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Universal System Changelog

Discussion in 'Statistical Roleplays' started by Shadow, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. ~ Universal System Changelog ~

    Current Version: 2.4.1

    [HOTFIX] February 11, 2017 (Ver. 2.4.1)
    • [STATUS] Changed Wound's effect: [8% Max HP Damage per Turn. On Stack: Increases Effectiveness by 8% (Max. 3). Alleviates 1 Stack of Wound when the Afflicted receives non-Passive HP Recovery. Status Tier: I. Default Duration: 3 Turns.]
    • [STATUS] Changed Burn's effect: [10% Max HP Damage per Turn. Status Damage is Modified by Elemental Affinities. Afflicted's Damage Input against Damage Instances of the Fire Element is Increased by 15%. On Stack: Upgrades to Severe Burn. Status Tier: I. Default Duration: 3 Turns.]
    • [STATUS] Changed Severe Burn's effect: [14% Max HP Damage per Turn. Status Damage is Modified by Elemental Affinities. Afflicted's Damage Input against Damage Instances of the Fire Element is Increased by 30%. Status Tier: II. Default Duration: 3 Turns.]
    • [STATUS] Increased Severe Poison's Effectiveness to 18% Max HP Damage.
    • [STATUS] Added Reciprocation: [Afflicted takes 50% of the Total Damage from any Damage Instance they inflict as Status Damage. Damage caused by Reciprocation cannot trigger other instances of Reciprocation. Status Tier: II. Default Duration: 3 Turns.]
    February 06, 2017 (Ver. 2.4.0)
    • [BALANCE]: Rehauled the system for determining Basic Attack parameters for Level 1 Units. Basic Attack strength will now scale in proportion to the deviation in the Unit's expected Base Movement. Units with Adjacent Cell Basic Attack Range are expected to have a Movement of 3, while Units with 3 Cells of Basic Attack Range are expected to have a Movement of 2. However, maintaining 3 Cells of Movement for Ranged BA Units warrants a decrease of two "steps" worth of the Basic Attack's parameters (with 1 "step" being either 1 Cell for Range, or 10% for Damage Output), while lowering Movement to 2 Cells for Adjacent BA Units warrants an increase of two steps instead.
    • [BALANCE]: Critical and Evasion statistics now have a soft and a hard cap each. The soft cap is defined to be the maximum percentage (of Critical and Evasion) a unit is allowed to reach due to accumulation of Passive effects (e.g. Innates, S-Abilities, Equipment), while the hard cap is the maximum percentage a unit is allowed to reach by utilizing Active buffs and augments (e.g. A-Skills, B-Abilities, E-Triggers). For both of these statistics, the soft cap is 30%, and the hard cap is 75%. Abilities and Skills with "High Critical Hit Rate" or similar properties are unaffected by the hard cap.
    • [BALANCE]: Slight adjustments in how Area of Effect MP Costs are calculated, particularly with low enough multipliers. There is now a minimum cost or "tax" for the ability to apply an effect over an area, proportional to the square root of the number of Cells affected. Area of Effect multipliers behave normally if the added Cost exceeds that minimum.
    • [SYSTEM]: Players are now allowed to distribute the non-Percentual Base Stats of their own Units, with certain constraints. The unmodified Stats of any given Unit are 15/15/2/2/2/2 corresponding to HP/MP/Atk/Def/Int/Spr respectively; from there, Players are allowed to allocate 5 Stat Points so as long as a single statistic does not receive more than 2 Stat Points.
    • [SYSTEM]: Implemented clearer Barrier behavior and properties. Barriers now only need to be defined in terms of being External or Integrated, plus their HP and Defensive Stats if applicable. External Barriers have no Defensive Stats and thus take Piercing Damage from all Damage Instances, while Integrated Barriers use the Unit's own Defensive Stats for Damage Calculation. By default, Barriers are expected to follow the following rulings:
      • Damage Instances directed towards a Barrier are Piercing and disregard the Unit's Defensive Stats.
      • Added Effects and the like bypass the Barrier and affect the Unit directly; however, this can be overruled by the GM for IC consistency.
      • Barriers are considered to be the topmost priority for damage calculation, and as such, defensive properties such as Protect, Shell and decrements in Total Damage taken are disregarded when calculating a Damage Instance against said Barrier.
      • Spillover Damage is dealt normally.
      • Barriers do not have any Stacking parameters.
    • [SYSTEM]: Implemented "Mana Batteries" as a functional effect. Mana Batteries are pools of usable MP that are annexed to a Unit, and can be used partially or totally for any MP Cost (unless otherwise specified).
    • [STATUS]: Decreased Spasm's Cancel Rate to 30%. Spasm now has a built-in On Stack parameter that increases Cancel Rate by 10% per Stack, up to 3 Stacks.
    • [STATUS]: Decreased Taint and Severe Taint's Effectiveness to 8% and 12% Max MP Damage, respectively.
    July 09, 2015 (Ver. 2.3.0)
    • [BALANCE]: "Pure" Tank Units have been rebalanced. They will be required to allocate at least 1 Stat Point every 2 Levels (starting from Level 2) into their Offensive Stats, to compensate for their Stat Points being normally distributed across a lesser number of Statistics than any other kind of Unit. This leads to HP and Defensive Stats scaling implausibly in the system, and thus warranting appropriate balancing measures.
    • [BALANCE]: Added a soft Total Damage cap for Multi-Hits in respect to Minimum Damage. When the Multi-Hit in question inflicts Minimum Damage (defined as [BASE_DAMAGE - DEFENSIVE_STAT] < 1, which defaults to 1 Total Damage) per Hit, the cumulative Total Damage received will greatly decrease past a certain limit.
    • [SYSTEM]: New Experience curve implemented. Next Level or Required Experience will be now set to increase every Level, as opposed to every 3 Levels.
    • [SYSTEM]: New Critical and Evasion curves implemented.
    February 27, 2014 (Ver. 2.2.5)
    • [SYSTEM]: Added B-Abilities (Burst Abilities) and redefined S-Abilities. Both of them possess the same limitations, but each of them is restricted to Active and Passive effects, respectively. A character can start with either a B-Ability or a S-Ability, but the other must be subsequently bought using 2 Skill Points.
    • [SYSTEM]: Stacking System reworked. Abilities or Effects now support a "On Stack" parameter which can be set to Extend, Refresh or Augment. No specification will automatically assume a Augment Stack with a Capacity of 1. This parameter affects MP Cost.
    • [STATUS]: Upgraded Paralyze to Tier II Status, increased Base MP Cost to 12.
    • [STATUS]: Added Spasm: [50% Chance of an Act Command being Cancelled. Default Duration: 3].

    December 5, 2013 (Ver. 2.2.1)
    • [BALANCE]: Dual Wield Innate rebalanced; added Damage Loss at 20% Efficiency for extra Basic Attack Hit(s), added Defensive Stat penalty averaging for 50% of the Weapons' Offensive Stat Bonuses (Alterable under GM's discretion).
    • [BALANCE]: Banned Invincible and Limitless from Standard Play. Applicable only with extreme restrictions. Furthermore, no more than ONE Party Member can have an Ability with either Status.
    • [BALANCE]: Upgraded Haste to Tier II Status, increased Base MP Cost to 16.
    • [BALANCE]: Increased Poison and Taint's Effectiveness to 12% Max HP/MP Damage, respectively.
    • [STATUS]: Added Hustle: [Also: Hustle. Available Default Commands (Act / Move) per Turn are Increased by 1. Status Tier: I. Default Duration: 3 Turns].
    • [STATUS]: Added Mana Flow: [Increases the Effectiveness (Integer of MP Restored) of Cycle Mana by 100%. Status Tier: I. Default Duration: 3 Turns].

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  2. Updated to 2.3.0
  3. Updated to 2.4.0
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