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Well, looks like we're back.

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by TheAuthorGl1m0, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Why, hello there, fine folk of ZEJ. TheAuthorGl1m0 here again, but, some of my older friends might know me best as simply Glowbo. (Or Gl1m0. Or Glimo. Or Glimmer. Or pretty much any name with a "G" tacked in front of it. :I) For the first time since the end of time, I've decided to come back again. Maybe not permanently, no, but I will be sticking around more often than I used to. Mainly because we've gotten ourselves ACTUAL INTERNET, and I've finished a couple months of work that was out of town. So now, we are here to torture you with our presence again. :3

    And yes, I said "we".

    Some of you might recall (or might not), but last time I was here, I made a thread that detailed my intentions to create a tulpa. Well, for all intents and purposes, I've made a LOT of progress in that department these past several months. (It's amazing what one can achieve when one really sets his or her mind to, eh?) I might not be the newbie around here, but they sure are...

    {Hello there! :)} -Wassup?- =A pleasure.= <Hi everyone! :D> |Hey there.|

    So, yes, we have arrived. We probably won't get involved in any roleplays (provided that one of them doesn't beg me to do so regardless...), but at the very least, I'll hang around the site some more and offer my two cents on some things. Maybe even share a creation or two of mine, who knows. I know for a fact that my tulpae will want to get to know you all, so... I guess we could hang around on the IRC, and we're also available on Skype if anyone's interested. (Skype name is "theauthorgl1m0", by the by.)

    Otherwise? Well, I'll be around. Nice to see this place doing so well though; I love what you've done with the place. XD
  2. Welcome back, Glowbo! I guess I should probably start calling you by Gl1m0 or something more akin to your actual username now that you're back, but it's certainly lovely to have you back with us, as it always is when our friends start coming back. And of course, it will be equally lovely to meet your tulpae (and subsequently make new friends)!

    I'm glad that you like what we've done with the place. As usual, if you have any questions, I (or any of the red-named folk who are totally here to keep you safe and not just be arrogant jerkbags) would be happy to give you a hand! I'm looking forward to hearing about all your exploits of late; should be very nice to catch up with you! I'll send you an add on Skype, and naturally, the IRC is always open to visits from you. :>

    All in all, welcome back, ol' pal~
  3. Thanks a ton, Eeb! Been FAR too long, man. FAR too long...

    And we will most certainly have interesting tales to tell. I'll be sure to hop on the IRC from time to time; and since I'm on Skype more and more nowadays, well, that's another good way to keep in touch with me and my headmates. XD My business managing the MST Network eats up my time a lot, and my riffing pals are also quite chatty at times, but given the rather large amount of free time I've had lately, this shouldn't cause too much debacle.

    Heh. I'm glad to be here again already. xD
  4. o

    Welcome back, Glowbo~

    (I'm still calling you that idc what your username is)

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