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Ab Intus

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Gold Dullahan, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. I thought you wanted to approve it haha
  2. Gist for considerate graham cracker 2K15
  3. Were we going to start with me x u x equinox or are we waiting for moar?
  4. I'm going to try to work out my character completely tonight. If you don't see a sheet by midnight tonight just go on without me!
  5. whoa is this going to be Real Spanish or Google Translate Spanish @blackoutEquinox ???
  6. Real Spanish. Or at least the Mexican version of Spanish that I grew up with.
  7. Is it too late for me to make a character?
  8. Nah- you still have time.
    sorry I had this awful headache when I came home, and obv I've been making posts, but I completely forgot the intro post I was planning during school ;^;
    post currently under re-construction, ETA hopefully tomorrow.
  10. I think my body is ready...! :^)
  11. Any specific starting point or are we doing our own thing until whenever
  12. It would depend on your own preference. Blackout, for example, starts in/around Spain for character reasons.
  13. He's in the states already actually. Foreign Exchange and what-not.
  14. tfw you misunderstand the character sheets
    womp womp wooooomp-
  15. sorry gg I'm bad
  16. I've heard from around the block that there's some interest in kicking this one back up! If that's true, I'd be down to join... I feel like I could probably cede into things pretty well given that it didn't get too far with its actual topic for roleplaying yet, unless we're rebooting the thing or? Whatever the case, if it's something of interest for you all, count me as in, too.
  17. Yes indeedy, I'd like for this to be revived if Moon is interested, though I won't reprise Falter here... I believe I have a character more suited to this RP now that some time has passed.

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