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The sole characters that are solely Sole's sole characters for solely roleplaying.

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by Sole, May 14, 2013.

  1. SCALE
    Devin Frost
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 195lbs
    Hair: Dark, shaggy. Medium length. Also, a obvious presence of facial hair.
    Eyes: Icey blue.
    Body type: Predominantly muscular with fat.

    Attire: Dark green trousers with a long-sleeve, green tunic. Strong, dark leather boots with fur insulation. Also a thick, fur trimmed cloak. An amulet is around his neck; a sapphire the size of an egg upon an iron chain.

    Weapons: A dagger sheathed on his right leg, and a kite shield upon his back. Twin swords are jilted at his waist and a longsword his back.
    Armor: Partial plate with chain mail.

    History: Father having died in battle when Frost was a child, he was raised by a single parent. His father was part of Nirshire's heavily oathed legion of battle mages, and his mother a barmaid. When the Crown arrested and executed his mother for treason on the lines of hiding a Mage from the government, Frost left the kingdom and traveled as far from the monarchy as he possibly could. Eventually, he would prove himself to the leaders of his new homeland through his military service. He underwent the honor of becoming a Scale, which was directly after unwravelling the magic in his blood.

    Frost Bite - An aura of permafrost engulfs his blades. Just as a flame cooks ita victims, this aura will freeze the inflicted wound. Leaving a chilled yet burning pain. This frostbite will spread.

    Hypomancer - Frost can manipulate ice, and cold air.

    Blade Veteran - Frost is a veteran in dual swords, daggers, long swords, and blade + shield combat.
  2. Will Finish Later

    Body type: 


    Weapons: Shortsword slung upon the right of his waist, twin daggers upon the left, and a longbow with its accompanying quiver of arrows hanging from his back.



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