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WAVES ~ Melody in Motion [Sign Up Thread]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Nebulon Ranger, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Finally all the world will see,
    Rise again before the endless silence,
    Burn the soul before we'll all be free,
    Light the path beneath a blackened, burning sky.

    “The Fire Still Burns”-- Dragonforce​

    WAVES~ Melody in Motion

    Welcome to WAVES! My name is Dark, and I'll be your Game Master for this fine roleplay. Now, before we continue much further, allow me to go into a little greater detail with regards to the plot. Of course, you as the players won't know much about it right now,but that'll change as the overall plot progresses. Now, down to business!​

    Essentially, this is the thread for all sign up sheets –Profiles, if you will, even though we aren't talking statistical roleplaying here. Shown below in Code tags (now with handy [SELECT ALL] button!) is the template for you uglies guys to use. I recommend you run it by me first so we can get any huge things ironed out and confirmed. Thank you!​

    [b]Name:[/b] (Should be glaringly obvious – your character's name!)
    [b]Age:[/b] (Also obvious!)
    [b]Gender:[/b] (Obvious!)
    [b]Race:[/b] (Refer to the Int. Check or ARKNET's profile thread for these.)
    [b]General Appearance:[/b] (A paragraph or two and/or an image describing your character's overall appearance. Height, weight, etc. also go here.)
    [b]Personality:[/b] (Captain Obvious Strikes Again!)
    [b]Biography:[/b] (A short bio. Can include history if you want.)
    [b]Instrument(s):[/b] (Any instruments your character plays. Only one playable at the same time. Write “Voice” if singer. To clarify futher, you may play two instruments at once as long as it is possible to do so in real life. For example, something like guitar or keyboard and vocals works, however triangle and guitar would not.)
    [b]Instrument Abilities:[/b] (Any abilities the instrument itself has. These could be different from character abilities or could draw from them.)
    [b]Character Abilities:[/b] (Obviousness. Try to keep them fair at first – we'll get more powerful later!)

    As mentioned earlier, run these by me first before posting here!​

    E: I fail! Gender added, thanks Nate!

    EE: Bit of clarification re: instruments; thanks Spaughtyena!​
  2. ~GENERAL~

    Name: Alexandra Numidius

    Age: 244, appears 41

    Gender: Female

    Race: Lycan

    General Appearance:

    Alexandra is a relative of the legend himself, Judas Numidius, and as such, shares his fur color of a bright silvery-white. However, her hair is a long, deeper blue color as opposed to the pale, icy-blue hair Judas has. As with Judas, she is a vampire, and has deep, piercing red eyes befitting her instrument of choice. Her skin, also as with Judas', is blue, and this is displayed in the colorings of her nose, inner mouth, tongue and pads. She is shorter than Judas, coming in at around seven feet even, and weighs a little more than he does.

    Alexandra is commonly found to be wearing a lot of metal-related clothing such as hoodies with logos, etc. and some chains attached to the belt loops of her jeans. She does not wear spikes, however, citing personal preference as the reason.


    Alexandra is a rather understanding soul, though she doesn't put up with people being crude for the sake of it. She rarely curses or swears because of this, and only ever slips when she knows no other way to react. However, despite being as understanding as she is, she won't knowingly let anyone near her guitar, and has sometimes been known to lash out at people who try to touch it.

    In tune with her understanding and fair demeanor, she will usually try to reach out to comrades experiencing tension of any sort, and offer to help them settle their qualms.

    Despite this, she has been known, on several occasions, to act quite venomous when angry, mainly when people try and get near her guitar, as well as being your typical female vampire when subjected to long durations between feeding.


    Alexandra, along with her brother, were born to the Numidius family between the events of the second coming of ARKNET and the Relekath invasions on Earth. She, along with her brother, escaped Earth as the invasions began, settling on Tona to start a new life. With her, she had brought an entire collection of guitar lessons on holographic video to help her learn to play an instrument like her father had done. She eventually learned to play on the levels near legends, and went to purchase her dueling guitar the month after.


    Instrument(s): Electric Guitar

    Instrument Abilities: Alexandra's guitar can tap the four basic elements -- water, fire, earth and air -- and use them in various ways, such as tapping air to essentially Haste her friends or playing Guitar Hero with different colors of fire in a sense.

    Character Abilities: Being a vampire, she is far quicker than most other Lycans, and as such, this can greatly increase her playing speed. She has been known to play at a drastically higher BPM than most any other guitarist before her. It is theorised that she can play notes as fine as 128th notes. Also known to have an underdeveloped command of water. Although she is indeed quite fast, she is not as fast as her father, instead sacrificing some speed to up her strength an physical endurance. She is still quite quick though, as at full speed, a radar gun would clock her moving at about 145 km/h.


    Name: Aaron Lawrence

    Age: 78

    Gender: Male

    Race: Felidi

    General Appearance: Aaron is a six-foot, eleven-inch Felidi that bears resemblance to the puma of today. He possesses black hair and brilliant blue eyes, and is commonly found wearing mostly grey clothing and a skull ring with a ruby set in the forehead. His conductor's baton is mainly dark red with an onyx set into the bottom as an indicator of what it can achieve, as well as due to onyx being Aaron's favorite stone.

    Personality: Aaron is a philanthropic person -- very generous to those around him. This is reflected in his ability -- he brings the dead back for one final performance as a sort of act of generosity towards them. He is rarely crude, preferring to be kind to as many people as he can, and not to 'kick them while they are down,' as the phrase goes.

    Biography: To be revealed throughout the course of the RP.


    Instrument(s): Rather than play any single instrument himself, Aaron conducts a full 60-piece spiritual orchestra, complete from bassoons to violins, and everything in between. This orchestra is comprised of spirits of dead musicians from mixed races that he calls forth from the dead for each performance.

    Instrument Abilities: His conductor's baton has the ability to form orchestras from the spirits of passed musicians, on which he bestows different abilities based on section. For example, the lower-frequency sections like tubas, contrabasses and french horns could be so high-powered that they can knock enemies back, while the high frequencies like flutes would induce deafness.

    Character Abilities: Aaron trained himself as a necromancer with musical flair. His baton draws from this, as with its ability to form spiritual orchestras.

    E: A few updates.
  3. ~GENERAL~
    Name: Appolyon "Apollo" Strudwick
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Race: Thenast
    General Appearance: Appolyon, at 7'3", is tall for a Thenast, and has a very lanky body structure. His fur is a light brown mixed with a small amount of black on his back, and a light gray on his front. His hands and feet are a deep black, and his tail is light gray with a black tip. His face is mostly light gray, though the middle of his ears and the area around his eyes are black, so that he almost seems to have a mask. He wears a black jacket that is frayed and torn to the point that it really seems to serve no purpose, and black jeans made out of a type of denim that allows for more manueverability than most jeans.
    Personality: Outspoken and witty, Appolyon is quite the rebel when it comes to following pretty much any rules. He will usually eventually submit if the one who makes the rules is persistent enough, but will always give large amounts of protest. His persuasive ability is not quite on par with others of his species -- if only because he relies on being as annoying as possible, rather than being smooth with his language. Overall though, what friends he can make with his boisterous personality, he tends to form incredibly strong bonds with.
    Biography: Growing up as an orphan, Appolyon spent a lot of his life on the streets. He eventually met an Ithzon orphan around the same age, Eudenn Lynton, and they quickly became friends. Appolyon used Eudenn's undeveloped abilities in his numerous practical jokes, which the submissive Eudenn did not object to.

    Eventually, the duo turned to a slightly more savory career as stage performers, with Apollo using his abilities for a stage magic and hypnotism routine, with his illusions being simply inserted into the minds of the audience, while Eudenn's performance being a ventriloquism act, or simply sound effects for Appolyon's acts.

    Eventually, the duo started the obvious for anyone with sound-based abilities: a band. Appolyon picked up the Timpani, while Eudenn focused on the vocals, but used his ability of mimicry to substitute for many other instruments.


    Instrument(s): Timpani in playing style only. He has timpani mallets that, when used in midair, will act as though they are hitting a timpani, with brightly colored circles of light appearing as the mallet would hit the timpani if one were there.
    Instrument Abilities: None, aside from aforementioned no need for actual timpani and the amplification of his abilities.
    Character Abilities: Through repetitive, percussive sound, Appolyon can tap into the subconscious of people, not only commanding them to do certain tasks, but also making them think they see or hear certain things. This power to manipulate the perceptions of people is not the induction of illusions, but rather the manipulation of their short-term memory to make them remember things as Appolyon chooses, rather than seeing it as such firsthand.

    Name: Eudenn Lynton
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Race: Ithzon
    General Appearance: At 6'4" tall, Eudenn is of average height for an Ithzon. He has a large tuft of dark brown fur around his upper torso, but otherwise has incredibly short fur. His skin is almost completely black, with a few areas such as his palms being a tan color. He has a short face, and his nose is turned up into a leaf shape, and his ears are of average size for an Ithzon. He wears pants made of a light, black fabric and no shirt, since he needs as much room as possible for his wings.
    Personality: Eudenn tends to be reserved, only really speaking when spoken to. However, he would rather follow directions than lead, though he tends to find his own ways to do these directions, under the behest of pretty much anyone in charge of him.
    Biography: Growing up asan orphan and friends with Apollo, Eudenn was often dragged into the Thenast's practical jokes. In a sense, however, Eudenn couldn't help but enjoy it, and as he could make himself immune to Apollo's command powers, he got to a point where he chose to play these jokes with him.

    As they got older, however, the two turned to doing stage performances. While Apollo focused on illusions and hypnotism, Eudenn focused on ventriloquism, and would add sound effects to Apollo's shows when necessary. Once they became a little more famous, they noticed their affinity for music, and changed their act to music.

    It was in these acts that the duo could really develop the powers they were born with. This is where Eudenn mastered his ability to mimic anything he's heard. Their performances, while only having a singer and drummer, sounded as if it was a full band -- Eudenn would mimic whatever instruments were needed in their songs. The group also never needed microphones, as Eudenn filled this role as well.

    Instrument(s): Voice
    Instrument Abilities: Can mimic virtually any sound or voice he has heard before.
    Character Abilities: Can control the volume and change the origin of sound, to the point that he can whisper and it could be heard from any point within several hundred feet. Also has perfect pitch.
  4. ~GENERAL~
    Name:Alan Flamewaker
    Age: 105
    Race: Lycan
    General Appearance:Alan is a male timber wolf Lycan. He is about 6"3 feet tall, and weighs about 120 pounds. Alan has dark black fur all around his body, except for some hair down his chest and stomach area, which is a lighter grey. Alan also wears a light tan robe, with a slightly darker tan near the top. Around his neck is an amulet, known as Awakening Flame. On his back, he is cloaked in a dark purple cloak, with a white inside. The only other thing he wears is a case at his side, presumably to carry around his instrument.

    Personality:Alan has a bit of a silent personality, only really speaking in when it is required, rather than being outward with his thoughts. He also seems to enjoy battle, almost as if he is getting back at someone by burning his enemies to death, although it is clear that he was not always like this.

    Biography: Alan as a young Lycan had something extra-ordinary about him. He seemed to have a certain affinity for reptilian creatures, as whenever he was near them, he felt better about himself, and almost understood what they would say. This really did not become entirely apparent to him until around the age of 20 however.

    Alan travelled out into the desert of his home planet after a while, becoming bored with the area, and wanting to go out and experience the world. His adventures eventually brought him across a wise man, who in his side time, was a snake charmer. Alan felt that this man would be the perfect mentor, as he would be able to get closer to his favourite creatures, as well as getting a profession he enjoyed.

    Alan's final test given to him from this man was to venture deep down into a cave, and not to exit until he had acquired the treasure within, which at the time was simply described as an engraved ruby and gold amulet. Days later, Alan emerged. He was covered in what was seemed to be ash, and soot, but otherwise was unharmed. It was as if he had changed into a completely different man upon obtaining the amulet.

    His master explained that this was the final test that a Flame Waker was to go through, which is what any man with the powers Alan had aspired to become. His master also gifted him one item before Alan was to finally head off on his own, after many years of being trained under him, the Obsidian Pungi. This would allow him to focus his power more, and it would not get burned when he unleashed it, like a regular wooden instrument wood.


    Instrument(s): Obsidian Pungi - A flute-like instrument which is traditionally crafted from a gourd, or wood, but this one gives the special ability to basically control fire.
    Instrument Abilities: The Obsidian Pungi allows Alan to truly channel his power, being able to summon numerous reptilian beings out of flame, as well as enabling him to play the music used to charm some weak minded reptiles.
    Character Abilities: Because Alan is a Lycan, he has increased physical abilities. He also is able to understand some reptilian language.
    Name: Arnold "SmoothMove"
    Race: Thenast
    Gender: Male
    Age: 56
    General Apperance: Arnold is a male Thenast, standing in at about 5"8 feet tall, with a fairly slender physique. He has a dark orange fur, and wears a white leather jacket. His jacket has green gems of some sort going up the side of the zipper, and under his jacket he wears a black undershirt. Arnold also wears black skin-tight pants with white knee length shorts over them. The other two notable features about him is his Black fedora, and his shoes. His shoes are gray, near the back getting a little taller. On the sides of his shoes, barely jutting out are little speakers, which would barely be noticable unless you were looking for them.
    Biography: TBA; Cid will fill this in later.)


    Instrument: "Dance", or at least that is what Arnold wants people to think, as really it is his shoes that are the true instruments.
    Instrument Abilities: Through the power of Rhythmic movements and beats, Arnold is able to create a trance like feeling appear in the person he is aiming for, almost hypnotising them. This causes them to mimic his movements, essentially causing them to dance. He can ofcourse use these powers for other uses, although he has been known to kill his enemies with exhaustion simply by forcing them to dance too long.
    Character Abilities: None.

    E: Updated for you, Cid!
  5. ~ General ~

    --- Roads Untraveled ---

    Name: Nivali Lutreo

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Race: Thenast

    General Appearance: As a Thenast, Nivali has the general appearance of a weasel with a human frame. Despite his chest, hands, feet, and ears being a soft gray, the rest of his fur is almost pure white. The long tail is tipped with a "fan" of long fur, still white but tipped with the same pale gray of his chest. During the heat of summer, however, or when in a very warm (tropical or subtropical) climate, Nivali's fur darkens- usually ending up a light brown, with the gray slightly darker, however there have been times where the climate has been so hot that his fur darkens into chocolate brown and black. His eyes are a dark azure, almost a cool marine blue hidden behind a pair of narrow sunglasses. Nivali usually wears a thin, gray leather jacket accompanied by faded black jeans.

    Personality: Nivali is calm and cool-headed, yet still friendly. He speaks with a self-assured confidence, but almost seems to take his time in enunciating clearly. While typically a quiet man, he's got a sharp sense of humor and one can easily get a laugh out of him with the right joke. He has a low temper and is slow to get angry, but upon succeeding in doing so he is also slow to pacify. In battle, he tends to stay on the sidelines of a team, or at a distance from his opponent when fighting alone. Nivali has a fondness for cherries and other small fruits.

    Biography: TBA

    ~ Combat ~

    Instrument: A somewhat standard ivory flute.

    Instrument Powers: Nivali's flute allows him to control vibrations. Through this, he can move objects, attack enemies, and control sound to an extent. Most of what he can do with it is minor- it is difficult for him to move heavy objects, for example, and his slight control over sound actually just involves vibrating the bones in the target's ears. While he can effectively deafen someone by preventing these bones from vibrating, it takes concentration to use this technique on multiple targets, leaving him open for attack.

    Character Abilities: Other than his flute's abilities and the natural reflexes and dexterity inherent in his species, Nivali has no (known) abilities of his own.
  6. ~GENERAL~
    Name: Phoenix Nicodemeus
    Age: Lost count.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Lycan. (Vulpine) / Fallen Angel
    General Appearance: Phoenix stands 7'4" average height for a lycan. He wears simple denim jeans and heavy boots, Preferring to be topless. His fur is a deep red with lines of charcoal across his muzzle and legs, ending at his ankles. His true age is hidden from the outside, due to his apparent immortality, making it seem he is a 40 year old Lycan. (20 human years.) His eyes are jet-black, with diamond pupils mirroring the shade of blood. (more so that normal demonic pupils would.)

    Personality: Phoenix prefers himself; plain and simple. If it were up to him, he would be the only musician there ever was. He is a true neutral evil, doing things for the sake of being a malefactor. He finds only his talents are acceptable, and usually talks down on everybody.

    Biography: Phoenix's existence is a mystery even to himself, He can't remember having a childhood; maybe he never did. He knows that he is a demon, a manifestation of something evil. However it may be that he was a manifestation of all that is evil and corrupting in men alone, as he enjoys the same simple pleasures. He learned early on that to retain his mortal form he must feed on the souls and talent of the living, either that, or inflict suffering or cause suicide. If none of these parameters are met, he slowly rots, reverting to a undead monster; flesh barely clinging to his bones. He still cannot die of old age at either form, it is just uncomfortable being "dead."

    Instrument(s): Cursed Bone Guitar. Vocals. (Projected through guitar as well as himself.)
    Instrument Abilities: His lyrics often target the mind, and force the listener to hear them from a literal standpoint.

    ie: Disturbed - Voices:
    "What's up I wonder why do you listen to me? I'm going to make you do some freaky shit now! Insane, you're going to die when you listen to me! Let the living die, let the living die!"
    This could cause a number of things,  such as the listener having a high chance of doing something crazy, like killing his best friend or committing suicide.

    His guitar simply sets the environment on fire, or causes the atmosphere around him to become suitable to the song in a horrific way, making it harder for people to concentrate. On another point, the guitar can also give off sounds such as Bass, Background Vocals, and Drums; though this has no effect except to make the music sound better.

    Character Abilities: Phoenix enjoys killing, it's what keeps him from becoming a horrible monster. When he kills someone, he plunges his hand into their chest, devouring their soul, thus extending his life span, as well as giving him that "youthful glow" that all the women rave about!

    As another small ability, he can steal peoples voices, muting them in the process. When he has a voice, he simply "stores" it away, possibly using it later as background in his guitar, or for himself. (he's greedy like that.)
  7. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name: Markus Genova
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    General Appearance:
    Except Markus wears a green tanktop that complements his evergreen eyes, with black-tinted shades to cover his eyes.  When he begins to play an instrument he wears a tuxedo, but still wears his shades.​
    He also carries a special bag that carries the instruments he isnt currently using.  Though he is only allowed to exchange an instrument for another, once per day, making him choose wisely about the instrument of his choice.
    Personality: He's a very passionate man musician, deeply caring about what happens to his friends and the instruments he plays.  He enjoys to talk to people, associating with many people from different instruments, different races, and orchestras.​
    Markus is also a man of many talents, but remains humble, not wanting to brag about his repertoire of skills.
    Biography: Markus was one of the few humans out there that actually got a great start and life in this world full of other beings like Lycans and Thenasts.

    Instrument(s): Though he is mainly a Trombonist, Markus is able to play other Brass instruments such as Trumpet, Baritone, French Horn, and the Tuba.
    Instrument Abilities:
    [ul][li]Trumpet - With his trumpet playing, Markus can affect the emotions of the people around him or a specific someone.  For example; if he plays a sad slow piece, he could, if he wanted to, make the audience cry without stop.[/li][li]Trombone - Markus can shift his prized possesion into any sort of item he needs, though at the moment it can only shift into 5 items, 3 of which have been chosen.[/li][li]French Horn - The instrument is able to shoot any of the elements - fire, water, lightning, earth, wind - in the form of a ball or rod.[/li][/ul]Character Abilities: Seeing that he is weak compared to other species, Markus has learned different types of Martial Arts to keep himself well fit for any type of fit.​
    From an experience his past, he is able to use telekinesis to move objects around him.​

    btw this is his theme song: OMG
  8. ~General~

    Name: Zero-One

    Age: Who even knows?

    Gender: Do Promethei even have genders? If so, Male.

    Race: Prometheus (I'm guessing that's the singular)

    General Appearance: A mismatch of parts from a wolf robot suit and a humanoid one, Zero-One's robotic suit is rather Lycanthropic, with a wolf head connecting to a humanoid neck grafted onto a combination of parts from the two. His hands end in retractable claws (his own creation) and his legs are extended versions of his original wolf hind legs, using the human ones to extend them.

    Personality: A bit of an oddball, and somewhat bi-polar, he can be in any mood, or every mood, at any given time, completely irrelevant to the scenario. Occasionally gets angry when he hears the words "fire," "burn," and other words like that.

    Biography: The brain of a teenager who's family died in a fire he caused (accidentally), and got framed for it, he went nuts. When he was put in Zero originally, it was at the time when evidence surrounding the actual murderer came to light, also when he died in prison. He was upgraded to One, but he had become attached to Zero, having others call him Zero. He modified the two, and created Zero-One.

    Instrument(s): Voice(?)

    Instrument Abilities: 0-1 howls dubstep, and his howling creates electical pulses that fly through the air in rhythm with the music. These pulses overload peoples nervous system, frying their brains.

    Character Abilities: Aside from his howling, 0-1 Lycanthropic form allows for increased mobilty and strength, plus his claws are helpful.

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