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Community Event Ideas?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eebit, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. So something that has been sort of swimming in the pool of my mind lately is that ZEJ sort of lacks a 'full-community' feel. Somehow, I just get the impression (and I am pretty sure that a couple others will agree with me) that ZEJ is slightly... splintered, in a sense, into various groups. This is obviously not the intention of anyone, nor am I pointing fingers to say "hey ur to blaem obv," but it simply feels as though we aren't entirely 'bonded' as a community just yet.

    And that's something I really want to remedy, so that we can be a 'family,' dysfunctional as we may be at times. So one thing that was experimentally tried on Magnolia, what @Shadow and I aimed to do with the stat contests, and @Sole tried to do with the site-wide event taking place in Galamion is a site-wide event that encompassed all members, as opposed to just scampering off into little cliques. Including everyone in the events so that a feeling of 'togetherness' could finally be attained.

    This hasn't met with much success, as only some people partook in the stat contests (though they are aimed to open the medium up to everyone), the Galamion event evaporated when Sole found himself too busy with real life to actively run it, and the contest ideas at Magnolia just never got off the ground.

    So, what I'm asking now is what sort of community events ZEJ would like to see? Whether it be a group Skype session, to a site-wide RP that everyone gives their all to partake in (a good idea for this was @Electro 's response to the April Fool's joke of last year, Cyber Warriors), to a video game contest of some sort... well, the ideas are endless, it just comes down to the interest of the members in partaking.

    And that's how this topic comes about. How about it, guys? What do you want to see us run as a community, so that everyone can join up and give it a go?
  2. To add a bit on to it, I really would love to see something happen in Galamion as well. Crown of Thorns seemed great at the time, but it never really got off the ground. I wish it had worked, it could have been fun. Unless someone would like to help reboot CoT.
  3. Personally, I think it would be wiser to hold off on rebooting Crown of Thorns until Galamion has been fleshed out a little more. It's certainly a great premise, but I think it would be good to hold off until more has been done to give the world a body of its own, such as exploring the thoughts and clashes of each individual country (Deunti's internal racism and terrorism, Planaya's curiosity and political strife, Aeneryia's house system, etc etc).

    Maybe that's just me, though. I do look forward to a time when Galamion is abuzz with activity.
  4. @blackoutEquinox and I have touched on the terrorism a little bit in our 1x1, but not much. I would love to see it fleshed out, and the Magnolia folks and I tried to give the raw stuff to give people freedom to wiggle, because we would love to see members come up with creative plots that build on the foundation we gave them.
  5. ZEJ twerk off?
  6. Please no.
  7. That could work...
  8. I still think @Eebit would be great at twerking.
  9. Well, I guess I'll toss this idea after all:

    How about we collectively run a ZEJ monthly[maybe weekly idk] Videocast featuring segments made by our very own members on whatever site-related thing they want to mention or do? Maybe even use that to talk about what roleplays are hot at the moment, character discussion questions [in voice form yeyeyeyeyefgbwdhsj], discussions about awesome plots and fooling around, have different members appear and do crap, talk about staff or other stuff anyone can come up with and contribute. The possibilities on what material could sprout from this could be endless or not depending if this could ever get off the ground. It may seem a little far off and crazy, but I don't know...it could be fun.

    Just my two taivaa there.
  10. If/when I actually get a webcam and/or mic, I would totally jump in on this. This is a fantastic idea.
  11. A+ would do. Maybe drag Mayari to my house again, or go over to her house. Not sure. But who would be in charge of editing it all together?
  12. I need some practice video editing, so I could always kill two birds with one stone. I edit the stuff together, get practice, and you get a fairly nice looking videocast. Besides, maybe I could pass it off as one of my independent assignments...
  13. That sounds pretty great! We'll have to set deadlines and stuff, but that could be discussed later.
  14. Would people be interested in a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly spriting contest? That could be fun. I can think of a few challenges right off the bat. Could get us into the artstuff and pixelling, and get some (more) activity going in the Creation Station section.
  15. That'd be a neat thing to do, yeah. Some pixel-prowess might be a thing needing to be exercised in this place. XD Might I also suggest similar contests that involve writing short stories/poetry/etc as well?
  16. I'd be interested in bringing back the ZEJ pixel challenge -- it has been dormant for long enough. Consider this post as an "interest check" of sorts; if you're interested in the idea, please respond!
  17. I don't have Pixen on my Mac (yet), but I think the pixel challenge was pretty neat. I might not be into every individual challenge posted, but as a whole it would great to see it up again.
  18. I'd probably be up for it.
  19. Sweet! Does anyone have any ideas for challenges? I was thinking that the first challenge could be something along the lines of a pixel-over challenge, just to get the juices flowing.

    Might also try again to reboot the statistical character creation contests, or do something along those lines. It was fun to do those back in the day, I think, and it'd be neat if we could get people to work on some profile-creation to have some ready in the wings!
  20. I think we just need more contests. Contests for everything.

    Anyway yeah, some sort of pixel-over challenge sounds good.

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