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DISCUSSION What's the most important part about a roleplay?

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Another quick one -- when it comes to roleplaying, what is it that draws your eye? Piques your curiosity? Pulls you in and makes you want to participate?

    When you guys are perusing the Interest Checks section, what kind of roleplay do you feel drawn to immediately? Is there a certain requirement/prescribed characteristic that causes you to even pay it a passing thought?

    When you are actually joining a roleplay, what is the biggest part about them that makes you feel like you're in the zone? From where do you derive your enjoyment of the roleplay? When the GM is succeeding, what is it that they are doing just right, for you?
  2. I'm pretty big into shonen (@Shadow may kill me for not finding loli magical girl anime all that enjoyable if he wants), so power fantasy is pretty much my thing. That and humor. Lots and lots of (sometimes inane, see: killing people with everyday objects) humor.
  3. I'm mostly into freeforms, which I would prescribe to the fact that I've been active within the vicinity of creative writing since I was like five years-old paired with our all initially coming into the realm of roleplaying ourselves with freeforms from back in the UT1 days. Though I'm not against the idea of finally finding my way around the ropes of the statplay- which I think I should, and sooner than later (I've always been an SRPG fan in video/board game form - so finding enjoyment down this avenue isn't a tremendous stretch) -I'm just more intrinsically inclined towards the standard freeform. Beyond that, I want something unique. My tastes are broad so long as something unique is presented by the GM in an effective, efficient, and passionate way that gives me a hint that they have the heart to make the project great. I don't care if the baseline is fantasy, sci-fi, slice-of-life, or what have you. Just give it your heart.

    A productive GM interacts on a consistent basis with their peers. You want people to join your RP, then I'd suggest handling it with a dignity that reflects your passion without being condescending about it - always. I'm not naming names, but I've been in a couple of situations where GMs would seem to go out of their way to be an ass just because people were a day late with their submission, or they had something wrong in their initial submission's formatting when they'd sent it over for approval. Don't be that kind of person. Handle things with grace. Take it like a job interview process -- you want to woo people on over to your RP? You don't wear any form of despair on your sleeves. You mediate it and you mediate it well.

    From there, the enjoyment is in the collaboration. The RPs that I like being a part of are just as much a writing exercise between peers as they are roleplays.
  4. I think you might have enjoyed @"Silver"'s character, Claire, from Reclamation. She's reportedly quite deadly with a frying pan...!
  5. Ahh Claire. She could kill someone with just about anything, I believe.

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