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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Plazma Fusion, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hi. I'm Plazma Fusion. As ya'll can tell. I'm kinda new to role playing  I have a few months of experience. I enjoy watching comedy videos. Like Rooster Teeth or Tobuscus. I do a lot of gaming at times of bordism. I draw my characters and other characters I know of. I listen to older songs. Like 80s or other.
    Sometimes dubstep. Post more later.....
  2. Yay Plazma!

    Great to see you finally got around to posting~ In case you forgot, I'm Keileon from DSiPaint. I hope you'll stay around, it's always great to get new people. If you have any questions, message me here or on DSiPaint, I check both semifrequently.

    Have a good time here~
  3. Yay, another Toby fan!

    Welcome to ZEJ! Enjoy your stay, and help yourself to the food here. Just don't eat the pizza, as it has expired... 8 months ago...
  4. And it had Giga's wig hair all over it.

    Anyway, I'm Dark. This place is here somewhat thanks to me, so if you see any errors, tell me and I'll do my best to get them sorted!
  5. Hey! Glad to have another member on the community! I'm Cid, if you can't read my name, then why are you here? Well, its quite obvious why you are here. You are here for RPing! Hope you find one you enjoy :D
  6. Welcome, Plazma! My name is, as you can probably tell on your own, Eebit! I'm one of the administrators over here, and I'd be happy to show you around if you are ever looking for a hand in getting acquainted with this place! As everyone has been saying, it's always fun meeting new people, and most of the folk here are quite nice if you get to know them! :>

    If you're interested in roleplaying, it's pretty smack-dab in the middle of the forum, and is presently divided into statistical and freeform. If you want to try your hand at statistical roleplaying, I'd suggest giving Masquerade or Shadow a shout! They're very friendly, and very accommodating when it comes to teaching newcomers the systems. But, of course, it's not for everyone, and freeform is a pretty popular trend, as well! Raised to Win is a popular RP at the moment, and Kuda would probably love to have you in there, and there are plenty of other cool things going on!

    If you'd be interested in sharing your artwork with us (I for one would love to see what you cook up!), then the Creation Station is the place for you! Feel free to post up an art thread. It's always cool seeing what people make - all the different styles and whatnot~

    Uhh... that's pretty much my spiel! I'm looking forward to getting to know you in the future, and again, if you've got any questions lingering around in your mind, or are just looking to chat, then fire a PM or a profile comment my way! :> Welcome, again, to ZEJ!
  7. What's up man? Glad to have ya aboard!
  8. Thank you everyone. Everyone here is much more nicer than any forums, blogs, chat rooms, etc. etc. I've been on. I'm glad to be here. Also exited to see what kind of people I'll meet. I'd like to thank Kudamon for showing me this wonderful site. Also Eebit I'll try to get my drawings onto the Creation Station is what I believe you said it was. Thank you everyone. Also Lord X-Giga-X I'll try my best not to eat the pizza.
    I saw you pop in on the irc a few times o.o Sorry I didn't have the chance to say hi xD But anyway, welcome to zej :3

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