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DISCUSSION Views on Characters- Requests and Showings

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Red Starr, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Alright. just to pass the time, I'll be writing up short and maybe sometimes LONG analysis on characters from various types of RPs and etc. If you want a character to be analyzed, please request them right here.


    Volume One- From Russian to Finnish:
    Gaga, the classic character who starts off selling their soul not once, but twice in order to run out of life’s ravages. This woman, compared to many others is probably the most strong willed and determined woman of all time. From her harsh up brining and her trials through life, nobody can’t doubt that this woman is very special, and beyond superior in almost anything. She relies not on power, but on will. Maybe a little cliché, but with her charm and mysterious past, she is no doubt a lustful desire for anyone.

    Throughout time, Gaga went from a parody character to one of my most serious and deep identities I have ever made. Each and every day that passes, I marvel at how much of a success she has become. And laugh, of course, at what she once was. Gaga can be sweet and kind, fiery and passionate, vengeful and cold, loving and nurturing. Honestly, not many characters can be very dynamic-- They are often one or two sided. But Gaga here is dynamic, she can pull off any kind of emotion smoothly as if her whole character was based on it. Best of all, there is something in her personality which makes her unique. She is strong- Although not combat savvy, she can take emotional blows with ease, and always has that huge conviction in her very soul to prove to anyone that she is more of what they view her as. Although she can get annoying, once you get to know the real girl, she becomes like a friend to you. You get so hypnotized her charisma, you can’t help but ask if she is going to be around for the next arc. Although I must admit, she is quite an overused character and damsel in distress during CoU canon, but that all changes once she transitions into the Crimson era-- The era of her ultimate prime, and also ultimate hardship.

    She went from frail, naïve, and almost a crybaby to a strong and domineering woman-- Able to kill those who oppose and endanger her loved ones, and take on situations with experience like no other. Back when she came about, Gaga was a very unstable person. She was sensitive and weak, and honestly…a little rude. But as each arc passed, she gained a little something. And some characters usually find that hard to do. Each time an arc passed by, she would gain confidence, power, looks, charm, and inner-strength. She would gain emotions, feel turbulent waves of sadness, happiness, love, hate, and everything under the sun. Went from a very insecure girl to a married woman, strong and bold. She gained a lot of responsibility and accountability for many things. Remember that time where she barely took care of her sons Kryo and Elli`? Gaga at that time, seemed really immature. Heh, but she then grew up a lot through the course of time. And even if the world seemed to hate her. Even if she was repeatedly hunted down for her mistakes, killed, and endangered many times….

    Gaga, the once called “It”, kept her head up. She is the very essence, the very embodiment of what a woman can do with her own strength.

    This is why I truly value and admire this character. When I write, she is always the first character in mind for that story. A very important part of my creative line.

    Volume Two- Death-written Surnames:
    Probably an icon within the Oblivion Phantasy series and CoU canon, the Surname Xirro.

    Xirro is probably a surname most commonly known within CoU besides Roseasilmillaan, and very much a feared one at that. One Xirro in particular that we all know, is Espira Xirro. From the very classical huntress to protector and to loyal servant, She very well shows power in ways that even some male characters can never accomplish. Dominant and serious, she commands those who are around, and obeys those who are even worthy of recognition. Her dominant power shows a side of what woman can really do-- Master a field in which men think they claim for themselves.


    Her character basis is quite simple-- Concentrated and uptight. She never leaves any task undone without a full-responsive plan of action in order to complete any task in her mind. Although serious, she seems to have a more deeper and calming side which is her ability to play piano and enjoy more leisure activities which involve peace and quiet ambiance. Besides that, she shows excellent abilities and combat skills, not to mention her incredible speed. Although she is all these things and much more, she does-- however, seem to be a staple of elusiveness among villains (Or maybe bad tempered men) and also men who seem to lack a little confidence. She doesn’t seem to mind, actually, which is a sign of tolerance. Tolerance is probably a very deep and important trademark in a character. Although at times, she can sort of lose it if someone’s IQ is bellow Fallen-Status (Incredibly stupid, if you want to be smart about it.)

    To me, Espira IS pretty much an admirable character who shows inner strength and outside force. If you look into her persona more, all you’ll find is great power. Honestly, many characters lack that. But if you think about Espira.

    You will very much find what you’re looking for.

    Volume Three- It's raining Pineapple-Pickles:

    To me, this is pretty much one of the very underrated characters in CoU, yet, one of the deepest male characters in this Canon itself. CrazE, as they call him. Although this character’s full name is Alexander. Well, nobody but myself and his creator know of that.

    Starting off as a very careless character, one may automatically assume he is very sloppy, lazy, idiotic, maniacal, half-witted, and certainly not capable of feeling emotions other than happiness. But as one looks deeper into this character, he exhibits what I’d like to call “Human Face Hiding.” Now, before we get technical with my very own lingo, what IS this?

    (HFH is very much a sort of condition I slap into characters when they tend to hide their true selves through foolish and idiotic actions such as fooling around, etc. This kind of label is stamped when the character has had a harsh past or traumatic event happen at any point of their life. This causes that character to hide their true feelings or to vent out their angers, frustrations, grief, and any other similar emotion through silly and childish actions. The more stupid, the more in pain, I’d like to say.)

    CrazE is a fine example of a character with a tough up brining. His personality very much shows signs of a traumatic event-- He tends to be very “Into your koolaid” (Bsns) or more-so, concerned when something’s up. That stems out of a need to keep a safe and peaceful (In CrazE’s case, happy) boundary among himself and his peers, or as CrazE knows them as simply his own environment. He is also seen as a very happy man. Of course, he has plenty of charisma, but that is just how he is. Silly and fun, he bewilders all and enchants them with a false mask most of the time-- Not saying that he is not a very happy person in general, he is, but there is a lot of deep emotions hidden in him. At times he can be very protective. Also, CrazE tends to break any kind of social boundary and very well breaks any label stamped to his forehead.

    He simply does not believe in labels, and does not like being labeled as such.

    Throughout the course of time, he HAS matured, actually. After his marriage with Starr (Yes, they do marry if you didn’t know.) He becomes a heartwarming person to be with. Honestly, this character has a unique ability to show off sensitivity without being called a Yaoi-Character. That is definitely something I envy.

    Basically, CrazE is a very well-thought out and developed male character. Although his first impressions can hint otherwise.

    Volume Four- Happiness is a Warm Gun:
    Also part of the Xirro dynasty is Sharra Xirro- The mistress of weapons. A woman with a keen eye, smart thoughts, and graceful execution. Her most notable appearance is in Organization Aurora as the stern and strong leader in a region most people would never even think about living in.

    To me, this character shines a fine balance between power and personality. She has no conflicting areas in her persona, and is very dynamic when it comes to her and interacting with other characters. Flexible with both combat and contact, she is very well described as a firm, down-to-earth woman who always wishes for a peaceful time. Sharra can sometimes act very warm and kind to you, just with a hint of bluntness to not deceive you much. But other times, she can show her more angering and almost borderline-violent self to those who provoke her and prod at her tolerance boundaries every now and then. More-so, she (like her sister, Espira) is someone who can look unarming at first glance, but if you look deeper, you’ll find what the Xirros are very well known for.

    Death at a most unfathomable level.

    From the times I’ve seen Sharra out there, I could already tell she was a strong one to even begin to observe with. By seeing that her main form of combat is indeed gunplay, one can already tell that she is a character not meant to be messed with. Honestly, I can’t decide which one of the Xirro sisters is my favourate. But If I were to speak for everyone.

    Hell, I’m sure she would be the first choice for many.

    Volume Five- Thunderstruck:
    It’s been known for many MANY months that CoU was and is still inspired by dragons- creatures who dominate the sky. And also, who are obviously overused now. However, two dragons in particular never get old and always seem to surprise us more each time we hear about them. Starlight and Mimring Thunderscale. Starting from the very beginning, even before CoU, these two have been naturally-born rivals since their time of hatching. Their personalities conflict GREATLY upon a person’s first glance. Starlight is a little ‘lazy’ and apathetic whereas his brother Mimring is the more feeling-driven dragon with a fiery temper if you think about it. Both brothers clashed in a nasty way for quite some time, eventually ending the life of their youngest brother Icelake. During that time, Mimring made Starlight seem like the very “I don’t give a fuck” inconsiderate firedrake that CoU knows today, but if you look a little more closely, things seem much more different than they appear.

    Starlight is not inconsiderate and rude, he simply doesn’t communicate at the same level of his brother or others who are friends with him. He has a hard time communicating his feelings, thus, compensates for that lack of expression by lashing out at those who will either side with his brother- his eternal rival-- or those who will simply just lash out at him. Starlight obviously creates distance from other people on purpose due to his brother’s death. In his mind, he thinks that he might kill anyone he gets close to like he did with Icelake. Although he is wrong on that. It takes a special kind of person or animal to gain a fraction of his well-guarded trust.

    Mimring, however, seems to be over-the-top confident and aggressive. In the few times I’ve actually seen them together, Mimring always picks or plain-out lashes at his brother. This stems out from Icelake’s death, again. And with that fatal confrontation forever staining the relationship between him and his brother Starlight, Mimring has learned and adapted to a way of life which can be simply put as this: “Be strong and quietly prevent any more tragedies from happening. My brother is the bane of my existence therefore, he shouldn't be around my friends..”

    In conclusion, there’s no doubt that the two Thunderscale brothers represent two shadows of a traumatic death happening in their heydays. Thus, both Mimring and Starlight represent the embodiment of bitter feelings…and many other things all mixed together.

    Volume Six- Pack Leader:

    The Leader,

    The intense shapeshifter whom we all know struggles to keep his group afloat. Although he is of the Euthoran species, Fera Mutat Specium(?), there is more to this character than a simple tree-hugging, human-eating loon. Compared to other shifters I’ve seen, Jason’s got a little more than that to support him. But before anything, I’m just going to say that I’ll be focusing on CoU Jason, not ER Jason. There is actually two versions. I’ll be going for the one I’m most familiar with.

    Jason Shaver has been one of the most ever-changing characters I’ve ever seen. Some may argue that Jason is just some hardball that grows more indifferent to everyone by the day, but, you can’t deny that he is the most dynamic character I know. Change seems to come easy to him, and adaptation runs smoothly among his character build.

    What does that mean? Well,

    Every character starts off at one point—A concept. As time grows, some of us feed the concept and let it grow. If all goes well and the conditions allow the concept/character to grow, it will grow. However, I’ve seen that some character growths have been sped up and tampered with. Some characters (Including mine) have been changed so damn much for popularity …well, lets just say the character becomes unfitting and plain annoying. Jason, however, has done a healthy jump from passive leader to assertive. There weren’t any irregular things added to him, so that’s why I said earlier “Adaptation runs smoothly among his character build.” Now let’s see Jason as a shapeshifter rather than a character in CoU for a moment.

    As a Shapeshifter, Jason seems to be quite experienced with his forms. How to use them, when to use them, and other things I’m too lazy to say. His personality, in my opinion, also reflects on what forms he gains. Call me wrong, but here’s a shot at what I’ve noticed. And pardon me being the slowest one to actually notice.

    Jason’s personality seems almost anti-social, wary, careful, and at least one positive trait: organized. With those traits in mind, let us look at Jason’s most common form: A black wolf. Wolves tend to be lone hunters without a care for the world, for their prey, etc. They are quick to act, of course, also known to be wary of anything unusual and strange. Comparing a born wolf to Jason, you could see that this character- even in his most common form is nicely tied with his abilities and personality. To put this in a simpler form because I’m unfocused right now and therefore incoherent with what I’m saying, I’m trying to say is that Jason actually fits his very own persona and abilities flawlessly. That’s a very good trait in my opinion. Others simply just fail at that so hard I just can’t take the time to even think about that.

    Anyway! Putting all of that aside, we’ll see how Jason is with other characters in general. Or at least have a peak on that subject.

    During his time at the cult, Jason has made quite a few friends in that group. Some members can be considered as his acquaintances, others can arguably be considered his closest friends. But aside from Shadow, Giga(maybe), Mimring, and Destiny, Jason doesn’t seem to want to connect with anyone else if they haven’t tried connecting with the leader first. Those people who don’t connect with Jason also include nutjobs and crazy genome scientists. But then again, you can never be too careful according to Jason himself. Anyway, the only being he seems to trust is Mimring (his familiar.) But my crits on Character Relationships (Not lover-style relationships, geez) are for another time.

    In conclusion, this intense shapeshifter is quite a unique character among the cauldron of characters within the CoU canon. He’s one of the most evolved, developed, and the most interesting within the group. Did I mention he is a demigod? Even if I didn’t touch that topic at all during this review because I’m all loopy right now, I could only say this.

    Jason takes the word Demigod and makes it into something…surprising, to say at least.
  2. I'd like to see an analysis of Mimring and Starlight. :p

    Maybe my main if you want to do that, too.

    and cresius :x
  3. pineapple-pickles.....

    welp, everything just got 50% awesomer.

    Great job with these, Starr! I love my character's analysis greatly<333

    Also I hope no one's calling crazE yaoi :|

    definitely keep going with these ^^
  4. Starr y u fag out of doing mi-- oh wait you love drawing yaoi men and by extension love yaoi men.

    DO IT, FOO'!
  5. i don't get it why hasn't she done your characters then
  6. oh you.
  7. Well now, I got a list of characters to write on then. And dark, although SOME yaoi men are pretty damn good looking, I don't take them up as first choices, sadly. So heres the list so far:

    1. Sharra (To complete Volume two)
    2. Darkside
    3. Mimring and Starlight (They will take up a whole volume)
    4. Dark or Jude, still don't remember who I was gonna write on.
    5. Starr
    6. Cresius
    7. Jason

    At this point, No rushing. You'll get your turn eventually :|

    Kuda Edit: You mispelled Cresius. Fixed. :p
  8. Take Darkside off, actually. He's not really devved enough yet to get a legitimate analysis XD
  9. Alright, updated list. And now Volume four has been added.
    Green means completed
    Red means "Gtfo, not done yet you impatient fuq."

    1. Sharra
    2. Mimring
    3. Starlight
    4. Jude
    5. Starr
    6. Cresius
    7. Jason
  10. You still on this? :>
  11. Yep. Just been busy with stuff. I'll try to get back on track with this.
  12. List Updated, Volume Five is now up.
    Green means completed
    Red means "Gtfo, not done yet you impatient fuq."

    1. Sharra
    2. Mimring
    3. Starlight

    4. Starr
    5. Cresius
    6. Jason
    7. Jude
  13. If this is still alive, you should do Blaine and my main :D
  14. Oh boy, it's been a while since I've done these. And to be honest, I rather miss this now because it used to be such an interesting sidething to do whenever I was bored. For today, I'll try to continue on my quest to make reviews for all characters. But, heres a few ground rules I'm going to implement. 

    1. No reviews for characters I've only seen a few times: I know it sucks, but honestly..I can't review a character I haven't seen in action all too often. If I do manage to break this rule, I'll end up writing a half-assed, incorrect review that might just anger some. Just saying.

    2. No characters who haven't been "In play" for more than 6 months: In play as in I haven't seen it in a roleplay, CP, SP, etc. Sure, If you request a character I haven't seen in a LONG time, I'll still remember him/her, but only slightly. Maybe not at all. Point being, its not a reliable source to pick off a review with from a character who's not been around in a good while.

    And that's p. much it. As for the list, I'm going to skip my main and work on another character: Jason. Sorry Cresius, I don't know you very much but I still like you!
  15. List Updated, Volume Six is now up. Yey for weird-sounding reviews in the morning!
  16. Fera Mutat Speciem, close enough. :p

    There was something else I wanted to say but I forgot.
  17. I'll probably edit this once I feel a little more focused, thats for sure. But yeah, blame forgetting to take my concerta and then feeling crazy for making this review a little bad XD
  18. OH right. There's technically four versions of Jason currently in use- CoU, ER, OP, and TZDL. That isn't counting my old D&D version of him, lolol.
  19. Keep in mind I wont do reviews for three of the four Jasons :p
  20. I know, I just noted that you said there were two. :p

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