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Cult of Ustream ~ Canonical Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    ~ General ~


    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Race: Euthoran Shapeshifter Clone

    Appearance: Being a clone of Jason Shaver, Erahvs has the same general appearance as his original. He is somewhat skinny, with a pale complexion. He has fairly long, untidy jet-black hair and emerald-eyes. These are shown off in his animal forms, even if this color is impossible in nature for such an animal. His eyes show a more relaxed expression.

    The first time he appeared, he wore similiar clothing to the original Jason Shaver: a black t-shirt and black jeans. Since then, he has replaced them with a white t-shirt and green jeans to make it a lot easier to tell the difference between the two.

    Personality: Erahvs is different from Jason in various ways. Personality is no exception. He's a bit more relaxed than Jason Shaver, and much more social. He also seems to lack Jason's hatred of artificial beings, and that might have to do with the fact that he is a clone himself. As such, he was quick to get on Lord X-Giga-X's good side.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style:
    Erahvs's fighting style is unknown, as he has yet to participate in actual combat.


    --- Shapeshifting:
    Erahvs is not as skilled in this ability as Jason is. While sharing some of Jason's forms, he does not have his Darkwing Firedrake form. He has yet to unlock any feral forms.


    --- Enhanced Senses:
    As a Shapeshifter, Erahvs's senses are incredibly acute, especially his hearing, sense of smell, and lowlight vision. These are often twice the strength or more than is normal for that particular form.

    --- Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: Yet another thing that comes from his species. A Shapeshifter's reflexes are incredible and almost qualify as precognitive if honed. His agility comes from a special chemical created by his body, known as Asyentine. This is very similar to adrenaline in composition and purpose, except that it gives more energy and stimulates his DNA to recode for shapeshifting.

    Equipment: Unlike Jason Shaver, Erahvs does not carry any equipment.

    Strengths: As a shapeshifter and a clone, Erahvs shares several of Jason's strengths: enhanced senses, enhanced reflexes, and a high metabolism.

    Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Erahvs also shares some of Jason's weaknesses. He is extremely vulnerable to sound-based attacks, and his lowlight vision allows him to be blinded by bright flashes. Erahvs, is not as claustrophobic as his origin, although it still can serve as a problem if left in confinement too long.

    ~ Other ~


    Erahvs lives southeast of HQ at the southern edge of Eastern Forest with his creator, Aegis, and his assistant, Smeremus Elephas. He doesn't exactly enjoy staying with Aegis, as the old man prefers to stay in Ustream despite what has happened, and he tries to keep Erahvs inside of his shack of a lab.

    Unlike his original, Erahvs is on friendly terms with most of the members of the cult, especially Lord X-Giga-X for helping him sneak out of Aegis's place.


    - The white t-shirt Erahvs wears foreshadows something. But what?
  2. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    ~ General ~


    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/Clone

    Appearance: Even as a clone of Lord X-Giga-X, there are several differences between him and Giag. Giag is slightly shorter than his original, standing at 6'1". His hair is purple in contrast to the original green, and is shorter and messier. He doesn't cover his skin with a layer of darkness, thus revealing his rather light skin. Both of Giag's eyes are blue.

    Even Giag's attire is different from his original. He wears Lord X-Giga-X's sleeveless purple shirt (which bears the same black symbol) as a sleeveless jacket over a blue striped shirt. He wears black striped pants, which are dotted with images of ice crystals. Giag wears one black, fingerless glove on his right hand. Finally, he wears a pair of brown sandles in place of boots.

    Personality: Giag is almost nothing like Lord X-Giga-X, being a rather friendly person when unprovoked. He tries to stay on people's good sides, which can be a bit difficult when having to follow the orders of his original. He tends to complain whenever he's given a hard task or whenever something doesn't go his way.

    However, Giag has shown to share Lord X-Giga-X's hatred of sky serpents to a degree, and thus occasionally find himself in arguments with Starrmalia and Shockwing.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style:
    Giag tries to focus on a mix of ranged attacks and close combat. Unfortunately, being an overall terrible fighter, this doesn't help him much.


    --- Cryoimpery:
    Being a clone of Lord X-Giga-X, it's quite unclear how Giag obtained the power to manipulate ice.

    --- Shadowimpery: Giag is not as skilled in shadowimpery as Lord X-Giga-X is, although he does show some ability to be able to use this power fairly well. He can teleport using this ability, although it usually backfires on him and thus he frequently ends up in the wrong destination (and on several instances, suddenly in the sky).


    --- Zero-Light Vision:
    Like Lord X-Giga-X, Giag has the ability to see in low light or even zero light.


    --- Blades-Yo:
    A black, mechanical modified yo-yo of Lord X-Giga-X originally designed for Giag's amusement. Eventually, retractable blades were added to the yo-yo's axle, transforming this child's plaything into somewhat of a weapon. A silver G is imprinted on each of the disks.

    Strengths: [will work on later]

    Weaknesses: Like Lord X-Giga-X, Giag cannot handle extremely bright flashes of light. He has also shown to be unable to handle very hot temperatures well. Being a rather terrible fighter, he is generally a target easy to defeat.

    ~ Other ~


    Relations: Being a clone and a member of Lord X-Giga-X's team, Giag finds himself somewhat disliked by Jason Shaver. And it only got worse for him after he stole two books from the shapeshifter by Lord X-Giga-X's command. Beyond that, Giag has few problems with most of the remaining members of the cult.

    Giag works under Lord X-Giga-X, although he frequently finds himself in arguments with everyone (rarely Dexus).

    -"That is the last time I get a compass from a vending machine!"

  3. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    --- Reserved for Cosmic Meteor Dexus ---
  4. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    ~ General ~

    Name: Ganro Maga

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Ganro is a 5 foot, 11 inches tall Caucasian male with silver-blue hair, and blue eyes. He dresses himself in blue-tinted robes, which seem like they might have been a darker shade some time in the past. Tied securely to these robes is a curved dagger, decorated with fur and a ruby.

    Personality: Ganro is a very curious person; however, he is also very shy. He has a hard time making friends, as we will often avoid social interactions. Because of this, he is extremely loyal to the friends he does have, sometimes to an almost clingy nature. He dreams of being looked up to as a hero, however, he often avoids opportunity to achieve such out of fear. He has a fine mix intelligence and creativity that is key to his mastery of magic.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style: Because of his cowardice, he will try to keep a foe off and take him out from safety. When fighting in a group, he will probably hide behind someone he trusts. If things aren't going his way, he has no problem running away, unless of course, the greater good is at stake.


    --- Elemental Blood Magic: The most basic and arguably the most important area of Ganro's Blood magic, the ability to use one's lifeforce to cast elemental magic, fairly standard, aside from the lifeforce bit.

    +Lux Sanguinem- Holy BlackLight (A healing spell, consising of a beam of UV light.)
    +Ignis Sanguinem- Impact Fireball (A fireball that explodes--immediately expanding outwards with force--upon contact.)
    +Aqua Sanguinem- Purification Water (Magic water that removes sickness/poison/curses/etc from whoever it touches.)
    +Tenebris Sanguinem- Shadow Haze (A hazy cloud of darkness that distorts and eats away at materials and flesh.)
    +Herba Sanguinem- The Taking Tree (An illusory tree that steals the lifeforce from all surrounding plantlife.)
    +Glaciem Sanguinem- Ice Revolver (Shards of ice launched at high speeds, like bullets.)
    +Ventus Sanguinem- Grace of Wind (The caster takes the from of magic wind, which grants a major speed boost.)
    +Terra Sanguinem- Liquid Planet (The caster interacts with all earthly materials (dirt, rock, metal, gemstones, etc.) as if it were a liquid.)
    +Mysticum Sanguinem- Wound Buster (A reactionary spell, converts all lost flesh from wounds into energy, and fires a beam from the injury.)
    +Fulgur Sanguinem- Dislocational Lightning (Arcing lighting from an area near the target.)

    --- Blood Wisp Summoning: The ability to summon sentient beings of magic. Wisps can have various properties, getting more complex as Ganro's understanding of the properties of wisps grow. This too relies on Ganro's life force. {Right now, Ganro's wisps have no properties.}

    --- Ritual Transformations: A more advanced type of blood Magic. The ability to make creatures or items take on new forms. Want to be a cat? It can be done? Does your friend want to be a ghost? That is also possible. This is far easier to do on the willing, than items or unaware people. It takes a great deal of skill to transform someone who is actively resisting. {Ganro does not have the the ability to use this at all right now.}

    --- Ritual Property Fusion: You know what would make that sword cooler? If it was on fire. Want your boss to be less aggressive? Ever wish vegetables tasted like candy? Ganro did, and thus, he invented this spell type. Allows one to assign properties, elementals, and personality traits to things and people. Of Ganro's blood magic, this has the most potential, if used with enough raw magic power, it could theoretically give one god-like powers of manipulation. {Currently, this can only be used to make vegetables taste like candy.}


    --- Enhanced Lifeforce: Due to his focus on the use of his own life energy for his magic spells, Ganro has a developed mana-based system for strengthening his lifeforce. Regular use of this energy "training" as a regular mage would his mana has granted Ganro superhuman vitality. In addition to being able to cast more blood/ritual based spells, this makes it difficult for Ganro to be knocked out, or to be killed though non-physical means.


    --- Ritual Dagger: A magical artifact of immense power, used to sacrifice people for magic gain. It was this artifact that Ganro used as inspiration to invent Blood Magic. He diligently studies the dagger and it's many mysteries for further insight. If someone is cut by the dagger, Ganro will have access to a small amount of their lifeforce. If someone has been completely penetrated by the dagger, Ganro can sacrifice them in entirety; however, Ganro isn't very good with daggers.

    Strengths: Ganro is a hobbyist of magic and has a superhuman lifeforce. Because of this, energy based attacks such as lazers are an ineffective way of attacking him. The high efficiency of his blood magic combined with his healing spells can actually cause a loop, ensuring that he has more than enough energy to cast until the cycle is interrupted.

    Weaknesses: Ganro is, when in all come down to it, just some dude. Not even a properly trained mage, just an extremely clever hobbyist. Due to this, bullets, and other standard physical weapons are a great way to dispatch him. He will attempt to set up healing mechanisms and other preparatory spells, but this can be countered by causing him to lose his focus.

    ~ Other ~

    History: Had a fairly standard upbringing in a small town, he had been practicing magic in secret(due to the rather shady nature of his spelltype.) One day, he revealed himself a blood mage: No one cared.
    After reaching the age of 17, he choose to wander off and explore the world in hopes of one day becoming a hero. In reality, Chaos and hatred tend to follow him wherever he goes.

    Relations: None

    Quotes: None

    Trivia: Is a great cook, though his dishes seem very suspicious.
  5. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    ~ General ~

    Name: Shockwing (Steven McGrenan)
    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Sky Serpent (Euthoran)

    Appearance: Shockwing in his natural form is a midnight blue serpent with a lighter shade of prussian blue backplates and horns. In his human form, his hair takes up a very pale shade of blonde with icy blue eyes. His maximum human height is 5' 11", however he wears a white labcoat, khaki pants and highboots that make him look taller and more mature.

    Personality: When the times aren't stressful, Shockwing can be quite a social and bubbly guy. His personality around everyone is initially polite, playful, and very cute. However, Shockwing (Like his familiar, Starr) tends to change his way of apperance with different people- More or so known as "Sensing the mood." Other than that, when the times are very stressful and dire, Shockwing's personality 'hardens' in a sense.
    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style: Shockwing's fighting style is simply a long-range and speedy attacks.
    Powers: Eon Energy: Like those of his kind, Shockwing has the ability to manipulate Eon energy and use this fast, time-space energy to conduct various attacks both known and not to the cult.
    Eno-Aeroimpery: A rare ability among the sky serpents is this one; the ability to extract wind mana from open gales and air in general. Shockwing can extract this mana and even concentrate the energy to create solid fragments of mana. This ability is quite common among the Avian-Zhenn clans (I.E: Sky Serpents, Royale Serpents, Angelics, Inoperables, Chirrienska)

    --- Serpent Speed: As we all know, Serpents posses one of the greatest speedy strikes known to man. To Shockwing, however, he does not lack that part of him. His slim jim body can move quite rapidly.

    --- None
    Strengths: When around other serpents of his kind, Shockwing finds himself much more daring and willing to battle. Plus, his link with Starr usually keeps his overall morale up.

    Weaknesses: Sadly, Shockwing is hopelessly weak to extremely cold temperatures.
    ~ Other ~

    History: Refer to Incantations when I finish it.

    Relations: Shockwing is generally kind and friendly to anyone he meets. Almost to the point that it's quite a backfire to him. However, Shockwing tends to butt heads with Giga and his nerd enterage as well as Vera. The reason as to this happening is usually due to them starting scuffles with him first.

    Quotes: "Well I would've let you die, but surprise surprise! You're important, good for you, you fucking blue kid!!"
    "Starr's my best friend and the best teacher ever...there isn't anything more I ever want in a female."

    Trivia: none
  6. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    -----Reserved for Rye and Ringo-------
  7. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    Name: Valen E. Scarletburnoskov.

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Under his 'abomination form', Vale possess his signature coal-black hair and scarlet red eyes. His slim-built body and long legs allow him to run more quickly and effectively, which are traits actual Southern people retain- making everyone think he is a pure Southern man. Vale always has a very unemotional face and mysterious eyes, a gaze which can sometimes intimidate his enemies. But in his normal form, Vale- opposed to being usually pale, is a bit more darker with true blonde hair and prussian blue eyes. Usually in this form, his emotions- or rather, his facial expression is ever changing. Vale's usual attire is a black suit with a white base shirt, a black or red tie, and black dress shoes.

    Personality: From his days as Codename: Five, Vale showed to be a very twisted and cynical man. Often times playing mindgames with his victims just before ending their lives. Towards people he knows, hes quite respectful however. He never tries to lower someone bellow him, but even with that careful consideration he still treats mostly everyone indifferently. Sometimes- in rare /rare/ occasions, he can be slightly joke-like and a tad childish. That side of him has only been shown towards his fellow partner Four and the girl of his eye, Gaga.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style: Vale's primary way of fighting is long ranged. By using his trusted weapons, he usually puts up a good fight from afar as he is one hell of a sharp shooter. If he cannot fight from afar, he usually compromises that with his incredible fist strength which comes with his pretty good close quarters combat.

    --Nosii Energy Manipulation: Vale's most primary energy source comes from Nosii- or Void energy. He can use this energy to conjure up his deadly assault weapons and other items.
    --Cryoimpery: This ability comes from Oikeus himself, being the god who controls the cold. Vale never uses this ability as it's not so compatible with his body.

    --- Angelic Speed: Being the son of an angelic, Vale was gifted with the ability to speed up into incredible speeds. His body is perfectly built for acceleration: Long legs, enlarged heart, enlarged lungs, and quick wit. Vale's slim body shows it.


    --- Desert Eagle: A nice, strong piece of weaponry Vale creates almost every time he fights. This weapon has a powerful rep of having a fast trigger and strong recoil power.

    Strengths: The thrill of battle is what gives Vale the strength to keep battling. His morale is very hard to break (See: Fight against Ziolang), however, it is said that if direct sunlight is hitting him, his strength is magnified.

    Weaknesses: One big and effective weakness Vale has is simply Divine energy. His body does not react well when in contact with it.

    ~ Other ~

    History: Being told soon on main RP thread.

    Relations: Coming soon.

    Quotes: "It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality."

    Trivia: none
  8. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    ~ General ~

    Name:Macintosh (M.A.C.)

    Age:Unknown, but appearing to be 18


    Race:Multi-dimensional access component

    Macintosh carries an appearance that looks futuristic. His basic facial features are Neon green eyes, followed by a real definable black lining on his lashes. The eyes also slightly droop to add a calm/sad effect. Mac’s hair is a refined white with a silky sheen embedded to the color. His face carries three freckles below both eyes forming a down-pointed triangle, But carrying all these features is a well built body with a light powder blue tint skin color. The tint is almost unnoticeable, but you can see it if your are close to him. His Basic armor is what seems to be a light purple jumps suit extending from neck down to the end of his limbs. The armor is a light silver plating. The chest piece seems like half of a bullet proof vest only reaching his chest covering his pectorials. The Vest carries Silver straps that look like a series of rectangle connecting vertically lying; on its longest side at the near corners of the area closest to the neck; connecting to his back. His logo, which is an apple that has been bitten on the left side, Is embedded on the right chest piece. The shoulder armor is pretty simple. Just some grooves in it that make it look futuristic. The Wrists are both unique. On the right it carries slots that look like disk-shaped objects could fit in. Small Emerald green domes with a point facing towards the hand. The armor for this pieces is medium armored. Now for the left, It has slightly more armor than the right, but carries a lot more slots of different variety. It also carries a delta of green small plating on the ¾ point to the hand. These wrist parts extend from the wrist down to 3 inches blow the elbow. Mac also has a belt with his insignia embedded in the very middle. The leg parts are medium armored with lots of curves in the structure. It has spacing in the knee area and the ankle area. His back carries a bar extending from the bottom of his neck, down to 3 inches above tailbone. The bar carries a series of sideways triangles, indicating his health.

    Life Force guage-
    Mini guage for roleplay-
    Blue- Excellent

    Personality:Does not have one, but is attempting to. HE has no personality because he is only a program, but as he progresses he will soon develop emotions. How does he develop emotions? It’s part of his hidden objective.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style:Fights based on the situation granted to him and find the best solution to defeat an opponent.


    --- Digital trasnference: MAC's ability is to be able to transfer himself into the digital world (loldigimonreference) from the real world, and vice versa.

    --- Digital Manipulation: MAC can manipulate digitalized energy for offensive and defensive tactics. He will also be able to put temporary repairs by filling the slot with energy and as well as helping with other problems.


    --- Scanning: Mac has a built-in scanning device that can scan all items, materials, and properties down to the molecular level, scanning capable from a few inches to several miles.


    --- Himself: /He is/ the equipment due to his capability of using digital material to his needs. He has only 2 basic weapons installed as default armory. He wields twin buster rifles With three clip slots on the edges of the guns. These can be customized with the right scripting. The last feature on this gun has the ability to latch onto one another and become one double barrel cannon with the power of a semi-truck ramming a person at full speed. Mac has the ability to make a digital shield capable of withstanding great amounts of damage. The more upgraded, it becomes capable of being called the shield supremacy. The shield has hexagonal shapes forming the wall like a honeycomb.

    Strengths: Has capabilities of using stuff from the real world and digital world, as well as spawning digital objects from his world as well as his armor. Scanning is used for finding weaknesses or possible weaknesses. Scouting with his wings.

    Weaknesses:Mac is incapable of withstanding strong magnetic forces. Mac also has a tendency to “run dry” because his “battery” must come in contact with a computer or electrical device to recharge.

    ~ Other ~

    History: None

    Relations: None

    Quotes: None

    Trivia: None
  9. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    ~ General ~

    Name: Jack Evans

    Age: 38

    Gender: Male

    Race: Lycan


    Jack is a black-skinned, pure black furred, silver-haired Lycan who, like Dark and Jude, is originally from Ferona. Compared to the other two, he is a relatively short, stocky build, standing at a comparatively diminutive six feet and nine inches in height, though he is still taller than many other Cultists. In addition to his overall coat color being black, there are a total of six places where the fur itself is actually synthesised from microscopic LEDs that change color based on the emotions his machine half senses – two rings near the tip of the tail, one border “ring” around the watch on his left wrist, another ring on his right wrist and a border around the top edges of each of his ears. Normally, these rings are found to be gold, indicating a neutral attitude, neon blue, indicating preoccupied, or neon green, indicating contented, but they have been known to be red while he is in combat or otherwise worked up. In addition to these details, he has slate grey eyes that almost invisible normally due to his fur color being prone to exaggerating shadows over his eyes. His chest area – the area that would be called the underbelly on any regular wolf, is lighter in color than his overall coat, though it is almost unnoticeable due to the aforementioned shadowing issue.

    Like Dark, Jack usually never wears any sort of shirts or other torso-covering articles of clothing, though for him it is more of personal choice than necessity. He can commonly be found wearing a pair of hakama bound by a black belt, simple martial arts shoes and a rusty red headband. However, unlike the other two, if he were to wear regular clothing, it would not have to be tailored specifically for him, mainly due to his build in comparison to the others. The only difference to speak of would be a small hole in the back of his pants for his tail to slip through.

    In combat situations, Jack can be found to be in possession of one of two katanas – either his extremely resilient adamantium blade, or the Reaper Sword that he had stolen from the deepest reaches of Hell itself before resigning from the position of Grim Reaper. He can also be observed to also be wearing two black bands over his shoulders that hold his shurikens that he uses to load the shuriken launcher built in to his watch. Other than this, his attire does not change.


    Jack, having had a rather eventful past in more ways than one, is fairly fragile emotionally, but does not hesitate to help people who have been in similar situations as he has – the most notable example of this being his instrumental role in freeing Jason from the clutches of the Reaper during the events of The Debt. Despite this, he tries to remain a positive influence on not only himself and his friends, but the whole Cult as well. He makes no effort to hide his past, often telling people of it as the need arises or as it becomes increasingly more relevant to the current state of affairs, and often draws upon his life experience to help others.

    ~ Combat ~

    Fighting Style: Melee all day everyday, with the occasional shuriken storm. Prefers to fight in close-quarters where he can use his deep knowledge of ninjitsu and combat with blades to his advantage. When using stealth in combat, he relies heavily on his abilities to become both invisible and intangible so as to avoid detection.


    --- Invisibility: Fairly straightforward. Jack has the ability to become invisible.

    --- Intangibility: Fitting in with his heritage as an assassin-turned-samurai, he has the ability to become intangible as well as make anything touching him intangible, within reason.


    --- Resilient Skeleton: Due to his skeleton being made of solid adamantium, he can survive falls that a normal person would surely die from.

    --- Acrobatics: Jack is nimble and acrobatic, and as such, is able to not only jump several times higher than the average person, but at least ten times further as well.

    --- Robotics: Jack had his entire skeleton ripped out and replaced as detailed above, but along with that, he also had a sort of second brain surgically implanted in him which functions as both a backup nerve center and controller for the various electronics throughout his body.

    --- Technological Mind: Has a deep understanding of most all technology, and as such is a naturally gifted hacker and mechanic.


    --- Adamantium Sabre: Jack's signature, highly resilient katana.

    --- Reaper Sword: A red-bladed ethereal katana that sees much less use than the Adamantium Sabre. He took it as a sort of keepsake from Hell itself.

    --- M-50AX Shurikens: Specially-constructed shurikens that can be made to explode.

    --- KAI-4FBC80 Watch: Jack's all-purpose watch. Has a material scanner, shuriken launcher, and video communication built right in.

    Strengths: Stealth; he can sneak into almost anything. Technology; if he doesn't know something about a certain piece of technology, he'll pick it up right quick.

    Weaknesses: Emotional; because of his past, he often cannot shove his emotions aside in tough situations.

    ~ Other ~


    Jack was born as Kodai Shimizuto to a relatively normal Lycan family in his hometown of Satorai on the planet Ferona. He led a mostly normal life with his older brother Sam up until the age of five, at which point the infamous hired assassin conglomerate known as ARKNET had unfortunately taken special interest in him and his brother. They raided his house late one night, killing his parents and taking first him, then his brother in an effort to estrange them from one another, which ended up being a success.

    He would train under the criminally and clinically insane Massey Evans for the next twenty-odd years of his life, eventually adopting the name Jack Evans as time went on. His training exercises were brutal, often involving him being quite beaten up after the fact, with his overall appearance being bloody and occasionally gory.

    A few years later, at age 22, they forcibly subdued him, knocked him out, and fitted him with the numerous electronics he has inside him today, and which he has used extensively since then.

    When he learned of his brother's fate at age 25, he reneged on his forced duties as an assassin and fled the compound, ironically on the same day that Sam too had fled back to the old family home. This eventually led to him meeting up with Jude and Dark at age 37 and forging a path to a new life on Euthora as part of the Cult of Ustream, a group with which he retains a close allegiance to this day.


    --- Azzan “Dark” Syphos Dmitryus: Friend.

    --- Judas Numidius: Friend.

    --- Jason Shaver: Friend.

    Quotes: ”Don't think it below Death to use any means to take you. I know this from experience, he will not stop until your soul belongs to him.” –Jack in response to Jason's request for help during The Debt.


    • Jack lost everything as a child, however, that hasn't stopped him from continuing to live his life to the fullest.
    • Jack's a surprisingly good sushi chef.
  10. RE: Canonical Profile Thread

    [SIZE=5][i][b]~ Combat ~[/b][/i][/SIZE]
    [b]Fighting Style:[/b]
    --- [i]<ITEM>:[/i]
    --- [i]<ITEM>:[/i]
    --- [i]<ITEM>:[/i]
    [SIZE=5][i][b]~ Other ~[/b][/i][/SIZE]
  11. RE: Canonical Profile Thread


    Name: Stephanie E. Roseasilmillaan. AKA: Gaga

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Race: Finlandian Human(Genome)

    Appearance: Gaga, being only 5' 11"

    Personality: [coming soon]

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