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Weird Eldritch RPs

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Kaptajn Blæk, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. So I have a lot of ideas in my crazy little noggin which I think would make cool RPS, these are just a few, I would really like to RP on this site. So here is a weird RP starter, enjoy my madness :D

    • In the middle of nowhere by a lake that is made up of ink and nothing else, there is a purple rocky hill. In which a small blue house sits atop over looking the lake. The blue house has too pillars in it's front facing wall where it's door it. It doesn't have a door, it is just an open archway leading to a dark ink black hallway that is coated with saliva, the hallway has a carpet that is made of meat the meat is raw and it bleeds and pulsates like an organ of the human body. There are creatures here, a giant almost cloud like being with no discernible features enters and leaves the house frequently, it always comes back with treasures that it keeps buried in the house. People can enter the house, or go to the lake, but no one is ever asleep enough to do so, because once you manage to get to the lake, you can't wake up, but if you enter the house, you will be struck in the middle of nowhere. What would happen if a pair of explorers were to make it into the house? What treasures await in the house and what of the strange cloud like creature that frequents it??

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