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Warning: Here comes a newcomer

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Ninjacatmuffin, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. The newcomer being me...of course!

    Anyway, I was registered here by Kuda, but couldn't come on until now (due to school and all that fun stuff).

    I'm new to the whole role-playing scene, but I figure it out as I go. I mainly play RPGs, platformers, and strategy games (Dunno why. These games just catch my interest more often than other genres), so RPs will probably involve those games if not some OCs.

    Anyway, I'm off to explore and make an icon and things. I just thought to say hello before my journey begins.
  2. You sound awesome.

    Have some cake plz, it's NOT filled with my hair shavings ^^
  3. ^DONT take anything from crazE, if he says its not there, then its there... On the other side of things, WELCOME AND HAVE A GREAT TIME.... caps.... you know I could fix it... but it makes for a funny message.... *throws a monkey at Ninja*
  4. If you were registered here by Kuda, I already dislike you. But I'm sure that will clear up over time. Welcome to the site~
  5. inb4fwl OH SHI-


    Hello there! It is so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of ZEJ!

    My name's Espeonature. However, everyone just calls me Espy, Ninetales, et cetera. Before I go any further, is this your first visit to this forum? Well, too bad there are no rules... Anyway, you seem like a nice enough rule-following member that you don't need to check the rules.

    This world is widely inhabited by creatures called forum members. We members live alongside other forum members as friends. At times, we play together, and at other times we work together. Some forum members use their moderating powers to battle and develop closer bonds with some members. We all take roles and play with each other as a method of fun!

    What do I do? I conduct research on how to become a better forum member so that I become a better member.

    Now, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? Are you a boy? Or are you a girl? And your name is Ninjacatmuffin? A fine name that is!

    All right, Ninjacatmuffin, the time has come. Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold. On your journey, you will meet countless forum members. I'm sure that along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even about yourself.

    Now, go on, leap into the world of the Zantok-Eebit-Jonno forums! (Oh, and a bit of friendly advice: Kudamon bites! ... Or used to... Well, let's leave you to figure out whether anyone bites and who does,'K?)
  6. lmao masq

    Great to see you've finally decided to start posting~
  7. Hey there, welcome to the forum :D Have fun :D
  8. Welcome, I'm the resident Nobody around here, Roxas, and if you call me Sora, I'll slice of one of your fingers. That goes for everyone else, too. So, yeah, welcome again.
  9. Welcome, Ninja, to our humble corner of the internet, ZEJ! I'm Eebit, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask me if you need any help with anything, whatever it may be! :>

    As for the rest of you, play nice...
  10. Ziolang Hirasu. Demon. Welcome to our charming little forum we gather to for the sake of pretending to be people we aren't in locations that don't exist with people who may or may not be who they say they are. But hey, that's the human internet for you.

    Oh, and...

    Challenge accepted, Sora.
  11. înb4zioisahuman

    Not sure if demon...

    ...or just troll. XD
  12. Welcome- And cid....CrazE never lies. If he did, I'd already have his balls in a jar, no? :>

    ANYWHO, welcome lad! Sorry for the late response to this, I'm usually a welcoming person XD
  13. .....

    ...Sadly, she would :<
  14. ^After all, she's Kolkol XD

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