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ZEJ Twitter / Social Media ~ Think Tank

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebulon Ranger, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. A while back I installed MyBB publisher so we could publish new posts to Twitter, Facebook, what have you, but I didn't actually set it up completely (was lacking consumer/application keys). That's changed. As of today, you can follow our Twitter bot at @ZEJLiveTweets and receive news and updates related to the upcoming Statistical Roleplaying Tournament as well as Interest Checks straight to your Twitter feed!

    Go follow it if you have a Twitter account!

    (Had to repost this because I forgot to turn the plugin on globally the first time)
  2. RE: ZEJ is now on Twitter!

    Cool stuff! Maybe we could also get a profile field/button across the bottom of our posts (or in the postbit) that directs people to our own Twitter pages?
  3. RE: ZEJ is now on Twitter!

    Wanting to get some feedback on the ZEJ Twitter account, now that I'm starting to actively tweet from it... what do you guys want to see from the ZEJ account? Is it useful for me to tweet out links to posted Interest Checks? What kind of social media presence should we be looking at?
  4. RE: ZEJ is now on Twitter!

    yo I think it's good that you have #roleplay as a thing because maybe someone will notice it and join
  5. Copied this thread into TSL so that we could get some discussion about ZEJ's presence on social media going. Obviously, we've talked a bit about the various types of social media that we can see ourselves tackling in the Housekeeping thread and various chat-based discussions that took place surrounding that thread... but we've yet to settle down and actually take action.

    @Jonno has drafted up a 'battle plan,' so to speak, for the ZEJ Twitter account that has been lying fairly dormant since the discussion. I think that having actual content on the account beyond just "hey look, a new int check appeared!" would go a long way. One-liners from the chatlog thread, advertising discussions on current events, etc. All of these would be beneficial to our presence on social media. I'll paste the "battle plan" below...

    So beyond this, I think we could apply similar principles to other social media -- Facebook and Tumblr, for instance. In this thread, I think collecting a bunch of funny quotes, interesting threads, and stuff that we want advertised out there in the world would be a good idea. If you guys have any "Tweets" that we can queue up, that'd be great.
  6. What is an appropriate hashtag for "ZEJ.txt" posts?
  7. So about actually incorporating that Twitter scheme and getting this show on the road - are there any places of critique that any of you have from that battle plan @Eebit had posted above some months back? I'd just posted about our Secret Santa deal via @ZEJLiveTweets and it's gettin' me saucy for action, bb.
  8. I really like the battle plan, personally. I don't think we're reaching a big enough audience for a Q&A to be worthwhile (just because we also have the ZEJ-o-AMA subforum that ostensibly fills the role on ZEJ proper), but aside from that I would say we're in pretty good shape if we follow it.

    One of my ideas was -- in the vein of the whatever.txt or 'x eBooks' -- that we could post something completely out of context from the IRC or Skype groups. I know for a fact that a bunch of us have a bunch of funny quotes stored, and we could also go out of the Chatlog Thread. Knew we were storing 'em up for a reason!
  9. Yeah, a Q&A is definitely a down the road sort of thing. Perhaps we'd already be at the point where one would be warranted if I actually got my ass on this back in July. LOL. Nevertheless, I'll begin experimenting with the rest of the original battle plan; I think that your idea of pulling random quotes from chat is a great idea, as well. We'll really give potential newcomers the full "charm" of us, that way. :5 Plus, it'll put some more meat on the Twitter's bones. I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the computer once my new flat rate freelance job helping a local concert venue out kicks up sometime next week; figure I may as well fire ZEJ's tweeterama up for the holidays, as well, so we can see wherever it takes us (regardless of if that is nowhere, because at least nowhere will be a little more vibrant). :5
  10. https://www.instagram.com/montereycourtaz/

    So I've started the new job I've been talking about as of last Friday, and just started up this Instagram page for added promo since the owners have given me carte blanche pretty much on how I'm handling this social media business. Friends, if you wanna keep up with my new day (and night) job and see some of the cool stuff that happens over at the venue, please give the page a follow (especially since our numbers could look more impressive, and I really don't wanna put more money into advertising the IG than I already just have LOL)! :)

    P.S. - So I've been inactive on here the past few days and that's basically been the whole crux of it all. I need to play catch-up on scheduling events and should expressly do just that by 1.31.16, based on what I've got scheduled down for my work. After that, things will become easier to handle and I'll return to my more active, Jonno-tastic state. Cheers, in the mean time! Hope you've all been doing alright.
  11. I've moved this thread out of TSL and into Suggestions for the purposes of discussion of the Twitter account specifically, but also our general social media initiative.

    I'm still looking for suggestions on what kind of content should come out of the account. And if any staffers want the account's password (or if a veteran member wants to step up and be our social media person), I'm happy to give it out. I'm also thinking of changing the Twitter account's handle to "@ZEJRoleplaying" so as to harmonize our brand. Also because it's not really "live tweets" any more since the Twitter bot we were previously using hasn't been active for a while now.
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  12. Wow, I was smart back in the day with my brainstorming, apparently. Too bad I was a lazy cluck and never got around to any of it. :5 Just to hopefully spark some initial discussion, I think a lot of what I'd said in Eebit's post from over a year ago about promoting the ZEJ Twitter could hold true as potential attention-getters. I also agree with changing our handle to @ZEJRoleplaying for brand unity.

    *Yeah, I would still be up to dish out the dough. Perhaps we should discuss the relevancy of paid advertisement and when it should be incorporated, though. Is 2 weeks after all of this a bit too early?

    Also, how about other social media avenues for ZEJ? Facebook? Facebook Groups? Reddit? Instagram? Dare we have a Snapchat shared between staff/founders/veteran members to entertain the masses!? More at 7!
  13. The twitter should definitely be a group thing. Not everyone, of course, but a select ZEJ Twitter PR Team. Some of our more affable/active fellas would probably be included in that. (Maybe get Dark to post a daily ZEJ meme LOL)

    I like Jonno's little list, I wouldn't change any of it (or at least by much), so I suppose the real question is: do you think the twitter should be group run, and if so, who are some affable and/or active people you want to nominate?
  14. Having it (and all social media we might do) be group-run is probably the best bet, I feel. Not just because it would be a way to really embrace the idea that we are community and kinda share the weight of governance here amongst everyone like a true ZEJian democracy (I think :5), but because it would ease the workload on what would otherwise be a singular person's shoulders. It has its disadvantages and I would like to field any opposing opinions if anyone has any since a group-run account would mean more responsibility to keep activity in check amongst many heads, but assuming we could handle logging in and tweeting something out every so often, and splitting that responsibility between us should we be so responsible, then it would work in our favor.

    Outside of nominating myself :5... I'd say @Nebulon Ranger, of course, since he founded the account and has all of our technical know-how would still be an obvious choice to help around with Twitter upkeep. Dare I say @CerberusLycan too, if he's willing, since he has such a charm about himself and really has accumulated his history with the Statplay side of things! @Muddy, too, for much of the same reasons. Other nominations off the top of my head... @Eebit of course, @Zantok if he would like to participate with ZEJ a bit more since he certainly has the pedigree being a founder, @Rose and... What's this?


    Oh, that's right - YOU, @Gold Dullahan! :5 Without gushing too much here, you are just a shining star here on ZEJ and just your general way of being you really keeps things hopping in a positive direction. I'm sure you could think up some really substantive tweets for us! ...Or at least make some dank memes, amirite? :5
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  15. I'd be happy to make the ZEJ Twitter a more collaborative thing. My offerings to the account have been pretty sparse, but I think that Jonno's battle plan would be an alright template to make use of, going forward. We really just need to start putting it to use at this point. Maybe gussy it up with a nice cover banner, update the logo to the new one... a little fine-tuning might go a long way, in terms of professionalism.

    Overall I would agree with who Jonno "nominated." Although truthfully, I wouldn't say that Twitter is exactly Zantok or Muddy's platform of choice. Britt is pretty savvy when it comes to handling social media, and I would agree that Gold and Cerby would both be good candidates for the job. Dark should already have access given that I haven't changed the password since he set it up. Kuda is pretty active on Twitter and I feel like she would do a good job of continuing to promote us by way of that channel if she's open to it as well.

    Regarding other avenues by which we could promote ZEJ -- we do have a subreddit that was set up for April Fools a couple years ago (the link is actually at the bottom of the forums; click on the little Snoo icon beside the Twitter bird). And we also have a very, very dead Facebook group that sees a post maybe once every time I win at Roll Up the Rim. Perhaps a Facebook like page would do us some good, though. I've talked in the past about setting one up, but never gotten around to it. May as well, eh?
  16. If we can keep it maintained and someone can teach me how to Reddit, I'd love if we actually made use of our subreddit for more than random intermittent shitposting.
  17. The thing about Reddit, from my perspective, is that it is really isolated as far as subreddits go. Everything is neatly partitioned off, so you naturally flock to subreddits pertinent to your interests.

    With ZEJ, the only people who would be coming to a ZEJ subreddit are... well, ZEJians. And as a forum for content generation, we have the forums. Even as a Redditor myself, I don't know what kind of content I would be posting to a ZEJ subreddit that I wouldn't already be posting here to discuss, y'know? Whereas with Twitter and Facebook and the like, the content can circulate by way of a like or a retweet. So it gets more exposure, to that end. There are a few "looking for roleplay" subreddits that we could post a link to ZEJ on, though.
  18. well then why did you bring it up

    Actually I think the people at r/worldbuilding would love our Manaverse-related stuff.
  19. You guys needing or even having a subreddit would be like zej having an archive on all the stories mobius wrote.

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  20. Jonno mentioned it, and it's on the bottom of all our pages anyway, so I figured I should address it. Nothing more than that~

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