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Q&A The Statplaying Q&A Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Shadow, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. There's already an Excess Process with the same principle of spending X-Levels--it's called OVERDRIVE. More specifically, the concept is that OVERDRIVE unlocks a set of Skills called Overdrive Skills, with relatively low MP Costs which are offset by X-Level costs.

    OVERDRIVE as a concept is still rather experimental, however, and hasn't seen any use so far.
  2. Overdrive itself hasn't seen any use, but it's part of what inspired how Burst Mode works, ahah.
  3. Speaking of Excess Processes, does activating a B-Ability bestow the user with any additional X-Levels?

    e: Also, while I'm here, I might as well ask... for Arcane Inquisition, I had a bit of a lapse in judgment when designing my character, Corneil (>>), who revolves entirely around Collision mechanics. I unthinkingly gave him an A-Skill that calculates out Collision Damage:

    So I was wondering... for this, would I calculate the "default" Collision Damage as well as the Boneshaker "On Collision:" parameter's defined Damage? Or would one of those override the other? If an example could be given in the context of AI's current Turn, that'd be aces. Just so that I can have a point of reference for this when doing the GM work for AI, myself, and for Cody's reference too.
  4. I swear at one point Shadow made a list of what raises X-Levels and by how much, but I forget where that might have been. Could we trouble you to do that here, @Shadow, so it remains easy to find?
  5. That's a good question. I'm going to say yes for B-Abilities which consume an Action Command, but no (or a half X-Level, at the very least) for those which behave as Free Commands.

    For future reference, these types of effects are treated cumulatively since they do not exactly "replace" the standard Collision Damage formula. Unless specified, most Skills which define some kind of bonus or additional damage dealt will be calculated in addition to any other factors that might come in play. For example, an A-Skill that inflicts "30% additional Total Damage against Targets with a Light Affinity" will apply the 30% boost to the Total Damage, and, if a vulnerability exists, will compound another X% to the value due to Elemental Affinities.

    Basic list for now:

    Basic Attack: +0.5
    --- Basic Attack Combo: [tip id=1 content=X-Level gain is capped at 1 regardless of how many Basic Attacks are executed in a given Turn]+1*[/tip]
    A-Skill: +1
    B-Ability: [tip id=2 content=See above ruling]+1*[/tip]
    Enemy Kill (KO or Perfect Kill): +2
    Enemy Overkill: +3
    KO: -50%

    There are other, less straightforward nuances such as X-Level distribution through teamwork KOs and Support/Healer-only clauses, but they aren't very well defined at the moment.
  6. I know I have no bearing in the above, but it personally seems to me that something as hard to do as Perfect Kill should at least be 2.5 X-Gauges. -shot-
  7. Something interesting that I saw when I was perusing the Statistical Glossary to do some edits to it...

    I don't remember who wrote this definition (it could have been me, for all I know), but I was interested in discussing this description for the sake of uncovering some "technical wisdom" that maybe could be utilized in the Statistical Engine when I get back to working on it.

    To me, I feel the opposite to what the definition is expressing. I get what is being said, here -- each Unit takes their Turn within the respective "Phase"

    I see a "Turn" as being the top-level division of time rather than being inclusive to Units.
  8. Since I had them open in a *.txt anyway, I thought I'd post @"CerberusLycan"'s proposals for some positive default status effects:

    Bravery ~ Increases the Afflicted's Atk. Stat by +10% for each Enemy Unit within a Range of 2 Cells of them.
    Attune ~ When the Afflicted is damaged by an Elemental Attack, they gain a Resistance to that Element for the rest of Attune's Duration.
    Grace ~ If the Afflicted would be inflicted with a Negative Status Condition, Grace prevents it and instantly Fades as well.
    Tranquility ~ If the Afflicted does not Move, they gain an External Barrier equal to their Spr. Stat for the Turn.
    Solidarity ~ Raises the Afflicted's Def. and Spr. by +10% for each Allied Unit that also bears Solidarity.
    Screen ~ Prevents the Afflicted from being affected by the Atmosphere.
    Nimble ~ Increases Movement by +1 and Evasion by +5%.
    Charged ~ Upon taking Physical attacks, the attackers are given a Chance of Stun.
    Innocence ~ Attackers take x% of the Damage they do to the Afflicted as MP Damage.
    Blessing ~ Prevents other buffs from wearing off on the Afflicted. 
    Stalwart ~ Prevents Damage from Indirect sources.
    Boon ~ Raises the Afflicted's Chances of applying Status Effects by Mod. +2.

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