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theres something witty here i promise

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by Mysaren, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. hi im mysaren i really like gengar

    basically im not at all new to rping and have been since i was little and im excited to get involved in the community!! i really like any type of rp and i have too many ideas so if u ever wanna rp hmu
  2. Oh hey welcome.I really like Haunter so we'll get along just fine.
  3. Welcome to ZEJ! If you have any questions, talk to anyone with a red, orange, or blue name, or pop on over to our Discord server (which I see you've already joined, actually)!
  4. Hey there, Mysaren! Welcome to ZEJ~

    Nice to see another RPer come in. We've been getting quite a bit of them lately. Check out Interest Checks , it's our dedicated section to making threads with RP ideas to gauge interest and possible players for your RP. So if you have an idea for an RP and need players (however many is your choice, of course), don't be shy. Aside from that, have fun~
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  5. Well, my name isn't orange anymore, but the orange banner still applies here.

    Welcome to ZEJ, Mysaren! If anything breaks, let me know on Discord.

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