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Um... sure.

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Elegante, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Hello. I am Tezzeret. This is actually the first forum I've joined dedicated to Role-Playing. I spend most of my time on Pokemon forums.

    Um, things I like include: Pokemon, Axis Powers Hetalia, Magic The Gathering, Kingdom Hearts, Minecraft, reading, writing, playing music, scaring people, etc.

    I am from America, but I can speak German and Latvian on top of American English.

    I hope I can find someplace around here to fit in.
  2. Holy crap you're awesome.

    Welcome to ZEJ roleplaying, I am Masq's favorite loli crazEcaptain101! Just call me crazE, however, for when you bring up my military name, it induces my PTSD AND I LIKE TO USE BAZOOKAS AND HOLY CRAP HERE COMES A HELICOPTER FUQ GET DOWN THEY'RE COMING GET DOWN NOW THERE'S NO TIME FOR INTROS HOLY MOTHER OF-
  3. Excuse Craz, he spazzes a lot.

    Welcome to ZEJ! I'm one of the... countless admins here(I think we have like 7 now?) despite the dark blue username I just decided to keep because navy > red. Out of all the admins here, I think 4 or 5 are various degrees of insane, including myself and someone you will probably meet named Shadow. He bites. So be careful.

    So how did you find ZEJ? Random searching? Someone advertising?

    Also if you like Pokemon I recommend you check out Raised to Win. (links to SU thread with the plot in my signature)

    [/shameless plug]

    Have a good time here. ^^
  4. Hey Tezzeret. Welcome to ZEJ. I'm Masquerade, but people around here just call me Masq for short. It's great to have you here. I really hope you enjoy your stay, and do stick around~ ^ ^
  5. Hello there, Tezzeret~ You seem to be rather interesting and diverse in your interests, and I like that a whole lot! You'll find that most people around here will be more than willing to have a lengthy discussion with you about all things Pokémon (especially our fair Kuda up there), and Kingdom Hearts is definitely a wicked series as well. As for scaring people... I do look forward to hearing a little more about those escapades. ;)

    Aside from roleplaying, ZEJ is all about hanging out and having a good time. Hopefully a couple of the other boards capture your interest, such as Misc. Conjectures and our... interesting Spam Island. But if you're into roleplaying, then that's cool with me! Always lovely to have a fresh face to join in on the fun. We have a pretty diverse taste around here, and a lot of things are just inches away from starting, if you check out the Out of Character section.

    As for me, I'm (of course) Eebit, and I'm another of the admins around here. If ever you need any assistance or just feel like having a casual chat, feel free to drop me a line on my profile, or shoot a PM my way. I'm usually around, so finding me isn't all that difficult! Hope you stick around - I'd really like to get to know ya :>
  6. Hey there, Tezzeret! I'm the behind-the-scenes guy, though most of what I do is related to installing mods and stuff.

    [​IMG] You like Hetalia? Inevitable Gilbert appearance incoming!

    E: lol giga.
  7. Too bad she left for a little while ;-;

    Anyway, hello Tezzeret, I'm The Kakuzato, but you can just call me Nate. I usually just hang out around here, though I am in a couple roleplays and such. I'm pretty sure you're gonna have a good time here, as you have the same interests as a lot of the people here. Feel free to come to our IRC chatroom sometime. There's a link at the top of the forum for an in-browser version, or if you have an IRC client, it's #CoE on irc.paradoxirc.net.

    Oh, and if you notice typos I make, they're most likely my phone's fault, as I am on it more often than a computer ~
  8. Oh look, a new guy. Welcome to ZEJ and stuff-

    What the hell?! *throws a spider off of his face* ... Well, that definitely explains the webs all over the place.

    Anyway, welcome to ZEJ. I'm Lord X-Giga-X, but everyone just calls me Giga because short. So... yeah...
  9. I haven't completely left. I just have no computer right now :<

    ANYWAY. Ello there! I hear you're a hetalia fan, so guess what....I am too :> Hope to see you around and make sure to enjoy yourself here!
  10. Yes, I bite. Flesh will rip away and blood will spray like there's no fucking tomorrow.

    But this only happens when certain requirements are met, so don't worry.

    Either way, welcome to ZEJ. Yay for fresh meat. Also I see you are in #CoE so you're automatically awesome.

    *high-fives Tezz* You are my new best friend :D *pushes Fark into the toilet*

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