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Wait, this place is still here?!

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by TheAuthorGl1m0, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Huh. For a whole month (last June anyway) I wasn't able to find this place. And after a [sarcasm]lovely[/sarcasm] summer pre-vacation, I eventually figure out that this place is in a whole 'nother domain! Cool.

    Anyway, now that I found ZEJo, I might be popping around the discussion threads a bit. I've had a lot on my mind lately, and god-DANGIT is it bothering me that no one here will listen to one of my famous rants. But yeah, it's nice to see this place up and at 'em again. :D

    So yeah. Back again for the millionth time. Woohoo.

    Welcome beack to teh ZEJ. Enjoi :D
  3. This place doesnt exist anymore, bye

    lol, welcome back dude, glad to have you back
  4. Wait.... if this place doesnt exist anymore.... then ... HOW ARE WE POSTING???

    .... welcome back Glowbo! Hows the comic coming along that you have been working on?
  5. Hey again, Glowbo! Sorry that we didn't reach you sooner; an automated database email had been sent out regarding the domain move, but evidently it didn't work out the way we had planned (Jonno reported that he and turbotaxer received laughable amounts of the email, and apparently it didn't reach some people at all!).

    If you gotta rant, then Real Talk is always open for you! Or you can fire me a PM, because I'm here to listen, brah! Hopefully life isn't kicking you too hard; I know how that is. D:

    Hope to see you stick around again, Glowbo! Your presence is very much appreciated; and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the great Glowbo-y things that you bring around to us again :D
  6. @Eebit: Oh, I see. Well, my email account is SO VERY MUCH cluttered with emails, and I keep putting off sifting through it all. I just mostly have it so I can register on sites and junk. :p And Real Talk, you say...? Hmm... *dons monocle* Well, I suppose that will be adequate, my fine fellow. I'll be sure to figure out some things I can get around to doing. I have lots of time on my hands now...

    @Cid: Lately? Uh... Well, I guess I've been neglecting to update it lately... I've been a bit...lethargic. Welp. But now, seeing as how I have some extra time on my hands courtesy of my summer vacation, I should be getting back to work on that. :) I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on updates here when they happen.

    @TheFallenOne: Oh, you. :)

    @crazE: "Oh, you" as well. :)

    Alright now, hopefully I won't forget about this place like a procrastinating loser again. (Gosh, I just don't get those kind of people. *cough*)
  7. Glowbo.

    Oh my glob.
  8. Hiya, Glowbo! Glad you made your way over here! :D
  9. Well jeez. I guess this is one of the first things that comes up when I Google my username... It's amazing that the site has somewhat withstood time.
  10. Oh, I actually wouldn't be surprised if ZEJ stood for another few years. =D Considering it's not all THAT old and all, it's got life in it still.

    But welcome back! Can I assume you're going to stay for a bit then?

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