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Tomorrow Never Knows [RP]

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Red Starr, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Soft, melodic singing rang throughout an open hallways, coming within a mass of torn bodies huddled together within the confines of filthy prison cells. The words to the song rather unknown. Bearing some sort of hopeful tone yet a defeated one...

    The beings there were mostly poor and frightened, some even adorning the look of death as their eyes, beautiful assortments of exotic colors such as lavender to yellow carried no more life in them. Most of the poor souls there have unfortunately acquainted themselves with the prison cell, some even born into the prison mill system that the Zion Government had created for a sin they themselves did not commit-- genetic mutation. Under the eve of the attacks, they have lately lived day and night under constant fear from not the anomaly, but their captors themselves. Many of their loved ones have already been killed by the government's ongoing experimentation with Inject-Able shots. With that reality burned into their memories, each second of each day, they knew, would be their last. Their songs that resonated throughout the prison mill was their declaration of defeat; an attempt to clench onto their last bit of humanity left.

    Silence took over as an armed guard covered in what appeared to be a thick winter coat began to slowly walk down the hallway. Each person lifted up their heads. And the guard stopped in front of a cell containing roughly 25 people, one in particular whom he carefully crouched down to. An old lady.

    The lady silently looked at the guard, placing up her thin hand against a blue field of energy dividing the prisoners from the outside world. Her eyes yelled out with worry and concern for the young guard. The old lady's fingers were trembling as the guard placed his hand up to meet hers and then looked away, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a vile containing a strange liquid. The old lady's eyes widened with shock.

    "..It's alright....everything will be alright.." The guard whispered, then looked into the old lady's eyes with a look that gave her some ease and comfort. An unspoken communication that for a moment seemed tender until the guard stood up once more and rolled his sleeve up. He inched the vile closer to the very center of his wrist, causing the vile to glow a brilliant red hue. With a single tear running down his cheek, someone whispered as the guard heard a click from the vile and a the sound of something cracking:

    "I regret nothing."​


    Meanwhile within a bright room, six figures stood behind a bullet-proof glass, overlooking 4 coffin-like containers and a handful of tactical soldiers pointing their drawn weapons at them. Within these containers were none other than humanity's hope. Warriors who endured months of experimentation to condition their bodies back to their ancestor's primes. To the Zion government, they were the only ones healthy and capable enough to carry out their will. One of the men spoke up: "Everything is nearly complete. Their trials have delivered us great results, all of their bodies have perfectly adopted the contents of each Inject-Able formula--"

    One man in his mid 50's glanced over at a scientist explaining the situation. His brow rose. "Should we tell them?" The scientist nodded and flicked through files on his wrist computer. "It's their job to figure everything out." He smiled. "In due time, Gallious, that is what they were recruited for."

    Gallious nodded, then reached down to press a button and spoke over the loud speaker. "Disconnect them from our main system. Dim the lights, and prepare them to resist the anomaly's frequency field." Suddenly, the lights turned off before switching on the dim red lights located on the walls of the room. Each scientist began pressing buttons and using identifier keys to unlock each containment phase the coffin containers had to release the valuable 4 experimental prisoners. Within the confines of the container, each prisoner laid naked with tubes inserted on their lower spinal area. That said tube was responsible for not only keeping these 4 alive for months, but was also responsible for slowly introducing their formulas within their bodies. Upon detachment, their respective formulas surged through their beings and activated for the first time. This caused each of them to begin writhing in pain even though they were still unconscious.

    "Hold off the final lock and let them breathe." Gallious ordered as he looked at some screens showing each individual in their containers. Once he assumed their transformations were complete, he lifted up a finger to signal a scientist to let them free.

    And that is where the story truly begins.

    Chapter One: Legions of Despair
    Aurora Prison, Castle Newport, GZ.
    [Аврора тюрьма, рокировать новый порт]
  2. Pain.

    Within the moment that it came, it soon was the only thing Eugen knew. It was suddenly as if that was all the world was. Then whatever was causing the pain seemed to have vanished, though it still felt as though ice was surging through his body, with each pulse of the painful cold bringing visions halfway between memories and dreams. He didn't recognize any of them. None of them even seemed to have the same subject. They were all jumbled flashes.

    Then he felt something opening. And here Eugen thought that this confining darkness was all the world held! And here he was thinking there was nothing but that and the pain! Eugen began laughing, with each surge making his laughter burst that much harder for that moment. He sounded like a madman.

    But really, was that not what he was?

    Slowly, he sat up, his spine cracking loudly with each and every bend it took. He looked around, slightly confused. The people looking at him, he recognized. He kept laughing, not as madly as before, but still laughing. These were the faces he saw in the visions! Yes, they had to be, there was no doubt about it! Well, not all of them, but still, he recognized him!

    Now he wondered where the others he saw were. Now calming, he looked around to see the room around him. Every light hurt his eyes; though it still fascinated him, like he had never seen it before.

    "Can I meet them too?" he asked the people he saw around him, not particularly realizing that they didn't have the same visions or sensations that he himself experienced.
  3. Gasping as he left stasis for the first time in what felt like an eternity, he screamed, followed by the grinding of teeth as he collapsed onto his hands an knees. Scott Faulks. That was his name, he remembered now. But was he really him? He looked to his hands, covered in colors that revived thoughts of autumn, as he took many heavy breaths, causing the hump of his back to rise and fall from the effort. Where was he? Carefully he lifted himself to his feet, looking down at himself in awe, perceiving not flesh – but fur as the world around him hummed with technology unlike anything he'd seen before.

    He placed his hand along his cheek,feeling the soft fur, and wondering how this could be. Where was he? He needed to know. Around him were people. Did they know him? Who were they? Scott didn't care, he only wanted to leave this place – relearn life as it was in this time, and die as he should. But more importantly. ”What is all this?” his voice was flat and raspy. Like a knife in his throat. His eyes scanned the room for his answer. But all he saw were the strange container he and the others, now emerging, had come from, not including the plethora of soldiers that readied firearms in his direction. His eyes jumped to one of the soldiers. Scott's face was stoic, as he took an awkward step forward. ”What am I – Who am I? More importantly, Why am I here?”
  4. Upon opening his feral red eyes, several white blades protruding the guard's back expanded as he pulled up his head to meet the frightened gazes of the prisoners. They remained quiet and observant towards him, mostly noticing his most obvious physiological changes such as his eyes changing color and various white blades growing out of his back, chest, forehead, and knuckles. The guard stood up and wiped off a stream of blood from his nose, then shifting his gaze upon a security camera with intrigue. Each camera was equipped with frequency sensors ever since the threat of the anomaly was first addressed upon the higher powers of the Zion Eugenics sector and government. Plus, it recorded everything it saw within the prison mill's hallways and even cells. However, there were no alerts whatsoever about the guard's presence, let alone his sudden transformation from the vial of inject-able power. He smirked after he came to a conclusion--"I guess it worked well like I thought..." he muttered. Whenever a human undergoes the formula transformation, usually their bodies and mind are not fully in-sync for the first 15 minutes. That meant that the brain was not as fully active as it should post-transformation due to the physiological stimuli that comes with it, therefore, the brain resorts to using up unused lobe functions normally not tapped in by the normal man or woman. To replace the stimuli it usually is used to and craves, it uses the extra power it has to create stimuli-- or at least replace it and double it. Therefore, the frequencies it emits are stronger and interfere with normal sensitive technology that depends on weaker frequencies to function. In short, the camera was not working at all at this point. He cracked a weakened smile and willed a white blade from his knuckle to strike the camera violently, forever decommissioning it. He turned to the prisoners and spoke up slightly.

    "We aren't pets of the government. Artificial enclosures are not our homes-- we should not tolerate such injustice by sitting around and singing for a miracle: it wont happen unless we will the threads of destiny in our favor." The guard paused for a moment to reach into his pocket and pulled out a handful of vials. Some crawled to the back of their cells and some moved in closer to take a better look. The shine in their eyes was for once an indicator that some spark of hope would leave within the hopeless. Upon seeing that, it was a confirmation that the rebellion he had wished for was finally in his hands. Maybe he was all they needed to stand up once more and rise from the ashes again.

    The guard slammed his other hand onto the control panel, causing the cells to open up one by one. The fine white edges of his blades shined with the dim lighting as his smile shined more. He spoke out with confidence. "Take it my brothers. It's all natural anyway....and besides..." He tossed a vial at a young man crawling out of his cell. "Whats more to victory than a little fear?"

    "Spare the questions until after the last two are awakened." The scientist commented.

    The last two caskets containing the only female members of the group stood still. Metal detaching and stirring filled the room with some degree of silence and anticipation to what was to come. One scientist began inputting commands through codes to prepare the females back into the physical world again. Galious rubbed his barbed chin with interest as he saw the tops of the caskets open, releasing excess of steam from the accumulation of heat colliding with frigid air of Aurora Prison. Galious turned to the scientist. "And the extra precautions are for safety or.." The scientist cut him off again. "The female kind are much resistant to physical and mental strain. Upon studying these two fine subjects we found that they are beyond suited for the more...complex formulas. It may take a while for them to get used to their very delicate abilities, so this is a safety measure to make sure that the anomaly's frequency field range does not cause permanent damage to their minds and body during synchronization. Bad news is that we wont be able to dispatch them for another hour or so...just for good measure."

    Galious spoke up to overpower the scientist's voice. "Goddamnit, I didn't pay for such slow services out of my own pockets, men." He suddenly pressed a button for the intercom and spoke. "Open the caskets a little faster, please. They need to be dispatched as soon as they possibly can."

    "Oh, and you two boys..." Galious addressed the other two experimented prisoners in an unfit casual fashion. "Stay put, feel free to aquatint yourselves whenever you feel like it."

    Then under command, the soldiers within the testing ground nodded and grabbed onto the edges of the casket top. Since the casket itself was made out of various metals, it took them a while until they were able to fully remove the tops. Slowly, a rush of black hair plopped forward while a myriad of wires began to detach from her head and neck. The girl's eyes were barely open but even with that she couldn't see well anyway. The world was a magnificently confusing blur to her. The room spinned around and without any notice it began to distort in front of her very eyes. Geometrically impossible shapes began to distrort the tables in front of her and even the soldiers. The girl moaned and then yelled sharply as a pain like no other began to assault her brain and ate away at the little strength she had to keep her head up and her fingers moving. She heard absolutely nothing but buzzing and high-pitched radio frequency sounds as she then opened her eyes with panic and fell to the ground. She was completely not in control of her movements as her body simply collapsed onto the cold hard ground and refused to move. She bit her lip in pain under the growing stress of the frequencies. A considerable amount of her hair was a beautiful snow white that's glow flickered in and out of existance. With confusion and pain overtaking her, she finally gained enough energy and control to raise up her head and hand to observe her individual fingers just in case. The surface of her hand began to fade, causing the girl to gasp and shiver with fear. She could still feel somewhat, but something was definitely wrong. With tears begining to fall down her cheeks, she painfully pleaded:

    "What did you do to m-me?!"
  5. This isn’t what she thought heaven would be like,  these dim lights, stoic faces.  Maybe this isn’t heaven.  She kept blinking, hoping to see an approaching figure coming to save her.  A soul shaking keening filled the room.  In the gloom she could see other people condemned to life of torture.

    In the chill, goosebumps breaking out over her body she realized her nakedness.  Alarmed she curled into herself, crouched on the ground.  Weeping silently, begging for mercy from this tortured existence.  Marietta thought she had lived a pure life.  She got along with her sisters and helped her parents with whatever they asked.  What had she done to cause this? .She had anticipated being unremarkable.  Marrying next year, probably having a child the next.  Living as her family had done for many years before her.

    As she wept the ground blurred beneath her feet.  Despite her limbs feeling sullied and heavy her feet were failing to touch the ground.  Slowly, with weak hands she felt her way along her body up to her shoulders continuing to curious fluttering warmth.  “No. No!” She cried.  No wonder she had been abandoned. She had dishonoured the holy covenant of creation.

    The Lord had forsaken her.

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