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USS-Enterprise,The best ship, Looking for players

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Melonna, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. 2) USS-Enterprise H- http://www.enterprise1701h.starfleetuk.org/, Is the Website to check out for positions, and check out the site out,and
    or Join.. Capt is Admiral Sekaya Morak (e-mail-Starfleet_Sims@hotmail.com) shes on Discord as Morak,her discord name is:MorakEntyH#5919
    The XO - Vice Admiral Angelus De'luvia(e-mail Angelusvxv@aim,or Angelusvxv@aol.com) the person to talk to is Angelus,on discord
    his discord name is Angelus#1690...They use discord as well, Discord - discordapp.com...Enterprise-H also uses nova for e-mail simming/rpg
    Meaning Enty is a play by E-mail...The Sims Rating is PG-13

  2. There has been a mutiny, OOC, so I'd steer clear of both for now.
  3. Hey Lance i heard they moved ,so nothing can be done now.
  4. One faction moved from Starfleet.UK.org the "OTHER" I guess stayed. Again, They are both currently on the Gray list. If either do anything in poor taste or not proper, I will put them on a BLACK list.
  5. I'd just like to say as an admin that this is not the place for whatever drama has been going on in that sim, so I'm going to have to ask you to keep it private from now on.
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  6. It's not my sim. But their B.S. both sides has spilled onto our sim and I've stopped it. I think both should be put on probation so nobody else is effected or affected.

    Thanks, love the boards so far.
  7. I was looking for a way to delete my contributions to this "thread", so as not to perpetuate the negativity created by the ex-Enterprise sim. Maybe the entire thread could be, "NUKED"?
  8. As neither user has actually done anything wrong in this community there is no reason to put them on "probation". We don't warn, ban, or enact any other sort of punishment on someone if the only wrongs they've done were offsite. As long as they don't break rules here, nothing will be done to them here.

    As for thread deletion, we typically don't delete threads except by OP request or when the thread is actively disruptive just for existing. We can lock or hide threads, but in this case I would only do so if Melonna requested it. We also have disabled normal users being able to delete their own posts due to abuse of that feature in the past. Thank you for your understanding.
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  9. Thank you @Keileon for explaining that, IAW these threads. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

    Be it known that the grey and impending "Black list" status are IAW the organization I have the privilege of providing.

    Thank for allowing me to explain. I know I appreciate the privilege of being allowed here.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    Lance R. Violator
    Sim provider of the Official Axanar Sci-Fi writing/Star Trek Simulation
    USS Ares (NCC-13225)
    USS Ares (NCC-13225) :: Main

    Humble Lead for (4) Star Trek Online Fleets/Armada
    & O.B.E.L.I.S.K. Super group in Champions Online
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