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The PokeMOBA we've all been waiting for.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by crazE, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. I have no fancy editing for this thread.

    So, I've always been one to enjoy the fast-growing pass-time video game playstyle craze known as MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). I've played League of Legends since it was but a wee lad, and I've dabbled in Smite and (although it IS FPS, it is akin to MOBA) Overwatch. I've loved the concept of controlling a unique character with abilities that contributes to a team and their objective to accomplish a task on a battle arena-esque field. There's something about contributing to a team effort with a playstyle granted by genius video game architects that build character "kits" that fit a really nice feel to a character and role to a team. There's something about filling a role in an objective and having the opportunity to execute that role to the best of your ability that makes me love the MOBA game niche a lot.

    I've had a wandering thought that Nintendo should make milions by doing this.

    So, in my wandering ideas, I've thought of crafting a "roster" of sorts of pokemon I personally feel fit a really nice, unique niche in their own right in the pokemon series that bring to the table what other pokemon can't and are distinguishable enough from one another that there wouldn't be any that are too much like the other, whether in appearance and/or playstyle.

    Thus, I have tried to stick to a rule of perhaps 10 pokemon per type (which, by such a picky roster rule, isn't exactly accomplished alongside the fact almost every pokemon to date is dual-typed) to fill each Type Roster for this idea.

    Here 'tis:


    ^^^^ For terminology and such

    These "character themes" are purely by definition that I've learned playing MOBAs. These are the terms of the roles characters would fill as a "theme", then they can have their own niche like "diver" or something like that, in terms of what they'd do with the theme.

    (R) = Marksman (Ranged damage-dealer, focuses on basic attacks (or auto-attacks) to deal Damage Per Second (DPS) to whittle down and kill opponents. Usually considered the "carry" of the game, since they can finish off opponents while the rest of the team either absorbs enemy damage or distracts them while the Marksman picks them off.)
    (T) = Tank (Front-liner -esque character. Seeks to absorb all incoming damage with the least resistance, so typically builds resistance against opponent damage and focuses mainly on Crowd Control effects (effects that affect enemy play, such as slowing them down or rooting them in place for a second or two))
    (B) = Bruiser (Front-liner. Absorbs damage like the tank, but has some leniency enough to build more damage to assist in whittling down enemy opposition- thus, a "bruiser." Focuses on DPS and typically has some CC to influence the team to focus them.)
    (F) = Fighter (almost like a fill role. The in-between of a Tank and a high damage-dealer. Their abilities help to focus enemies and reduce their HP with DPS fast enough to let the "carry" pick them off. Not HP-heavy enough to stay in the front-line and take hits, but not high-damage enough to kill the team as fast as preferred.)
    (A) = Assassin (melee damage-dealer, focuses on basic attacks to deal DPS. Typically has a kit to focus a single opponent and kill them as soon as possible in one go and then leave before the enemy team can target you. Includes abilities such as stealth, leaps, etc. Receives probably the hardest punishment if caught, but best reward when played right)
    (M) = Mage (damage-dealer that focuses on abilities. Rather than DPS, a Mage focuses on bursting (dealing a high amount of damage in an instant) down an opponent/opponents and influencing a fight in moments. Some mages can fill the role of a tank or a carry depending on the team's needs, allowing really big leniency in playstyle)
    (S) = Support (Focuses on abilities that buff the team or debuff the enemy team. Although damage can be dealt, their focus is supporting team players with fulfilling their needs (such as restoring HP, increasing movement speed, etc.) What could be considered scaling for offensive power is actually reverted into scaling supporting abilities)

    ^^^ Key for understanding the labeling here


    -Charizard(B) -Ninetails(M) -Typhlosion(F) -Magmortar(B)

    -Darmanitan(F) -Pyroar(F) -Heatmor(B) -Heatran(T)

    -Blaziken(F) -Infernape(F)


    -Octillery(R) -Floatzel(F) -Feraligatr(F) -Blastoise (T)

    -Greninja(A) -Keldeo(F) -Swampert(T) -Manaphy(S)

    -Slowbro(S) -Milotic(M)


    -Venusaur(T) -Exeggutor(M) -Celebi(M) -Sceptile(A)

    -Vileplume(M) -Decidueye(R) -Roserade(R) -Tangrowth(T)

    -Shaymin(S) -Chesnaught(T)


    -Raichu(M) -Eectrivire(F) -Ampharos(M) -Luxray(F)

    -Magnezone(T) -Elektross(F) -Rotom(M) -Lanturn(S)

    -Galvantula(A) -Manectric(F)


    -Marowak(F) -Flygon(M) -Rhyperior(T) -Baltoy(M)

    -Golurk(B) -Garchomp(F) -Palossand(M) -Donphan(T)

    -Excadrill(B) -Hippowdon(T)


    -Regirock(B) -Rampardos(B) -Gigalith(T) -Lycanroc(F)

    -Golem(T) -Kabutops(A) -Tyrantrum(B) -Probopass(T)

    -Bastiodon(T) -Diancie(M)


    -Regice(M) -Mamoswine(T) -Aurorus(S) -Frosslass(S)

    -Glalie(M) -Abomasnow(T) -Delibird(S) -Lapras(S)

    -Walrein(T) -


    -Sableye(M) -Bisharp(A) -Absol(A) -Zoroark(A)

    -Darkrai(F) -Hydreigon(F) -Tyranitar(B) -

    -Cacturne(F) -Shiftry(F)


    -Machamp(F) -Hariyama(B) -Hitmonlee(F) -Hitmonchan(F)

    -Medicham(S) -Breloom(F) -Gallade(F) -Conkeldurr(T)

    -Heracross(B) -


    -Blissey(S) -Eevee(F) -Snorlax(T) -Porygon-Z(M)

    -Exploud(B) -Castform(M) -Zangoose(F) -Regigigas(T)

    -Ambipom(F) -Bouffalant(T)


    -Alakazam(M) -Mewtwo(M) -Gardevoir(M) -Deoxys(F)

    -Chimecho(S) -Reuniclus(T) -Hoopa(R) -Lugia(F)

    - -


    -Pinsir(B) -Butterfree(M) -Scizor(A) -Ninjask(A)

    -Vespiqueen(S) -Scolipede(F) -Vikavolt(R) -Genesect(R)

    -Golisopod(F) -Armaldo(T)


    -Mawile(F) -Aggron(T) -Metagross(T) -Registeel(T)

    -Aegislash(F) -Bronzong(S) -Skarmory(F) -

    -Lucario(F) -


    -Gengar(A) -Shedinja(M) -Banette(A) -Dusknoir(M)

    -Cofagrigus(M) -Chandelure(M) -Trevenant(T) -Drifblim(S)

    - -


    -Dragonite(B) -Haxorus(F) -Goodra(M) -Druddigon(B)

    -Altaria(R) -Kommo-o(T) -Turtonator(T) -

    - -


    -Togekiss(S) -Wigglytuff(S) - -

    - - - -

    - -


    -Pidgeot(F) -Aerodactyl(B) -Noctowl(M) -Noivern(A)

    -Tropius(S) -Staraptor(F) -Braviary(B) -Toucannon(R)

    -Minior(M) -


    -Toxicroak(A) -Arbok(R) -Muk(M) -Swalot(S)

    -Wheezing(S) -Seviper(A) -Drapion(F) -Dragalge(R)

    - -


    (these are all temporary effects with cooldowns to prevent spamming or frequent useage. They're to help influence the dynamic of a player and their role with what character they choose. Typically a player would have two of any order of these spells)

    Dialga Diamond - “Barrier” gives player a shield buff that absorbs x damage.

    Palkia Pearl - “Flash” teleports player a short distance.

    Giratina Gate - “Teleport” After small delay, teleports to allied structure/unit on map.

    Xerneas Aura - “Heal” gives player and nearby allies a small heal and increases healing effects.

    Yveltal Vice - Debuff that reduces healing effects on target and makes them visible out of sight.

    Jirachi Wish - “Clarity” refreshes resource costs (excluding cooldowns).

    Zekrom Burst - “Smite” deals a certain amount of true damage to a neutral monster.

    Reshiram Blaze - “Ignite” marks a target with DoT true damage effect.

    Kyurem Freeze - “Exhaust” reduces movement and attack speed of target enemy.


    Kyogre/Groudon - “Nexus” or Primary base. Can attack intruders in defense, including occasional special move.

    Rayquaza - “Baron” Boss Neutral Monster (huge buff to team). Has unique moves to increase difficulty in defeating Rayquaza.

    Wailord - “Blue” Resource-regeneration buff. Includes two Wailmer to support Wailord. Special Move: Bounce (small knockback).

    Camerupt - “Red” Damage over time buff and increased damage to “minions” and neutral camps. Includes 2 Numel to support Camerupt. Special Move: Erupt (AoE damage (applies DoT debuff))

    Crawdaunt - “Golems” Medium Camp. Includes 1 Corphish to support Crawdaunt. Special Move: Vice Grip (High damage counter that stuns for a very short period).

    Swellow - “wraiths” Small Camp. Includes 4 Taillow to support Swellow.

    Mightyena - “wolves” Small Camp. Includes 3 Poochyenas to support Mightyena.

    Slaking - “gromp” Medium Camp. Special Move: Slam (delivers occasional AoE knockup).

    Salamence/Gyarados/Steelix - “Dragon” Mini-Boss Neutral Monster (good buff to team). Each have a special move to increase the difficulty in defeating said Pokemon. These pokemon would rotate after the other is defeated, with a random outcome of each spawn.

    Some types (like Fairy-type) aren't well-filled, mostly because it's being used as a main dual-type to other pokemon AND it is a new typing. That's my excuse.

    Each of these pokemon are considered unique in their position, possible playstyle and in their appearance to allow distinguishability on the battle arena.

    If you have any pokemon you feel ought to be added with reasons why/how, feel free to add! If you're a MOBA fan already, provide some insight on how you envision how some of these pokemon would play in your favorite MOBA. For me, I base my Things off League of Legends, which is what I am doing for this list.

    Thanks for looking!
    #1 crazE, Feb 3, 2017 at 7:11 AM
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
    Red Starr likes this.
  2. I still think Mimikyu (Fairy) and Minior (Flying) would be great.
  3. ...

    Minior has been added. Mimkyu just soured my taste because it is an Obligatory Pikachu shoutout by phsyical design. However, concept is nice and I will consider.
  4. Xerneas would also be decent in Fairy since you're already using legendaries for other types. There just aren't that many cool-looking fairies. Also Gardevoir is half Fairy now, so you can easily move it to Fairy and find another Psychic.

    Mimikyu had to grow on me but I love the concept now, ahah. It seems like it'd just make a cool gimmick.
  5. that's true in regards to Gardevoir. I've tried to stay true to the "primary type" basis, but since the type is already at a disadvantage, I can move Gardevoir over.

    That being said, substitute?

    Also, I'm being too League of Legends-centric and actually used Xerneas as an assist spell to the game.... it's known as a Summoner Spell in League of Legends, where everyone has a choice of two spells outside of their character that provides very simple tasks for the player to use. EX: Flash, lets you teleport a really short distance. Can be used to juke an ability or to escape when maybe your character has no abilities to use that can help them escape, or you're out of resources to use any abilities.

    It's hard to explain how Xerneas became A Spell, but in essence it's not Xerneas itself but something that would use Xerneas' powers in behalf of the player. For example, I have a spell that's called "Palkia Pearl" that acts like "Flash" that I just explained.

    Xerneas would be fantastic as a support character though. Insane heals? yes.
  6. Psychic substitutes: Gothitelle, Espeon, Slowking, Hypno, Exeggutor, Wobbufett, Musharna, Meowstic, Malamar, Swoobat

    Also why are there four legendaries in Psychic? o_O
  7. Psychic is just that good.


    I found those legendaries to be unique enough to rock a certain role and bring a dynamic to the game without being directly powerful (with the exception of Mewtwo, who was made to be objectively blunt in power and ability).

    Hmm, perhaps I should add something I forgot to add simply because it wouldn't make sense to non-MOBA peeps. It IS essential tho.
  8. Well, now you need to put Latios in Dragon.

    In fact you could put both Latios AND Latias- in-game, Latios is the fast attacker and Latias is the supportive wall.
  9. Well, the issue I run into with Latias and Latios is that they're basically the same appearance-wise. Their dynamic isn't too different from one another even if they'd play different roles (which is hard to see what variance they'd have between one another). from an outside perspective, one would have to memorize that the Red one does damage and the Blue one doesn't. Kind of a lame differentiation to identify their character imo.
  10. (other way around, blue is the attacker and red is the support)

    Then just put one of them in and have the other as a skin. They CAN serve the same purpose, Latios is just better at attacking and Latias is better at supporting.

    And to be fair Latios is larger and sleeker and Latias has stockier proportions, but yeah they're basically the same at first glance.


    Passive: Saps aura essence from targets, healing after a certain amount of hits.

    A1 - Aura Sphere - launches aura sphere in a skillshot line of medium-long distance. Stops on first enemy hit and applies Aura debuff. Aura debuff allows visibility of enemy to Lucario and increases movement speed toward marked opponent. Aura debuff refreshes every time Lucario deals damage to opponent.

    A2 - Double-strike - deals two swift consecutive hits that scale on top of basic attacks. Applies on-hit effects for basic attacks.

    A3 - target dash that slides Lucario behind the opponent. Cast ability again to kick opponent in the direction Lucario had dashed from.

    ULT - Close Combat - lowers DEF and Sp.DEF by certain percent and increases attack speed and ATK by a good percentage along with passive bonus. All nearby enemies are marked with Aura.


    Passive: slowing effects are reduced against Octillery.

    A1 - Water Arrow - after brief delay, fires small missile in a line that deals damage to all enemies hit.

    A2 - Bubble - fires a soft stream of bubbles that taper off and disperse in an area. When an opponent runs into a bubble, deals damage and slows enemy by small amount.

    A3 - Ink - fires ink blob certain distance. Blinds first enemy hit and debuffs their DEF for duration.

    ULT - Stream Cannon - after targeting an opponent and a delay cast, fires blockable water missile that deals high damage to first enemy hit.


    Passive: Rest - Snorlax builds up stacks of Exhaustion via attacking moving, being attacked, etc. Upon receiving damage that would put Snorlax at 0 HP, Snorlax instead lies down and rests, restoring HP per stack of Exhaustion. Snorlax initially is not targetable, but can be targeted while he rests. As soon as all stacks are depleted, Snorlax wakes up and can perform everything normally. Stacks will resume, but ability will be on cooldown.

    A1 - Pound - After brief delay, pounds down on a small area, dealing damage and knocking enemies in the air depending on the delay.

    A2 - Thick Hide - Snorlax gains bonus armor based on bonus HP

    A3 - Yawn - status effect skillshot (targets enemy players only). After a few seconds of being affected, target falls asleep, lasting up to 3 seconds before waking up. Attacking a sleeping target will wake them up early. If there are any nearby enemy players to affected target, Yawn travel from target’s location toward the nearby opponent in a skillshot.

    ULT - Slam - After brief delay, throws oneself a certain distance and slams the ground, causing an immense shockwave. Deals AoE damage, with higher damage underneath Snorlax. Stuns targets under Snorlax. All opponents are knocked away from Snorlax’s location.


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