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And the Dust Settled Here...

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Jahuty, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. HEY YOU GUYS!!!

    So I've just been having a go around this morning looking at all of the lovely looking forums that are apparently dead/not functioning properly. (Ironic really since I always seem to be late to everything.) But nonew the less, this where the portal dumped me this time. IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!! =D

    And yeah...hi.

    You can call me Jah if you want to. Or n00b. I dun't mind.
  2. does jahuty have the booty
  3. Hi there! I'm Rose, one of the admins here at ZEJ. It's nice to see new, fresh faces running around here!

    Feel free to browse and find something you like, because we offer a lot of options. @ShadoeMayari just put up an interest check for Reclamation, which is going to be amazing. We're also brushing the dust off of our open world with @Gist 's A New Dawn, which looks like it's going to be a fun romp around our little world. And if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone with a red username, we'll be happy to help!

    I look forward to roleplaying with you!
  4. Hi- I'm Gold, you can also call me Moon or Bass. I'm resident youngster and hyper thing(?)... IDK man, I need a position. Someone give a position to call myself when I do these things...
    I can also answer questions I guess, aside from the actual staff, and I'm thinking of reviving a couple of my "dead" RPs so you can look forward to seeing some revival Interest Checks soon.

    And now we have 3 new members! If you want to meet your other new members here they are-
    @lordodonnel @MoshiMordio
  5. Ah very good then. Seems I've shown up at a time ripe with opportunity. Thank you, I shall be on the look out for all those aforementioned topics. I've actually just spent quite some time reading up on that Galamion sub-board. (So rich and colorful. o____o )

    From what little else I've looked at is refreshing, some of the ideas I see are quite unique from what I've seen before in other places. I think I'll enjoy looking around the joint for a bit before I make up my mind what to first.

    And as for da booty, well you just gonna have to wait and see. ^w^
  6. Where did you come from?
  7. Well, hello there, new face that (potentially) has the booty! Welcome to ZEJ! My name is Eebit, as you can probably surmise, and as with Rose I am one of the admins around here. We're the red-named chaps that have somehow found ourselves in charge of keeping this place running smoooooothly. I'm glad to see that you have found our little slice of internet pie, and I hope that you find that we're not past our expiration date quite yet!

    Now, I'd give you the 'grand tour' of sorts, but it seems that you're already acclimating yourself to the exotic flavours of writing and mischief that we get up to. So I guess I will leave it as an open invitation - if you have any questions about how things work, or how to get involved with anything, or just want to have a little bit of a chat, then feel free to shoot me (or any of our red- or navy blue-named people, really) a personal message! Usually you will see at least one of us lurking around the boards. We're here to help new folks get comfortable, among other things, so don't be afraid to reach out to us. We don't bite hard!
  8. I like you.
  9. "I like you too." He says as he curiously feels all over Codaster's face with cold hands. -w-

    As for my journey across the net. That is a rather lengthy story so I'll spare you details for perhaps another time. Although I've been floating around forums for a few years now looking for an active and inspiring place to maybe rekindle my passion for role playing. It's been rather in the dumps lately so it's been rather frustrating. It actually took only a few hours to find a link to this forum on the old FoG forum, and since RPG Hell is still down. ZEJ looked just as promising and you folks seem friendly enough. ^___^

    Oh and thank you, Eebit. I will keep that in mind. It's just much more fun to lurk and explore what goes on first. =)
  10. Hey look. Something to kill.

    If you're looking for unique-style RP shenanigans, you've certainly come to the right place! Here we have dead free-style roleplays, dead 1 on 1 roleplays, some pretty inventive dead universe roleplays and of course our signature dead statistical based roleplays. Who knows! You could start the next best dead thing!

    All joking aside [mostly], welcome and all that sappy crap. Have fun and don't get scared away too fast!
  11. ^Brilliant.

    Anyway, welcome! You'll find what you need here and have fun doing it too. Please peruse around and join whatever you like :)
  12. @Nebulon Ranger let's put this on top of the forum
  13. Second this motion! ha!
  14. @"Rose", tagging users with special characters in their names (like spaces or hyphens) only works if you enclose the name in quotes. Same for if you're placing a comma immediately after as I just did. :p

    Anyway, welcome to the forums, Jahuty!
  15. Woops usually I'm faster at greeting newbies

    Welcome to ZEJ~ I'm yet another admin here. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, so I'll just leave you with this picture of some soup.


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