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CONTEST ZEJ Statistical Contest ~ Iteration 2

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Nvm, I think I found a way to circle around this

    @Shadow , check your pm's if you haven't done so already.

    Edit: Oh god I just realized I typoed like mad there. -Gamma ray +Death Ray and -alos +Also woops lel
  2. Two profiles have been received. I'd really like to get more from those who confirmed their interests before I post results. I'll give you guys two days (until I start to work on the results) to give me an update on your status in the contest. I will be lenient on the deadline some more if need be, but if you don't inform me of how much time you'll need within two days time, I'll just assume you're dropping out.

    @Shadow @CerberusLycan @Dark @Gist @Masquerade
  3. Unfortunately due to the demanding nature of my job and constant exhaustion, I'm afraid I'll have to drop. Spaught, I'll still do a statform profile of The Amazing Zo for fun sometime, so don't be disappointed. <3
  4. Two days is not enough; I'll finish the thing, though just without a deadline attached.

    I resign.

    @Eebit @Shadow
  5. I would love to complete the Tatsuo profile, and in time to help this StatContest be more of A Thing. School starts in 2 days for me, though-- much to my disdain-- so I have to [start and] finish my summer homework (reading the Great Gatsby and other included activities). Considering this, if I were to have an extended deadline I'd say I could have it done by Friday.
  6. Well, being that nobody else has turned in their profiles to this save for Nate and Starr, I guess I'm going to have to post the results with just two. Was hoping for more of a turnout, but that's okay I guess.
  7. Well, being that nobody else has turned in their profiles to this save for Nate and Starr, I guess I'm going to have to post the results with just two. Was hoping for more of a turnout, but that's okay I guess. As per the budding Statcontest 'tradition,' the results have come much later than were expected! But of course, what kind of a host would I be if I didn't actually get them up to acknowledge the hard work of the two actual entrants (a curse on the rest of your families! For shame! Getting this poor soul's hopes up and then crushing them beneath your proverbial soles). Without any further fanfare or delay, I would like everyone to put their hands together for the results of the second statcontest.

    Second Place[/i]]Name: Lord X-Giga-X
    Original Creator: Lord X-Giga-X
    Original Roleplay: Cult of Ustream ~ Official Roleplay
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Level: 7
    Next Level: 0/24
    Appearance: Lord X-Giga-X stands at a height of 6'2". His skin is covered by a layer of darkness, which gives it a bluish-gray color. His right eye is red and his left eye is blue. He has green hair which is similar to the hair of Terra (character from the Kingdom Hearts series), the only difference being three strands of hair which covers parts of his forehead. Immediately below his eyes are two green, triangular markings.

    He wears a sleeveless purple shirt, which bears a black symbol that looks like a vertical straight line connecting the top of the shirt to the kanatana for fu (フ). This covers up a dark gray, striped long-sleeve shirt. His pants are also grey and striped, and appear to be ripped at the bottom. He wears a utility belt, which he uses to carry his death ray. On both hands, he wears black, fingerless gloves with holes in the back to allow dark energy to flow out of his hands. He wears iron boots on his feet.

    The most noticeable part of his outfit is his black cape. Occasionally, Lord X-Giga-X will allow his cape to fall into bad condition, usually being excessively torn or having huge holes in it. And occasionally, he won't be wearing one at all. This usually occurs after he burns a cape in respect for each of his fallen team members.

    Profession: --Malignant Villain: With knowledge on scientific concepts and inner abilities of dark mana, the one who claims this profession uses their knowledge and experience to cause significant damage to people or property without care. Their utmost important goal is to not only cause misery, but to ultimately rid the world of any good opposing forces and imprint their evil ideology upon the people of the world. [Basic Attack- Int based] [*Rage] [Dark Affinity I]

    *--Rage: Every time the user is dealt with a critical hit, their base int stat increases by 25% and their base Critical increases by 15% for three turns.

    Weapon: --Death Ray: While it's workings are unknown, the source of power found within this gun-like weapon can deal a great amount of damage....even death in extreme cases.  [+2 Int/Added effect: *Radiation/ (Mod:0)/Range: Adjacent Cell]

    *Radiation: Target recieves 15% Max HP damage for 3 turns while alos restricting the target's base movement by one cell for 3 turns

    Armor: --Worn-down clothing: A set of clothes that have seen the face of conflict far too many times.[+1 Def]
    Accessory: Torn Cape-- Resistant piece of torn fabric that has experienced battle after battle without end and still could lessen blows at will. [+1 Spr]

    A-Ability: Eternal Black Fury

    + Dusk beam: Placing his open hands together, the user extracts dark mana and concentrates it in his palms in order to then blast the foe with a stream of black energy. 120% INT damage. Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100% Variance: None. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. MP: 8

    + First Draw--Death Ray Cascade: The user draws his Death Ray and rapidly fires a cascade of gamma rays at the unsuspecting target. If target executes move command, inflicts 120% INT damage.  Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100% Variance: None. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Dark. MP: 10

    + Negative Accumulation: Charges up and extracts reserves of dark mana from within. The energy charged up is then applied to an attack. 25% Damage output Int-based skills. Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Dark. Stack limit: 3. MP: 8

    + Lightning of the damned: From the tips of the finger, the user curls his fingers inward and thrusts his hand forward, delivering a powerful stream of black lightning to the victim. 150% Int Damage. Chance of Paralysis. Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: None. Range: 2 cells. Element: Dark. MP:14

    +Nightmare Bludgeon: Accumulating dark energy in his palms, the user engulfs his entire hands with energy and releases the energy in the shape of two gigantic fists to swipe, grab, and bash the target mercilessly. 175% Int Damage. High chance of immobilize. Cast Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: None. Range: 3 cells. Element: Dark. MP: 18.

    R-Ability:--Critical Temperament: In the event that the user is attacked by more than one enemy at a time, the user sacrifices 5 MP to temporarily boost it's base Spr stats by 20% until the end of the next enemy turn.
    --Dusk Veil: Negates status affliction damage by 15%.

    E-Trigger: TBA

    X-Ability:--Dark Supernova: Under the accumulating amount of dark energy, the user explodes in a cascade of overpowering waves, darkening the skies and putting the entire area under an immense cataclysm of death and annihilation. 200% piercing damage. High chance of immobilize. High chance of blind. Cast Time: instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: None. Range: 4 cells. Element: Dark.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 35
    MP: 50
    Atk: 3
    Def: 3 [Worn down clothing +1]
    Int: 8 [Death ray +2]
    Spr: 6 [Torn Cape +1]
    Evasion: 5%
    Critical: 2%
    Movement: 2

    Skill points: 2

    by Starrmalia.

    First Place[/i]]
    Name: Aaron Lawrence
    Original Creator: Dark
    Original Roleplay: WAVES ~ Melody in Motion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 78
    Level: 10
    Next Level: ??/??
    Appearance: "Aaron is a six-foot, eleven-inch Felidi that bears resemblance to the puma of today. He possesses black hair and brilliant blue eyes, and is commonly found wearing mostly grey clothing and a skull ring with a ruby set in the forehead. His conductor's baton is mainly dark red with an onyx set into the bottom as an indicator of what it can achieve, as well as due to onyx being Aaron's favorite stone." ~Dark; from the WAVES ~ Melody in Motion SU thread.

    Profession: Conductor of the Departed Orchestra: With his signature baton in hand, the one who claims this profession is a masterpiece of musical knowledge, whose limits transcend even the binds of death itself, for his Orchestra is fully comprised of those departed souls whose magnum opera had not yet been reached.  And when all assembled, he leads them, and how he leads them indeed, for in death they are stronger than they ever were in life, and to be led by this Conductor, it is terrifying.
    [Undead Orchestra][Music Plays On]

    Job Progression: Necro-Conductor -> Conductor of the Departed Orchestra -> ? -> ?
    *Undead Orchestra: Aaron can use a special command called "Summon Instrument," which can be used free of Aaron's Act command, but must be used before.  Two new fields are added to Aaron's stats: Necromancy Points, abbreviated as "NP," which are solely used to summon instruments, increase by 1 for each point of damage Aaron causes, begin with a limit of 20, can be increased with stat points, and amount is carried on between battles.  Second is Orchestra, which is a stat that is used solely to keep track of the number of instruments Aaron has summoned, has a maximum limit of 60, and is not carried on between battles; however, the user must keep track of the specific Intsruments Aaron currently has summoned.
    *Music Plays On: Chained skills can go past their usual Range by 2.  Area-of-effect skills can only do this for a single target.

    NP Costs
    Strings: Violins: 1; Violas: 1; Cellos: 2; Double Bass: 2; Harp: 4.
    Woodwinds: Flutes: 2; Oboes: 2; Clarinets: 2; Bassoons: 2.
    Brass: French Horns: 2; Trumpets: 2; Trombones: 2; Tubas: 3
    Percussion: Timpani: 4; Snare Drum: 2; Bass Drum: 3; Cymbals: 2; Gong: 3; Triangle: 2; Tubular Bells: 4; Glockenspiel: 2.
    Keyboards: Piano: 5 (limited to 2); Organ: 10 (limited to 1).
    NOTE: It is up to the user to keep track of which instruments Aaron currently has.

    Weapon: Vermillion and Onyx baton This conductor's Baton, so much like death itself, is the tool of choice for Aaron.  [INT +4][Range: 3][Basic Attack Damage Output +5% for every 10 instruments]
    Armor: Necro-Conductor's Uniform: Cobsidering Aaron's unique profession, this vest could hardly be called a "uniform"... [SPR +4][DEF +3]
    Accessory: Skull Ring:A ring befitting a Necromancer, it almost seems to give off a feeling of dread... [NP +20][Immunity to negative mental status conditions]

    A-Ability: First Concert: Descent into the afterlife.

    NOTE: When skills require instruments, they also "use up" the instruments in question, meaning that they are removed from Aaron's reserve.

    + Violins of the Sickly Soul : A composition reminiscent of a person's descent from merely sick into the throes of death, this piece is powerfully sad.  110% INT Damage.  Chance of Melancholy.  Chain: Bells of a Forgotten Dirge. Range: 3 cells ~ Surrounding cells. Element: Neutral.  Requires 2 violins (2 NP cost for instruments). MP:

    + Bells of a Forgotten Dirge: Death comes to all at some point, and thus this piece is made for them, a funeral tune that seems all too familiar to its listeners, as if some ancient and now-forgotten tune passed on by the memories of their ancestors, overtaking the listeners with the feeling that soon, they may join them in the great beyond. 100% INT Damage.  Chance of Dread.  Chain: Four Knocks to Elysium or Ghostly Footsteps in Staccato Rhythm.  Range: 4 cells. Element: Dark.  Requires 1 Tubular Bells, 3 Violins, and 1 Oboe. (9 NP Cost for instruments.)

    + Stepping into Sheol: The land of nothing.  ;Death has come, and all is black.  Wind howls in your ears, though none can be felt.  Your hearts races, though it has stopped beating.  You scream and yell at the ghosts that are in your view, but that you cannot see.  These are represented in playing the instruments so as to imitate these feelings while descending into Sheol.  120% INT Damage.  Chance of Hopeless. Requires 1 Clarinet, 1 Bass Drum, 2 Violins, 2 Violas, and 1 cello. (11 NP Cost for instruments)

    + Four Knocks to Elysium: Sometimes to get into Elysium, all you need to do is knock once.  For some however, they are never allowed in.  And thus, they keep on knocking, desperate for the respite it gives.  The aim of this piece is to capture that everlasting struggle 4 hits.  100% INT Damage each hit.   Chance of Confusion on first hit, Knockback of 1 cell on second hit, chance of Desperation on Third hit, chance of Scramble on Final hit.  Chain: Itself or Royal Heraldry of Hades.  Accuracy: 80% (All hits).  Range: 4 cells.  Element: Dark.  Requires 1 Snare Drum, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Gong, and 1 Timpani (12 NP cost for instruments)

    + Royal Heraldry of Hades: A piece that could hail the ruler of the underworld, it beats the enemy back with its massive sound. 150% INT damage.  Knockback of 2 cells (Allies also affected by knockback).  Chain: Ghostly Footsteps in Staccato Rhythm or Agony of the Firey Pit.  Variance: 10%.  Range: Area of 3 cells.  Element: Dark.  Requires 1 Timpani, 1 Bass Drum, 2 French Horns, and 2 Trumpets. (15 NP cost for instruments).

    + Ghostly Footsteps in Staccato Rhythm: Like a ghost creeping through the halls, its footsteps creaking as it goes, so this piece creates fear in Aaron's foes with the thought that there are more enemies than meets the eye. 130% INT Damage.  Chance of Paranoia, high chance if chained from Royal Heraldry of Hades.  Chain: .  Range: 4 cells ~ Surrounding cells.  Element: Neutral. Requires 2 cellos, 2 flutes, 2 bassoons, 1 tuba, 1 bass drum (16 NP cost for instruments).  

    + Agony of the Firey Pit: Hell and Torture awaits all those whose life have been defined by sin and wrongdoings, as such this piece summons fire straight from its depths, to give its listeners a taste of what they surely will experience in the afterlife. 150% INT Damage.  Chance of Severe Burn.  Chance of Hopeless. Range: 4 cells ~ Surrounding cells.  Element: Fire. Requires 2 pianos and 1 Organ (20 NP cost for instruments).

    A-Ability: Second Concert: Death and the Soul

    + Transcendence: A meditational piece with a heavy contrast between high and low, when one hears it, they begin to feel as though they are a ghost wandering through the world. Bestows Intangible. Range: Area of 5 cells (Affects both enemies and allies).  Require 3 flutes, 3 bassoons, 1 tubular bells, and 1 Harp (20 NP Cost for instruments)

    + Nearing Death -- Out of Body Experience: A piece made up of primarily high-pitched sounds, this piece separates the soul of the listener from their body, making it so they can no longer control their body, and merely watch as it moves itself.  For 2 turns, the target is controlled by Aaron. Range: 5.  Element: Arcane. Requires 4 flutes, 3 Clarinets, 1 Piano, 3 Violins, 1 Harp (26 NP cost for instruments)

    R-Ability: Preparation for a Special Concert: When Aaron is so much as targeted by an attack or skill used by an enemy (Area of Effect skills not counted), he will summon one random instrument regardless of cost.
    -- Mutare Volumine: "Fall then rise, my ghostly band.  Poison their hearts with your music, then deafen them with it, to feel it forevermore."  At the cost of extra Mana, Aaron can the add modifiers to his skills: forte, piano, pianissimo, and fortissimo.  For every step rising in volume (forte to fortissimo), a chance of Deafen is added (Low Chance to Chance), chances of bonus effects (aside from aforementioned Deafen) decrease, Accuracy is decreased by 8% for next two turns, but damage output increases by 10% per level.  For every step falling in volume(piano to pianissimo), chances of status effects increase, while damage output decreases by 5% per level, and a chance of Stun (starting with chance) added to following attack (basic attack or skill)every level.  Costs mana instead of being confined to one use per battle, as a normal Active S-Ability would.  Extra MP costs vary by volume levels.

    Fortissimo: +20% damage, high chance of Deafen, chance of other status effects decreased by two levels, Aaron's Accuracy decreased by 16% for next two turns. +? MP
    Forte: +10% damage, chance of deafen, chance of other status effects decreased by one level, Aaron's accuracy decreased by 8% for the next two turns. +? MP
    Piano: Chance of status effects increased by 1 level.  ;Damage output -5%. Chance of stasis for 1 turn added to Aaron's following following attack/skill. +?MP
    Pianissimo: Chance of status effects increased by 2 levels.  ;Damage -10%.  High chance of stasis for 1 turn added to Aaron's following Attack/skill. +? MP

    E-Trigger: Building the Final Orchestra:  Aaron breaks through the barrier of necromancy, letting him summon his ghosts without using any energy.  For the next 4 turns, Aaron can summon instruments without needing to use any NP, but is limited to 15 summons per turn.
    X-Ability: All is Death when the Music Ends:  With the organ leading the orchestra, Aaron's Magnum opus begins to play out.  Among the most beutiful compositions ever made, it echoes in the ears of all who hear it, overwhelming them with all the glory of a full orchestra.  Then when the final notecomes with an endless fermata, it shall haunt its targets forevermore.[/i]  50% INT Damage, increased by 10% for every 6  instruments in the Aaron's Orchestra. Knockback increased by 1 cell for every Bass Drum, Timpani, Gong, Double Bass, and Tuba.  Chance of Melancholy increased by one level for every 5 of any violins, violas, Harps, and bassoons.   Chance of Paranoia increased by one level for every 4 of any Flutes, Clarinets, or Glockenspiels.  Chance of Dread increased by one level for every 5 of any Tubular Bells, Cellos, Oboes, Pianos, and French Horns. Chance of Deafen increased by one level for every 3 of any Trumpets, Trombones, or Snare Drums.  Range: All Enemies. Requires 1 organ and any number of other instruments.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15  (+20 (4 StP)) = 35/35
    MP: 20  (+25 (5 StP)) = 45/45
    NP: 20  (+15 (3 StP)) (+20 Skull Ring) = 0/55
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2  (+5 StP) (+3 Necro-Conductor's Uniform) = 10
    Int: 4  (+6 StP) (+4 V&O Baton) = 14
    Spr: 3  (+4 StP) (+4 Necro-Conductor's Uniform) = 11
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 8%
    Movement: 2 (+1 Conductor of the Departed Orchestra job)
    Orchestra: 0/60

    Skill Points: 1

    User-defined Statuses:

    • Deafen: Evesion reduced by 50%.(Of current value) Default 3 turns. (Physical status)
    • Desperation: Cannot take any action that would not deal damage to the opponent (skills, trigger commands, special commands, etc.)  ;Default 3 turns.  (Mental Status)
    • Dread: If damaged while Dread is in effect, there is a Low Chance that Dread will be replaced by Doom.  For every turn that Dread is in effect, Damage Taken is increased by 10%, until Dread either fades or is replaced by Doom (at which point it returns to normal). Default 5 turns. (Mental/Metaphysical Status)
    • Hopeless: 50% chance that any action (including movement) will not be taken. Default 3 turns.(Mental Status)
    • Melancholy: Movement and Damage output are decreased by 50%. Default 3 turns.(Mental Status)
    • Paranoia: Attacks and damaging skills target a random cell within the range permitted.  ;Default 3 turns.(Mental Status)

    by The Kakuzato (aka Nate).
  8. oops bumping this and not with any results.

    As I mentioned over IRC to Cerby, and attempted to alert Gist and Dark about, I am EXTENDING the deadline once more to accommodate a better degree of competition, and more diverse meta. This time will be the last time I opt to extend the deadline, and I do hope that people can find enough time in their schedules to jump into this. It would make this old soul very happy. I am giving everyone (including Nate and Starr) until...

    Saturday, September 21[sup]st[/sup], 2013

    ...to start/finish their profiles, or retouch them. I really want to see this be a successful project/contest, and if people are dedicated, then maybe we can see some new faces enter the ring. I myself might even try to make a profile in the spirit of competition, though obviously I won't be 'officially' competing. Please let me know if you would be able to participate, guys!

    @Masquerade @CerberusLycan @Gist @Dark @Shadow @"The Kakuzato" @Starrie
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