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aks a stooped kweschun

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by LaTyrannia, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Because I conjured up a mental image of a fat couch potato spying a rather banging babe outside. He knows he needs her. But he's so obese he can't get up-- and his body is no gold trophy to look at in the first place. But he just can't resist her. So a revolutionary idea occurs to him: sex... over the phone. Phone sex. That's how it happens.

    Wait... there never was a chicken? Oh geez... then who have I spent the last few hours with talking about eggs, bland feed, and those darn devious foxes?
  2. You haven't. None of that is real. All that is real is the fire. The fire that will inevitably consume us all.

    Why does what understand who is where fire when time?
  3. Because Matrix meets Inception.

    What if someone somehow fused Inception and the Matrix?
  4. [video=youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ug-3tNM_Gc[/video]

    ..... Wait, what is even in cheese that makes it an answer to anything?
  5. Everything.

    Why doesn't Zim change GIR's brain chip?
  6. Because love~<3

    Why are noses so weird?
  7. Turnips.

    What is 18 times the square root of testicles?
  8. Ok first off, it's ask a stupid question, not provide a stupid answer.

    and sir, that would be an irrational number. Giving a hypothesis that you are referring to the pair of testes found in the scrotum, the square root of two would be irrational, something like 1.401298574 or something. So given that, 18 times the square root of two would bring an irrational product, and therefore an irrational bunch of testicles.

    I don't know why you need to know the product of such an item as testicles, but another man's junk is another man's equation.

    If this, then that?
  9. No, as this causes those, not that.

    Why would Zim love GIR? For that matter, what makes you think he'd understand the concept of love?
  10. Because GIR :3

    What would happen if CrazE Became even more Crazy?
  11. I seem to recall crazE's avatar used to depict a nuclear explosion. Perhaps that was a prophecy about when crazE reaches his full potential.

    Is Santa Claus really best friends with the Easter Bunny?
  12. IMPOSSIBRU!! They actually hate each other.

    If everything is in cheese, then would that make cheese the universe?
  13. Yes he is the universe, as well as he is you, he is I, he is everyone, and he is no one.

    Do you even lift?
  14. No, the earth simply reverses gravity briefly while I make an upwards motion with my arms, which in turn pushes on the air, thusly keeping my feet planted on the soil.

    Is space even a vacuum?
  15. Only for those who can afford to use it-- in which case, you can suck up all that disgusting stardust.

    Will whether Spaughtyena's fuzzy powers be used for good ever be known?
  16. I know, and trust me. They will not be. They will NOT. *Shivers*

    How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if REFRIGERATOR.
  17. Well a wood chuck wouldn't chuck anything since there isn't any wood to chuck.

    If Slenderman had eyes, what would he be?
  18. Slenderman would become an Enderman, because not having eyes is what allows him to have tentacles.

    # + T = ?
  19. No, # + T = Cube C.

    If Cube A is equal to Cube B, then what does Cube H equal?
  20. Cube H = Octagon 8

    What is the meaning of kjfhuihjkalsfhAFHJAKFHAU?

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