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They like the company

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Red Starr, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Been asked several times to make this. AMA: Starrcharacters. I'll add in the ones off the top of my head then add more later once I remember them. If you ask something to a character of mine that I do not include, I'll still answer it. If the character is found on both Prime and Alter Timelines, be sure your question asked refers to one timeline please. Idk how else to say it. 

    Sometimes drawings will be used to answer things. Here are the cast with short, witty descriptions because I have nothing better to do.

    Cult of Ustream guys:
    -Vale Scarletburn: Gunslinger, really loves milk, rather reserved, likes reading, was the vessel for a god. 
    -Priscilla "Starr" Starkey: Drunken scientist, deals with depression, has twin babbies, princess but doesn't show any care about that.  
    -Stefani "Gaga" Roseasilmillaan: Forced to take the throne, very timid, cinnamon roll, unknowingly valuable, loves reading up on social sciences. 
    -Shockwing (Xjinsuo Del): Scientist in training, bad with women, very protective, loyal, hates Zaiek Kierrmi. 
    -Zaiek Kierrmi: Charming, the greatest scout, former SoS member, morally questionable, wills his drawings to life like Bowlman, hates Shockwing. 
    -Emriesk Errin: CEO at Errin Industries, philanthropist, charismatic, patriarch of the Errins, [You can't know this shit], really loves ice cream. 
    -Ivan Karros: Major General of the Korriaka Military, relations specialist, [You can't know this shit]
    -Peacewalker Blackquill (Arias Errin but old): Soldier 76 but cooler, [You can't know this shit], a very good Peacewalker, accompanies the Errins, really loves Mac n' cheese, loves being The Hero.
    -Lord Karros, Draconian Suzerain of Croitia: Lord of all dragons and humans, demigod descending from Malkarris (God of Souls), weaves souls out of the fragments of enemies who's souls he's absolutely ripped apart. Dracoimperist, probably. Starr's half uncle. 
    -Oikeus, son of Malkaer (Pike): Reincarnated from Lord Karros, ascended god of justice, argues with Jude, used Vale as a vessel, promises to come back.

    Strange Chemistry guys:
    -Hisao Susumu: One of the very few male Captains in the Azuman Sea Command (Navy), loves tapdancing, too good for this world, master of tension, ex slave, likes Emma. 
    -Takao Susumu: Lieutenant in the Azuman Sea Command (Navy), runs the unit that retrieves stolen dragon and serpent eggs from traffickers, likes taking care of his older brother. 
    -Emma Isokoski: Middle child and official head warrior of the Isokoski family, archer and fencer, vampire, former Sadistica Seins member, amnesiac, likes Hisao. 
    -Goro Kodotsuta: Criminal cousin of Hisao and Takao. Really, really hates Sky Serpents.

    Kirenyun's Imprinted Guys:

    -Raiden Version 23: Diclonius, can manipulate fate and lightning, serious, aggressive, member of the Zhennka Shi Unit, Xanadu's "friend", [Redacted]
    -Major General Reikovic Minskemiln: Head of the Zhennka Shi Unit/Special forces, father of Liliyani Minskemiln, angelic,  hates Raiden.

    Hirasu Regashii guys:

    -Airakou: Eldest of her family, very arrogant, grumpy, "team player", can connect to dimensions, wants to go beyond strong, loves writing. 
    -Irisei: Short term memory loss, cooking nice things. 
    -Airakou and Irisei's dad: Pretty cool guy. Ex leader of Noonvale and it's clan.

  2. Pike, what do you think of your nickname?
  3. Oikeus: "I am glad I fell into lava because that name is absolutely unacceptable-- Wait, who named me that?"
  4. Starr, what's your ideal beer strength? Do you drink IPAs?
  5. Starr: "IPAs are hard to come by. Shockwing keeps telling me that he can't find any whenever I send him off to Azuma Island for supplies, though I think he's lying to me. Not like I can leave here to go check myself, anyway. I remember one time Zaiek introduced me to Syelsumoii Blaze....I spent about a couple of hours-- you know what, nevermind. *cough* 

    You know, when there's no canned beer around, I like to drink this crazy hooch with an unbelievable buzz that Emma makes. Has like rotten fruit and...I.....honestly I don't know what else. I should really study what I'm drinking when I'm sober and not feeling like shit...or putting bandages on everyone here at the cult."
  6. For Stefani - What prompted you to adopt the nickname of "Gaga"?
    For Valen - What do you feel is your greatest shortcoming as a person? Also, how did your addiction to milk begin?
  7. Gaga: "U-Um...well...don't get mad but I named myself Gaga because it means "nothing" in Croitian...I've heard it a lot when I was growing up...and..I didn't want anyone thinking I was something because what if they knew who I was and told my brothers where I was..? I would be nothing in the literal sense.

    I-I'm sorry.." 

    Vale: "Greatest Shortcoming? I believe my personal one is failing to let myself be a person while in Oikeus' influence. The sooner I would have gotten to that, the quicker things could have resolved for me. Because I hesitated and conformed, I hurt many people. It's a miracle my girlfriend overlooks such...flaw in me.

    As for milk, a little fact here: It is the drink of the upper class. Cows are hard to come by in the tundra..for very good reason, at that. They are found in more warming temperatures such as the mountain peaks of the north. So by drinking it, you're automatically better than anyone else in the South. I hate the North, so I drink it to spite them. It annoys Northerners very much. Emma's mother would always sneak me a bottle. I was her favorite--"

    Three: "Yeah well I'm...more of her favorite, for sure, 'cause her daughter....and I--"

    Vale: "Return to the graveyard, you awkwardly pausing "stick licker."

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