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Ab Intus

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Gold Dullahan, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Ab Intus

    Among man are countless other beings. To think that is just man and the animals, the things we see, that are on this earth- why it's absurd. That arrogance will be your downfall, you know. Other organisms thrive in the worlds unseen. Even the air you breathe is unsafe. And in fact it is the air that provides life to your race which will take it away in the end.

    Inexplicably people began to feel strange sensations in their throat- as if something was forcing it's way in.

    Loss of breath, becoming lightheaded.

    Then some began dropping dead.
    Others changed into beasts.
    The lucky one's survived. but not without consequence.

    The parasite thrives within you.

    It eats at your body and soul.
    You will die.
    Not yet but soon.
    It grows closer and closer.
    That drum within your chest will stop and you will fall at last.
    Man will be no more.

    Enjoy your "gifts".
    Those powers provided by your killers.
    For they will be the last gift you will ever receive.

    Parasites give you powers- Whoop whoop!​
    So like: powers, or it manifest as something physical. ​
    Questions welcome, go go go-​
  2. So are we looking at some sort of futuristic world here? Or is this a parallel Earth in our timeframe? What kind of effects are the parasites having? Where on Earth would this be set? Just some questions to get the ball rolling a little more.
  3. Parallel Earth- North America.
    Parasites eat you, basically, so like day by day you experience great pains at random intervals but you're somehow alive. And you can constantly feel yourself being consumed. I'd like to keep the exact details of their effects to the player.
  4. So would there be any way to 'stave off' the parasites consumption? Is the goal to say, eliminate other players in order to sate the parasite's hunger? Is there a way to adopt the other characters' parasites?
  5. It's more like... kinda like a zombie survival-esque RP. The people who become beasts are kinda like zombies, and the whole point is that you know you will die but you have the last of your remaining days to explore and try and uncover the secret behind what's happening. Partially inspired by this manga I read last month (Guess I'll have to go search for that name).

    EDIT: Whoops, found it! It's called Malicious Code and involves a group of kids trying to figure out what this "Malicious Code" within them is before it kills them.
  6. but if you're gonna die anyway what's the inspiration you'd have to "explore"?
  7. ... *MoonMoon throws shit everywhere and tries to find something to help fix her shitty plot that has a shitty plot hole*
    I got it.
    There's said to be *insert number of players* rings hidden somewhere around the city- You find the ring, you survive. It's been a while since the whole parasite thing and the tales have reached you- through people, forgotten scribbling/journal, etc.
  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ok i'll come out of hiatus for this then
  9. woot woot
    Any other takers?
  10. I might have a character for this. We'll see how this concept I'm working on comes together.
  11. You know,
    I think me, you, Gist (and maybe Eebit?) is a pretty good group size.
    So if you get that done and it fits- we can start it up.
    If not... eeeeh, there's always next time tbh.
  12. I also think I have a character for this.
  13. And now we have a bigger chance of getting started so yay.
  14. I'm still up for this, lmk when I need to submit a character. ^^
  15. You can submit a character whenever to be honest.
    Hopefully within the next week or so, I guess we could say.
  16. Solid. This works for me.
  17. Also, when did this Earth diverge from our own just so we know what we might find out there?
  18. 2012
    Lets say maybe... hmm... how about a few (as in 3-4) weeks before the RP?
  19. Any specific character form?

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