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ZEJ did Good today

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by CerberusLycan, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Still the chem major in this group
  2. They're asking if you're salty

    Also my hand slipped
  3. Um. This is awks

    We can't -both- be chem majors

    so you're lucky by technicality I'm a biochem major u scrub
  4. Bismuth Technetium Hydrogen
  5. You can bismuth technetium hydrogen yourself you fluorine uranium carbon potassium indium scandium ruthenium boron

  6. Wow.

    I'd say you spit fire but it burns more like H2SO4
  7. Didn't your mommy teach you not to play with inorganic strong acids lest the acid molecules rapidly and highly exothermically dissociate in the water medium to form hydronium ions and acid radicals with the effect of increasing environmental enthalpy exceedingly quickly which affects the functional cellular structures of your epidermis thusly causing painful inflammation

  8. My mom's an accountant so she didn't teach me SHIT about proton dissociation.
  9. Well it sucks to be you then =/

    My daddy was a chemical engineering major so he knows all about hydronium formation

    Who's your daddy

  10. He sells sheets of glazed silica for home and industrial use
  11. What just happened in this thread you Neptunium-Nitrogen-Potassium-s? (If we're bein' honest- I had to look at a periodic table chart, cuz I fail as a nerd)
  12. Whats a NpNK?
  13. Perhaps she meant to type phosphorous uranium nitrogen potassium (sulphur)?
  14. .... I meant Plutonium... I...

  15. yeah plutonium works too!

  16. It's aight sis we can't all be good at chem like your dumbass older brothers
  17. "dumbass"? speak for yourself

    I'm not even a regular

    I feel we can give me a better class than "Fanggirl" C'mon- you guys have imaginations (Also, did you mean fangirl? Or are you calling me a "Fang girl")

  20. [​IMG]

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