger since we cannot protect ourselves. So I call upon the other seven of you that are left: we must find these malicious people that hide within sheep's clothing and gorge themselves upon what life they choose to take away from us. We must bring them forth and make them pay for their crimes. Please, I beg you, help us keep the town we love and live in safe. Bring these killers to justice.

    ~ The Mayor

    In the morning, the mayor would gather the remaining denizens of the waning population and discuss among them who might be responsible. Anyone would have their fair chance to hold the floor and present their case. In the evening, the town would come to a consensus of who would be sent to the gallows. Hopefully, the townspeople wouldn't be too hasty in their choices, for once enough mistakes have been made, there will be no turning back...
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  2. A new day dawned on the small village of Brookdale, with each of its denizens awakening to the sound of the church bell, indicating a meeting of the residents. As was procedure, though some may not have known it due to the people not having been called together for a meeting for a very long time. Upon a stand that had been erected in the square the day prior was Daniel Reisa, the village mayor, along with a podium to address the people, as well as the gallows from which suspects would be lynched by popular vote. People slowly filtered in as the morning went on, but not all were present yet; some people just didn't know to come to the Square when the bell was rung, or just didn't care.

    The mayor nervously cleared his throat and began the introduction for all that would listen. "Hello, everyone." he said in a calm, but firm tone, though he was nervous as all heck. "I hope you all had the chance to read the letters that I had penned the day before and had sent to your homes. This will save me quite a bit of explanation; however, for those that are not aware, we are being hunted by the evil Mafia. We do not yet know why, but we do know that even now, its members lurk among us. It is my hope that by coming to a consensus by the sunset of each day," Daniel turned and looked to the gallows, gulping, "that we may cull the evil from our ranks."

    The mayor cleared his throat and shifted his position. "However, I implore you to not make your decisions lightly. Lives are at stake here, both guilty and innocent. No matter the choices you make, people will die until we can purge the evil from our village. Before me on this podium is a ballot box." He stepped around the podium and motioned to the small slotted wooden addendum screwed to the front. "You shall write your votes, consisting of a person, or choosing to not lynch anyone at all, and toss them in this box. They will be tallied, and the person that holds the majority of the town's votes shall be publicly executed."

    He took a long look at those who had arrived. "Please make your choices wisely."

    The only people that were present for the entirety of the mayor's speech were Tommy Fischer and Gabby Price. Tommy was standing near the edge of the Square, seemingly disinterested and ready to leave and get back to his business. Gabby, on the other hand, was near the stage, listening to the speech with a concerned look on her face, nodding in agreement where it was appropriate. It was unclear where the rest of the denizens were; especially on the dawn of such a fateful day.
  3. Frank Smith strolled into town square nearing the latter half of Mayor Reisa's speech. He would have been sooner, but that would have disrupted his early morning swim with the fishes. At that perfect moment between dusk and dawn, when the moon and the sun both shone upon Brookdale in near-equal dulled radiance - that was the exact time of day that a guy like him lived for. Striding out of the water and getting back into his day clothes, he hopped onto the scene just in time to hear the Mayor spill the beans on how votes would be cast by a town consensus until every member of the vile Mafia was rooted out from hiding and rightly hung for their crimes.

    Frank was as much for justice as he was for swimming, and that was nothing to take lightly for an avid swimmer like himself, but he couldn't help but wince at the sight of the unseemly gallows every time he had seen it. Death was not something that came easy to those who met such a fate as the imminent, trodding-before-completion strangulation promoted. Still, he felt like he knew that, for a small village like Brookdale especially, there were not many other choices to consider, especially with the danger of the Mafia lurking around the corner every night. It would be best to route them as swiftly as possible.

    He noted two other faces in the town square and, given his seniority in the community, was able to pinpoint their identities almost immediately. There was Fischer, near the back of everything, seemingly removed and disinterested entirely, and Price near the front, notably shaken at times from the mayor's words. "Two totally different reactions, and yet, two potential Mafia suspects, as are we all..."

    He grit his teeth before approaching the podium and extending his hand for the mayor to meet. "Thank you, Mayor Reisa, for sending the letters and making your decree. Hopefully we can all work together to put an end to this mystery before it consumes us." He put together a smile for the mayor, albeit an uneasy one given the situation at hand, and flashed it a little more assuredly to Gabby standing beside him. He had an idea in his hard of how hard her life must be given her husband's passing, and always tried to be a bit more chipper than he was usually stern, outside of when he was surrounded by the water.
  4. Toro took a slow sip from his wine-glass of cream soda, watching the proceedings from his home using a pair of binoculars— like an ever-vigilant shrimp. "That Reisa, always saying something on a big podium," Toro mumbled to himself, setting down his glass and reaching for his half-eaten burger "Ha, mafia, what'll they do next, spray paint genitals on my walls? Quem liga? I've got 3 baseball bats, a lot of baby wipes, and one very large and historic sword. I don't even have to worry or do anything—"

    He set down his burger, dropping dramatically onto his sofa "God will protect me!"

    "Ah, wait," He continued to read Reisa's lips through the binoculars "Did he... Is he talking about public execution? Haha, quem liga? Me! I liga! Isn't this unethical?"

    "OK, Toro, you can do this," He stood and rushed to his door, grabbing a hand fan along the way "You'll have a word with Reisa, maybe call Mr. Curly up— see if he can get a city lawyer. Ah, it's a little chilly out here—"

    Then, already out of the house and practically standing in the square, Toro H. Curly realized his mistake. There he stood— in his boxer shorts and fuzzy teal slippers, with only his open, maroon robe covering his upper body. Nearly screaming, Toro quickly pulled the front of his robe closed "Wonderful, I love this, I always walk around like this, of course. Hooo, Mr. Curly will disown me for this indecency, there'll be a scandal, I'll have to move to some obscure duchy at least 3 continents away and live off of grass and the rain. They'll curse me as the eccentric foreigner, the silly rich boy, I'll never be able to show my face again—"

    "Is Fischer looking at me, or," He panicked thinking about being seen in his, god forbid, casual wear "Oh, no, no— That's just a very ugly tree."
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  5. ~ Gabby ~

    Gabby wasn't really one to beat around the bush, so she was glad that Mayor Reisa kept this meeting shorter rather than longer. It had certainly been a while since the last time he had called a meeting like this, but to be sure, this definitely was an occasion to bring the remaining citizens together. Lots of thoughts were swirling around her mind. Was the nefarious mafia responsible for the death of her husband? She hadn't considered it; the police had claimed it was an accident, no foul play. Then again, who was she to judge? She didn't know much about committing or solving crimes; that wasn't really her style. She would much rather go out hunting rabbits and the like than deal with people... but it seemed that Frank Smith wasn't going to let her have any of that.

    Gabby returned the smile Frank gave her as Frank shook Daniel's hand. "Always the schmoozer, aren't you, Frank?" She crossed her arms and looked Frank in the eye, a bit of sadness shining through them. "Can't say I'm unimpressed, though I don't remember this many people getting worked up when I lost Marlin. What can I do, though?" She seemed to not be quite as phased by so many people turning up dead as of late, though perhaps it could be chalked up to grief.


    ~ Thomas ~

    Thomas knew that staying in Brookdale as long as he had was a bad idea. One thing after another was keeping him from leaving, and now people were turning up dead, one after another, each morning. To boot, he was a suspect in all these killings as well, meaning he possibly could end up hang, or even worse, killed by the mafia. "Tch." He didn't have time for all this crap. He needed to get out, and he needed to get out now, but how could he, if he was a suspect just like everyone else here?

    Turning to leave, he noticed a man that looked like Toro come towards the square wearing what he probably wore to bed. In embarrassment, Toro rushed away, and all Thomas could do was scoff. "Eugh. You'd think people would remember to get dressed in the morning before going outside." And so Thomas left the town square, most likely not being noticed by anyone, though people may have been watching him from the very beginning.


    ~ Alexis ~

    (Alexis' whereabouts are currently unknown. Perhaps someone could go look for her?)


    ~ Max ~

    (Max's whereabouts are currently unknown. Perhaps someone could go look for him?)
  6. "By your definition, probably, Gabs." Frank allowed himself a chuckle, disparity with the moment at hand as it may have been to accompany his intended soft-hearted joke.

    He noted Gabby's disdain towards the situation at hand, and in part chalked it up to the loss of Marlin some time ago. Needless to say, though, she wasn't really one for company and he knew this. He placed a hand on her shoulder for a fleeting moment and looked her back in the eyes with a reassuring glance, "Well, Gabby, I'll see you around. You can probably find me at the lake if you need something, but right now I've got some business to tend to..."

    "Looks and Thomas and Toro are accounted for. Heh, what peas in a pod..."
    He thought as he strolled out of the vicinity with a tenseness about himself while he pondered over the other inhabitants of Brookdale, hands in both pockets. Considering the levity of the mayor's decree, everyone should at least be aware of the ongoing events at hand, after all. "Where are Alexis and Max, though? Furthermore, it seems like that Marino's nowhere to be found, too."

    Frank considered where each might be for a moment, and ultimately decided to take things in alphabetical order. He liked being organized like that. "Alexis likes to keep to herself, so this isn't totally out of the ordinary for her. Maybe she's at her place, maybe she's outside of the village keeping to herself... We'll find 'er."
  7. Hurrying home, Toro quickly changed into clothes that were at least slightly less embarrassing, and definitely wouldn't attract attention. Rummaging through a drawer, he found his whistle and box of crayons. Dumping them (and his binoculars) into one of his purses, he swapped the hand fan in his other hand for another (royal purple cardstock decorated with shrimps, with a nice metal handle) before exiting the house once more. He'd seen Reisa, Ms. Price, Mr. Smith, and an ugly tree that looked like Thomas Fischer— that left, how many? 2 or 3 people unaccounted? The Marino girl, the quiet writer girl... Oh, and Max Sharpe! How could he forget him.

    "Maybe he's still at his store... Well somebody should drop off the news," Toro turned in the direction of the general store "Maybe I'll pick something up while I'm there."
  8. Sophia Marino was around though, standing to the side of the crowd. She watched the speech with her arms folded. The young woman, age 25, had her soft brown hair pulled into a loose bun on the back of her head, and wore a simple pink blouse and black trousers to accompany high heels. She watched the reactions, hoping no one would do anything too rash. They needed to investigate. They couldn't make serious decisions like this out of fear and irrational behavior. Logic was needed. Sound, solid proof.

    She moves forward and looks around the crowd to accommodate missing faces. Alexis, Max... no one of concern it seemed. She sees others doing the same thing she was, but seeming to go in different directions. Alright, not bad. Still... some of these faces may come up dead soon at the hands of the mafia.

    How unfortunate.

    But killers always make mistakes. They surely will make a mistake. She needs to see them in action first.

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