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Apparently you guys don't bite?!

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Pahn, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Or so says a certain @Nebulon Ranger

    I was disappointed but I guess I can deal with it >:[

    Anyway, hi :D I'm Pahn, the special-snowflake version of Pan obviously. I started writing a very long time ago, then took a hiatus for personal reasons from '12 to '16, and came back in fooooorce last spring. I love making stories, developing characters, and killing them in the most horrible way possible 8D

    A bit about me I guess! I talk a lot about the things I like, so I guess I can be a bit annoying sometimes 8) I love listening to music and am always open to discovering new things. I used to read a lot, but lately most of my reading consists of roleplays. I knit and cook like a boss, and I fucking love cats. I like a lot of "nerdy" things so just come talk to me and we can be slaves to modern distractions together :D


    ;; after doing a "Preview" thing of my post, I'm very triggered by the automatic emojis D8 rip me
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    Yeah, part of me wishes there was an easy way to disable smilies without removing them, because they're still cool tbh.
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  3. Nice to meet you, Pahn! I've heard a few good things about you through Dark above. I hope that you'll find this slice of the internet to be somewhere you'll want to stay with for a while. All things considered, I'm sure there are at least a couple of people that can keep a good conversation going. o7
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  4. Hi there, Pahn! Welcome to ZEJ!

    Although I've already (briefly) said hello in the Discord, which I am happy to see you've found without much difficulty, I guess I should introduce myself formally. My name's Eebit (that much is a given), and I'm one of the people in charge around here. One of a few, that is. We're the red-named folk that you go to if you need a question answered or a helping hand in general. Although, realistically anyone could give you a hand -- we're all here to help, after all.

    It's cool to see that you've found your way over, and I hope you'll excuse our dust as it settles in the wake of the transition from MyBB to xenForo. Although, given that you said @Nebulon Ranger has been keeping you abreast of that, I'm sure you were anticipating it!

    It sounds like you're quite a crafty person, based on your listed interests! If you're interested in sharing some of your creations, I'd encourage you to check out our Creation Station subforum. In particular, it plays host to our "Om Nom Nom Food" thread for culinary wizardry. If you ever have a cool recipe to share, I'm sure some of our resident cooks would be keen to see it.

    I'd be happy to give you the 'grand tour' of sorts if you find you're in need of a run-down on the way things work around here -- I guess I will leave it as an open invitation, as it's late here and I really should be off to bed. So yeah, I'll do that. Feel free, as I said, to message any of the red (or blue, for the matter)-named users here, and we would be happy to give you a hand. Usually you'll see at least one of us lurking around here. We really don't bite hard!

    All in all, I look forward to getting to know you better as time goes on. And once again, welcome!
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  5. Woooh thanks everyone for the nice messages :3 I'll get to exploring everything in a little bit, as it's also quite late on my side of the universe.
  6. Welcome to ZEJ! It's a real party over here, and I'm glad you could join us!!!!
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  7. Hi, welcome! We just briefly interacted in Discord and I was going to "introduce" myself but then I realized you probably made a thread :5

    So, hello, I'm Gold! You can also call me Moon or Moon Moon based on my old username. I'm the youngest member here and I, too, talk way to much. Although my talking is usually too much because of social-issues/politics, media, and philosophy. Yeah, that's kind of all the info I can think of about myself, uh... I joke a lot??? Yeah, no idea what else I do. Anyways, welcome from the resident gay baby, it's nice to meet you.

    Do you have any cats? What "modern distractions" are you in to right now?
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  8. ermagawd yes I have two cats, two adopted babies (lol one is 7 and the other is like 10) from the animal shelter. They're big lazy kitties who just want pettings all day 8D <3

    Modern distractions include video games, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Youtube, Spotify surfing, and losing my life talking with people on Discord XD I also moderate "in the high ranks" (oooh oooh oooh) on Iwaku Roleplay and write smut to my heart's content O_O

    I think that's about it 8D I like talking to new people and getting to know them, and also shocking them with my indecency and unwholesomeness.
  9. Howdy hey, Pahn! Nice to make your acquaintance. We could've met sooner, but I don't really make it onto Discord enough - though you will see me jumping on every so often to the forums to just BLAST a several droves of topics with responses to try and instigate some kind of discussion in this wasteland. :5

    Anywho, it's not often enough that we see a new face come into these parts - especially not many that are as seemingly effervescent and actually substantive as you - so cheeeeers to that, and you! Hopefully you enjoy your stay here and aren't buggered too much by all of us freaks. For real, though, welcome! I, and I'm sure the rest of us here at ZEJ, are really looking forward to getting to know you, showing you around the joint, and assimilating you into legion making sure you feel warm and welcomed enough to stick around.

    I'll raise Eebit's Creation Station recommendation and steer you towards our ZEJ-o-AMA area, where you could crop up your own AMA thread and submit questions to anyone else's that might pique your interest for a nice, streamlined way of getting to know us here on the forums. :p Right off the bat, I can tell we'll get along just swell since we can relate to a lot on a basis of shared 'modern distractions' - ESPECIALLY a love for music (@Zantok can too, amirite? :5) and writing stories!

    ...Man, maybe I should try to swing by a little more towards Discord, too, so I can actually keep up with these newcomers lol. I feel like I'm an old coot, as far as ZEJ culture goes.
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  10. I keep forgetting to formally welcome you since I've chatted with you on Discord.

    With that being said, I'm also not good at formal welcomes when I'm late.

    So... welcome!
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  11. Thanks again all for the warm welcome :3 Once I'm not drowning in silly work I'll definitely take a look at the RP section!
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  12. don't drink the from the punch bowl i accidentally dipped into it

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