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Calm down, calm down, the queen's back.

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Rose, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Howdy gang. I know you missed me. I know the place has probably been severely lacking your favorite dark queen. I'm going to have to readjust to the nickname Rose. Everyone's been calling me Britt for months. Anyway, I miss good fantasy. I also want something slower than DR RP, where I've been lurking for over a year now. Damn son.

    So. Wassup?
  2. Heyhey, Britt! It's awesome to see you back here after so long. I know I can't be the only one who's missed you around these parts and is glad to see you back on ZEJ. Let's just ask your daughter, for starters! :5 @'Gold Dullahan'

    Yeah, anywho, much has happened since your last appearance. Another Secret Santa has came and went, we've had tons of new topics crop up in Misc. Conjectures, Real Talk, and the Creation Station, @Eebit is hosting a new, popular forum game in the form of a staff-themed Hurt n Heal, and things are generally surprisingly active for our lovely abode this side of the dark web. Anyway, if you're looking for fantasy RPs, there's Upheaval that might make a comeback based on what Gold's feelin' for it, which I see you've already posted in, and then, of course, there's the ever-glorious Faces of Eebit and its tentative return! Surely you want to romance that king, too, eh? :5

    Furthermore, I think that Gold is also still looking to have more participants in the ZEJ Academy, which you may enjoy: OoC/Info threadRP thread. We also have a hot Miitomo thread kickin' where you can feel free to post any Miifotos you'd like to share with the forum, and so forth.

    See you around, Rose. :}
  3. Lowdown was needed. Thank you @Jonno , you're pretty cool. I'll type a bigger lowdown on me about the shit I've done when I'm not using my thumbs to do it. Mobile sucks.
  4. Yeah, no problem. If you are interested in finding any sort of something specifically, feel free to let me know over whatever format (this topic/FB/so on). In the meantime, we look forward to the return of the Queen coming full-circle. B)
  5. Welcome back Pally Palster! It's nice to see your lovely self again. :) I look forward to hearing about your expeditions when you have a chance to sit down and spell it out for all of us here. And, like my esteemed colleague @"Jonno", I would be happy to give you the lo-down on the goings-on around here if you're in need of more of a rundown than what he has provided.
  6. Okay hello yes lowdown on a real keyboard.

    Sooo... I've been meming my way through the internet as usual. Got myself involved in some murder games, and if you follow me on Twitter, you would have heard about that. I have to take a break from those because they can be quite time demanding to get a good experience out of them, and I'm going to be hiding in the woods for most of the summer... well, time consuming internet games + woods where I'm camp counseling don't quite mix.

    In other irl things, I've been single for about a month and enjoying alcohol more. Drunkenly made out with a couple guys. I'm fun when drunk. Ask me about these shakespeare-worthy adventures if you want. I'm at the radio station almost every day and I'm going to be music director next year. They keep saying they want five of me. I'm still glaring at Donald Trump and his antics, but remember, Ted Cruz is not only the zodiac killer, but he's a power hungry zodiac killer who's going to be an absolute piece of shit. Fight everyone on the Republican circuit right now.

    I'm going to see Vermin Supreme on Thursday! I'm excited! The reason he's here is about being #notpc and how great it is and that's awful but! Vermin Supreme!

    Aaaand other than that, I have kickass music taste. Come at me for recommendations. Or if you just want to make a snide remark.
  7. :5

    Unfortunately, I don't get on Twitter as much as I should, so I don't know much about these murder games other than they're what you've been up to over the past year or so. Are they similar to the forum game Mafia, or more of a traditional roleplay type that just happens to be more active and henceforth fast-paced? I mean, I can look over your Twitter, though perhaps there are others who are interested. Camp counseling, eh? Sounds like something that might strike a chord with @turbotaxer and @Zantok; I know that they have some camp experience themselves, to some extent.

    Of course, I'm fighting everyone on the Republican circuit right now. To be honest, I am less enthused with any and all fanatic political advances towards any party (I have some Democratic cousins who are way too happy about Obama's policies on fracking and drone warfare), but the Republicans have essentially fed a rabid dog for the past several decades with the Tea Party and are wondering why the FUCK it's biting back at them, now. The result is the party being broken up into factions of Tea Partiers (Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin), the otherwise utterly socially inept (John McCain), fucking assholes (Paul Ryan), bedmates to Wall Street and free market systems (Marco Rubio), and bizzaro-world outsiders thinking they can reinstitute the party by highlighting all of its flaws in one convenient, obnoxious package (Donald Trump), and the people who are ALMOST okay because they understand the idea behind "compromise" but still wouldn't be all too good (John Kasich). It's a sad world where we entertain any of these options, but especially so with the two frontrunners in the GOP race. I'm looking forward to the party being totally deconstructed in a contested convention and basically splitting up into various outliers on an official basis sometime after this presidential election cycle is over.

    While the term "breakup" isn't all that grand quite ever, I always say that whatever happens thereafter happens. It's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. Meaning you're gonna end up better off. Whether you weigh getting drunk and making out with random people as the reason why you're better off is your decision (and that's all good and fine), but either way, things will only get better from there. :5 Anywho, Vermin Supreme should start the Vermin party and make his logo a pony. Have yourself a good time, bub. 

    Yes, we have to talk music more consistently. I need to get at you more on Facebook and over here about that, considering that my tweets about Faces of Eebit on my pseudo-professional Twitter page last night were viewed by over 1,000 people and I lost five followers LMAO.
  8. Hello again!

    I'm always down for living vicariously through other's drunk make out stories.  (Just be safe)
  9. Pose. Hello again, I'm here with a Russian boyfriend and looking like this:


    So yeah. I'll talk about Chaos(TM) in the appropriate venue. Hi guys. I'm here to pretend Chaos(TM) didn't happen.
  10. Welcome back Britt (and welcome to Russian boyfriend)! I've gleaned bits and pieces about Chaos™, which sounds like it has been Decidedly Unfun. But I'm glad to hear that you made it back home safely after your RPG-inspired trip home yesterday. It sounds like it was quite a mission. Always a pleasure to have you back in our virtual midst, so cheers!

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