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Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Alright you can adopt another ZEJ member as your sibling, but you can't be adopted if someone else has adopted you or if you have already adopted someone else.

  2. Wait what? I am "realest little sister"!?

    Uuuuu- Espy as the gay buddy big brother??

  3. yeh
    You got big bro Cods now so I'm ready to post up if you need help
  4. Does anyone want to adopt me?
  5. I'm adopting Eebro. Mine.
  6. Adopting...
    - @"Eebit" as gay daddy; with
    - @"Shadow" as other gay daddy;
    - @"Rose" can be the family fag–hag;
    - Moon Moon as the realest little sister;
    - @"The Kakuzato" as the family phone; and finally
    - @"Kamantha" as my cousin and the one other family member with whom I actually get along.
  7. wow
    rules went down the shitter
    guess ZEJ is just one big gay family now lmao
  8. who needs rules man

    does this place even have a real admin

  9. yeah our head administrator is more like a assministrator

    cause he is ASS
  10. Rules what the shite are rules

    Rules can go rules themselves up @"Shadow"'s special place reserved for @"Eebit"

  11. Well we're brothers now and I'm not sure having @Eebit as a dad is a good thing
  12. "Fag hag"? That's a new one.
  13. I'm the fag hag here. Literally all my irl friends except me are lesbians
  14. @"Eebit" is the gay dad with the drinking problem for whom everyone else except the pervy dad (here @"Shadow") must host an intervention

    Does it make me a fag-hag if I'm gay BUT all my friends are lesbians and I don't have a single male friend, straight or gay

    [Although the blatant mistake there is comparing IRL, where all of like 20% of the gen pop is actually gay, to ZEJ, where 100% of the gen pop is gay but only Moon Moon and I -admit- it]
  15. I'm not gay


    oh fuck am I gay?
  16. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

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