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CONTEST ZEJ Statistical Contest ~ Iteration 2β

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, May 12, 2014.

  1. ~ ZEJ Statistical Contest ~

    The Statistical Contest has returned for a second iteration, but this time, Shadow has turned over the reins to me. At this point, we're not entirely sure how the Statistical Contest's future iterations will be run... but for now, the ground rules are the same. The character that is made must follow the theme, must be turned in to both myself and Shadow (the latter for purposes of base stats and MP Costs), and obviously, you really need to have fun with it.

    The purpose of the Statistical Contest (as is stated above in Shadow's quotation) is to revitalize the statistical facet of ZEJ. It's the first step in a process that we hope will both bring in newcomers to the 'stat scene,' as well as a tool that will allow veterans to hone their skills. That said, we don't want anyone to feel discouraged by placement! I can't stress this enough. Please don't remove yourself from the competition because you feel 'inadequate' in this sort of a scene. There is always room for improvement, and Shadow's descriptions of the profiles are a part of that. Hopefully we get a few more entries this time; please don't hold back, guys!

    You may note that this is mainly a repost of the previous attempt at hosting this contest. What happened to the original results, Eebit? Well, due to the underwhelming level of participation in spite of numerous deadline extensions, compounded on a lack of motivation from myself followed by school starting up, the results simply did not get posted. While I do thank Starr and Nate for participating, I fully take responsibility for slacking on posting the results. I hope that this second attempt goes a little bit more smoothly, and I would love to see a passion for the characters of your comrades in our humble corner of the internet.

    Iteration 2: Freeform to Statform Conversion... With A Twist

    As I have mentioned to a fair few people, the theme this time is going to be the conversion of an existing ZEJ Freeform-styled character into a statistical profile. The catch? The character cannot be one of your own creation. So, therefore, there will be a heightened amount of collaboration between two members - the original creator of the profile and the person doing the conversion - to create these characters. Obviously, with that in mind, you should probably ask for some permission from the creator before you 'borrow' their character for the purposes of this contest!

    One thing that Nate (The Kakuzato) has asked of me is whether or not a character from a freeform roleplay that never made it past the profile thread is eligible for this contest. My answer is yes, as it will expand the pool of selectable characters, and hopefully inspire some more creativity. Also, characters from this iteration of ZEJ are allowed, including those from Inactive Roleplays, so long as their roleplay or profile can be found on http://www.zejroleplaying.org.

    I also ask that people 'stake their claims' on characters in this thread. If you intend to do a certain character for this contest, I'd appreciate it if I could get a running headcount going of who plans on doing what profile. So, post below! If you could, please include the original roleplay or the freeform profile sheet (if applicable, since some RPs don't utilize profile sheets). Makes my job a little easier.

    1. The Meta: As there is no designated 'style' that the characters must fall under (as per the original theme of 'the Pacifist'), there won't be quite as strict guidelines that every character must follow. Obviously, you will want a cohesive 'playstyle' outline for the character, since you would not be making a character that specializes in monstrous physical strength into a mage-type. Therefore, primary judging will come from how well the individual followed the original 'archetype' laid out by the original proprietor of the character. Staying true to your selection is very important, here! Apart from that, judging will obviously come from how well-constructed the character is, from a statistical perspective.

    Additional Note: As a clarification to those who have not seen the word 'meta' thrown around in this context, it is basically a blanket word that describes the strategy or how the character functions within the 'rules' laid out. Mobius best described it as "In video-games, meta-game refers to intricate data of a game’s outer workings and how these rules or information may affect the outcome in-game." [sup][Source][/sup]

    2. The Level: Any level can be chosen for the purposes of this contest. Though the last iteration restricted users within the first Job Promotion (which, theoretically, takes place at Level 10), this time, let your creative juices flow and seek any horizon you would like. As before, a perfect Level 1 character can easily 'win' this contest over a flawed upper-level character. If you do intend to create a character above Level 10, keep in mind that you will need to deal with Job Promotions.

    3. The Deadline: <IMPORTANT> I'll set aside the date right now. Friday, May 30th, 2014 is the date on which I will no longer be accepting the final iteration of the profiles. Unlike the last time I attempted to host this contest, this deadline is going to be very rigid. I am not going to be tolerating any dicking around from people, so if you intend to enter, I intend to badger you relentlessly about this as the deadline nears. Eighteen days is plenty of time for you to do a character if you set proper horizons.

    Now that all of the formalities are out of the way, let the games begin! Please post your intended conversions and their respective profile (or roleplay) below.
  2. I'll be entering with Nate's Tatsuo Yoshiro!
    spoilers pls
  3. Bumping because guys pls
  4. Ten days are left, and there's only one person looking to partake? "guys pls" indeed. I'd like to ask @"The Kakuzato" and @Starrie to (at the very least) resubmit their profiles to this iteration, potentially with some tweaks - time permitting - since I know both of you have grown as statplayers.

    Also, @"Kudamon", now is your chance to partake in this! You did say you were interested in it last time 'round... just didn't have the time.

    Meanwhile, I myself am strongly considering doing this challenge. I am still unsure as to who I would be tackling, character-wise, but I do have some ideas a-brewin'. If anyone is looking for some characters for ideas, I can post a list of reference material.

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