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Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Or some such platform fighter!

    We've had discussions like this in the past, discussing what the roster of a potential ZEJ-based fighting game might look like. But the topic has not shown itself for a fair amount of time, and so I thought I might bring it back into prominence. After all, I myself am pretty stoked for the next iteration of the Big N's classic smash-up. More fuel for the hype fire, I suppose!

    So to kick off the discussion, which characters from the history of ZEJ would you say deserve a slot in the roster of a theoretical ZEJ game? How about assist characters?

    What locales would you want to see come to life as stages for the purposes of hosting ultimate showdowns? What hazards would exist upon these stages?

    How about items? Are there any memorable items that could surface in the fighter?

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Let's hear some ideas.
  2. I'm going to be insane and make an entire roster for this, so bear with me if things take a while to jot down. Smash and ZEJ are two great passions of mine as far as glorious, glorious hobbies go, so expect a megaton. B) 

    Once I've gotten everything compiled, I'll edit this post to make it all organized and such to reflect that. In the mean time, though, I'll post a few tidbits here and there with some neato explanations to boot!

    1. Espira Xirro (Shadow)
    She's Shadow's trademark character and the poster girl of ZEJ as far as I can tell. Not including her in our version of SSB would be like somehow keeping Mario outside of real SSB. Beyond that, her mana powers leave a ton of opportunities to be had for a neat moveset to behold. I'd imagine her as a light character, but with tremendous attack power with little compromise in terms of applicable knockback and inapplicable lag between her moves. Like, Pit, Ganondorf, and Greninja combined. :5 

    2. Austere and Rock (Jonno)
    Likewise, I'd wager that Austere Clements is my trademark character on ZEJ and is even in the running of being the one people best identify with me on the overall (with my novels, and so forth), with only Wally standing in his way. As for Rock? There's no world in which those two just don't make the greatest team. They're like ZEJ SSB's much cooler version of Rosalina and Luma, though I'd imagine incredibly idiosyncratic in the way their dynamic is executed, even as compared to the Galaxy duo. Where Austere himself lacks physical strength, he more than makes up for in terms of his magical prowess and backup from Rock. A well-rounded character set.

    3. Giott (Zantok)
    No doubt does Zantok deserve a character in this prime hypothetical gaming experience, and like the above two, I think that Giott the dwarf is a more-than-capable fighter who represents Zantok himself on a trademark level. He's got an axe. He's insane. We've got a fighting game character that basically designs its own moveset.

    4. Jude Lumsden (Dark)
    Werewolf. Ice. Ice werewolf. Assassin. Ice werewolf assassin. Dark's trademark character. Dark's trademark ice werewolf assassin character. This broken English basically explains itself. Jude's powers over ice will keep him from being your regular Jon Talbain and subsequently makes for a compelling character. I see Jude as a scrapper -- huge on-ground game with not much of a sense of the air, but experienced players will benefit in terms of fusing his best assets together to make for some devastatingly high percentage combos.

    5. Kristoph Palmer (Eebit)
    His brute, gun-toting pirate likeness paired with the unique control he has over water make him a formidable foe to engage with within the fray and a shoo-in for playable as far as I'm concerned. With Smash's "no realistic guns" law in tow (this is a video game, not U.S. Congress!), one can only assume that heavier emphasis would be placed on Kristoph's cutlasses and water-bending, though I see no reason why altered versions of his guns (they're water bullets!) couldn't be used in specials and grabs. A powerful, but light-footed character whose one major disadvantage would have to be his air-game ala Jude, since everything else is so intrinsically solid. Honestly, I'd probably main him.

    6. Toiran + Animals (Kudamon)
    How cool would it be for ZEJ's answer to Brawl's Pokemon Trainer to be something of Kuda's? It'd only fit. Come on. Plus, Toiran is actually quite the intriguing character who'd certainly be unique as compared to the rest of the cast and, likely, a fan favorite with the help of his handy-dandy animal squad. Mastering all of Ariyou, Nixis, Akuma and Orichalcum to become the best Toiran player you could be would be a megaton in itself, and a fun one to attempt conquering, at that.

    1. Tower of Eebit (Jonno)
    I'd imagine this as ZEJ SSB's Delfino Plaza-esque stage, only with 20 more times the sexy. Combine that with some goodness directly relative to a sexier WarioWare, though, as players will have to stay on their toes as a set of moving platforms transfer them from one challenge room to another! After a certain amount of challenges are completed, fighters can have a grace period in the lounge where they can pummel one another peacefully in the most sensual of rooms ever.

    2. Baboy Temple (Jonno)
    Who wouldn't want to fight in an ancient forest atop a golden pyramid where a young American boy gained the power to (permanently) transform into the new incarnation of the pig god as hundreds of tribesmen and women surround it to worship a humongous statue of his likeness set just behind them? Every so often, volcanic activity could cause for some hazardous... hazards... to say the least.

    3. The Retaliation (Eebit)
    Kristoph's beloved seafaring ship circa 1845 is too perfect for an SSB stage. The Retaliation, of course, wouldn't be stationary as it travels across a deep and brooding sea, occasionally undergoing harsh pressure from all manner of rainstorms and tidal waves, not to mention skirmishes with other ships, to overcome. Cannon-fire could occasionally break holes through the deck, freeing up room for fighters to engage one another on the ship's lower level.

    4. Plain of Eternal Snow (Dark)
    Fighters will have to seek shelter within the cave featured once a blizzard decides to run rampant on this harsh winter terrain... I'd imagine that this stage would be visually awe-striking. Sure seems like it from Dark's old descriptions.

    1. Austin Wiens (Flamezone)
    Austin runs back and forth, attempting to lick any opponent of his summoner that's within reach. If his super-massive mutated tongue reaches contact with one of his foes, they'll receive damage as well as (the 50% possibility to) be affected by one of four potential status ailments: poison, paralysis, confusion, or fire. If anything, he'll make 'em flinch.

    2. Eebot (Jonno)
    An Eebot .007 merely stands on stage, winking at any nearby opponents and causing them to undergo temporary paralysis due to how bloody gorgeous the whole spine-tingling moment was. When it's the Eebot's time to exit the stage, he'll courteously bow towards the players and say, "'Til next time!" in a perfectly sensual tone. In ZEJ SSB, Eebots can appear in five separate outfits: the Perfect Gentleman (suit and tie), the Naughty Farmer (nothing but a straw hat and overalls), the Hawaiian Vacation (shirtless, with sunglasses and a neat tan in flower-patterned trunks and a lei), the One-With-Nature (a bush with a bird pecking at it on top), and the Birthday Suit (actually the same as the Perfect Gentleman, but with a party hat and a clown nose; only available on the user's birthday and his exit message is "Happy birthday, darling." instead of "'Til next time!").
  3. I'll probably add explanations later, but I made a list thingy.

    Kaya Escala
    Kristoph Palmer

    Espira Xirro
    Xanadu Paperblack

    Tatsuo Yoshiro

    Raiden Version 23 (Raiden Takashouha)
    Starr OR Vale

    Tascera Szaufer OR Kalum Tasis


    Jay OR C

    Flimzakin OR Bin
    Arkai Grenium
  4. This is actually quite an interesting concept. I had hardly thought about including Toiran when I was making my own roster (which is to come!), but now that you've mentioned it, I can see him bringing a very interesting and suitably different style of play to the table. Toiran himself seems interesting, but throwing his entire zoo into the mix makes the deal all that much sweeter. Ariyou being swift and dangerous, Orichalcum being slow but mighty, and highly defensive-minded, as well as Nixis and Akuma each bringing their own specialties really could bring a lot to ZEJ's own brawler. Good show, Jonnyboy!~

    These legitimately made me laugh out loud.


    Just as an aside, Dark has retconned Jude 'Lumsden' to be renamed Judas Numidius, if memory serves! Care to confirm, @"Nebulon Ranger"?

    (also @"The Kakuzato" i can't wait to see your list further fleshed out!)
  5. Correct.
  6. Bumping this thread as we were just talking about this in #Manaverse.

    We need a more complete roster for a theoretical ZEJ Smash Bros, since Smash 4 was released on 3DS not too long ago with around 30 characters and their clones, so we should all think up ridiculous stuff for this again. Possible ZEJ Community Project?
  7. I'd love to throw some of mine into it, as well, trouble is, y'all don't know what they're capable of yet....
  8. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long to show us!
  9. Ziolang of course would be my first input. Good thing he gets a guaranteed spot on the theoretical roster. I'll play around with my old concept sheet I have for him already.

    Also, I'm assuming we're applying ssb4 An Things such as special variants.
  10. So I'm planning on making an actual full list somewhere in the near future. Totally forgot about this topic until Eebit reminded me a couple of weeks ago, and when it comes to Smash... you haven't even seen anywhere near the full extent I can take this. :p It'll be lovely.
  11. droppin' a phat bump in here like it's h a w t
  12. How did I not respond to this sooner? My knowledge of ZEJ characters is pretty limited as I'm really only familiar with Ultimate Tournaments 1 and 2 and the short-lived Mystics RP. That said, based on my limited knowledge here are some selections I would.

    Judas Numidias - Judas, or Jude as he was called back then, was a badass fighter in Ultimate Tournament 2 and with how big the ARKNET RP was at the start of ZEJ and to my knowledge was for a long time (is it still around? I have no idea) I think Judas would be a lock for any kind of ZEJ All-Star Fighter.

    Jackson S. Larke - Both of Eebits characters come from the Ultimate Tournament and I loved watching the both of them fight. Jackson is a black marketeer and a member of the Elite British Guard. Armed with a sword, a plasma whip and a variety of poisons all would contribute to an interesting moveset.

    Kristoph Palmer - Okay. Take a badass pirate. Now give him a cutlass and a pair of Navy pistols. Sounds awesome right? Oh what? You want more? Fine. How does the ability to manipulate water Water Bender-style sound to you? Awesome right? Fuck yeah it is and that's why I've included this badass.

    Eric the Flame - He's a fire demon. Pretty simple when you think about it. He can breathe fire, summon a sword of flames and go on a demonic rampage. Sounds like a fun character to me.
    Austin Wiens

    Baboy Man - Baboy Man is weird. Let's be honest here. But many fighting games, especially Smash, have their weird characters and Baboy Man is ours. He's a pig-man who shouts BONG and can fly around. Weird as hell but would be funny to play as.

    Austere & Rock - I'm pretty sure if I left Austere & Rock off the list that Jonno would kill me. So that being said welcome to the cast Austere! Austere would be able to fly around on Rock and send him out to attack. One thing I recall about Austere's old submission form was that he has the ability to manipulate certain objects so he could pluck a blade of grass from the ground and fashion it into a sword. So just imagine this big 'ol bald guy in church-like robes sitting on a rock flying around while drinking a smoothie and swinging an enlarged blade of grass like a sword. I'm in!

    Yoi Shourai - Yoi is an interesting character in that she wields two batons that can inflict damage based upon how good or bad her opponent's past was. I'm not too sure how this would translate in a fighting game so I'd imagine that particular ability would be nixed. However... Yoi can also utilize Tarot cards in her moveset. The Justice card causes her batons to fuse into a sword. Lovers creates a double of Yoi. The World can stop time! Quite a bit of interesting stuff she can do. 

    Giott - Yo. If you thought I was going to leave off Giott you're fucking mistaken. Giott actually originates from a short-lived D&D campaign I was apart of. He's a crazy short dwarf who hates just about everything including but not limited to elves, goblins, kobolds, giant snakes, cults and cults that worship giant snakes. Strangely despite an encounter with an undead dragon he doesn't hate them. Partying Satyrs are good by Giott though. He's armed with two battle axes both for fucking shit up and also has a mini-crossbow though he's not really proficient in it. 

    Karma - And old sarcastic necromancer with a scythe who's life ambition is to one day raise an undead army and conquer the world? Yes please. He also has a small bit of healing magic but he can also use it in the reverse and damage opponents with a blast of dark magic. With that plus his ability to raise zombies and skeletons mid-combat, he's not one to fuck around with. Oddly enough him and Giott also get along fairly well.

    Stages wise I'd love to see the Lava Pit, Windy Farmland, Westminster Abbey, Drunk Duck Inn, Baboy Temple, Dark Cemetary, the Retaliation, Plain of Eternal Snow and the Belvue Theaters be featured.
  13. So I've had a post 'stirring' (by which I mean sitting and collecting bytes of dust) on my hard drive for quite some time, but basically, I want to stir a little more discussion up in here! Throw my hat into the ring, add in some of my own musings, and really start the brain-train. I really think the idea of a platform fighter featuring some of ZEJ's finest is a neat idea, if only a pipe dream. But there are a lot of unique characters, locales, and the ilk around here that would make for an awesome game overall.

    I also kind of want to roll out more gradually my proposals for the roster. I don't know if that will necessarily make for more of an interesting discussion, but it'll certainly bump the thread a fair bit! Basically, every few days I intend to add a couple more characters (with a little blurb, a link to a pertinent profile sheet/Manaverse Wiki page, and my own musings on what kind of playstyle would manifest from the character) to my list. Then, perhaps, I'll start adding in some stages and whatever our 'assist characters' would be and the like. Maybe I'll bring back some fond memories, and maybe I'll introduce you to some new faces along the way.

    As always, feel free to join in! Speculate on what I may add next (because I am suuuuper vain, obviously), continue to make your own lists, go wild.

    Last Updated: 07-27-2015 @ 5:51a

    Espira Xirro (Oblivion Phantasy ~ Forsaken Malign) - It’s not easy to know where to begin with Espira. Time after time, Shadow has proven her deserving of the perch that graced the previous ZEJ Dark theme of our humble roleplaying forums. She’s versatile, brutal, quick, deadly, and dangerous, and to top things off, she has a ‘take-no-prisoners’ attitude that speaks legions when she is dealing with just about anyone. As I’ve said in the past, her credentials prove to be incredibly extensive. For her playstyle, she could quite literally dance her way across the battlefield, outmaneuvering people with deadly-quick combos and awe-inspiring setups punctuated by her manipulation of the blood she spills. Truly a 'laceration artist!' I imagine that she would make for quite the formidable top tier character. Hopefully Soon ™, ZEJ will be graced by the Oblivion Phantasy title that she ‘originally’ hails from!

    Ziolang Hirasu (Cult of Ustream) - Naturally, Ziolang (the user)’s magnum opus and namesake character would be deserving of a spot in a ZEJ Smash Up. Once referred to as the ‘unofficial third in command’ of the Cult of Ustream, it is immediately clear that he was placed in the upper echelons of the Cult of Ustream 'unofficial hierarchy' due in no small part to his proficiency with the blade. After all, the ‘Hirasu’ title is bestowed upon him for his wielding of the legendary blade Zhegard. A veritable sword master, this Demon would be extremely adept at fighting close-quarters, though I can only imagine that he would be armed with a diverse array of tactics, given his heritage. I can see him using a good mix-up of earth-shaking and temperature control to keep it spicy. Gliding with his wings would be surefire as well -- could there be a strong aerial game from this Demon, too? That’s what I would expect, at the very least.

    Austere Clements and Rock (Ultimate Tournament 2) - This unique duo has brought their merriment to not only a few of ZEJ’s in-house roleplays, but also feature in Jonno’s own Realm of Belief novel series. As already mentioned by Jonno, they ooze a sense of fun, a sense of difference, and just an all around good time waiting to be had. As a potential ZEJ Smash’s answer to Rosalina and her band of Lumas, Rock and Austere would be heaps more fun! After all, what could be better than stopping mid-match to offer your opponents a pineapple smoothie? Nothing, that’s what! Jonno’s own unique blend of fun and quirky humour with a great playstyle that really can’t be replicated by anything else in the cosmos (not even Rosalina, however hard she tries) would really shine in a setting such as this, and strikes a beautiful balance between serious fighting and sheer hilarity.

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