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The Official Quirenyun's Imprinted Art

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Red Starr, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. When it comes to fan art, I deliver. Here you will find QI's official drawings featuring character sketches and doodles to QI's prologue Comic: "Quyon's New Generation Squad"(When I fucking finish it, that is.) While my art style is crude and prone to lots of messy stray lines, I hope you all can enjoy each drawing shown.


    Quirenyun's Imprinted Art Thread

    • Genome Revolutionary Unit [Incomplete Unit]:
    • Codename Ivory Raven:
    • Quirenyun's Imprinted: Quyon's New Generation Squad:
    • "23 Moves":
    • "Right? Riiight?":
    • Vermillion Firefly: "I want to set the world on Fire":
    • Vermillion's Railgun, Agony:
    • Quirenyun's Imprinted/Yellow Submarine Crossover: Xanadu, The Dreadful Flying Glove:
    • Raiden Version Twenty Three. Possibly aged 23.
      A performer and his Instrument
    •  [​IMG]
      Updated Raiden in old-fashioned Quiyon army garb.
    •  [​IMG]
      Arsenic Octopus
    • [​IMG]

      Mini Arsenic playing with his toys
    • [​IMG]

      Doodle of mini Genome Revolutionary Unit
    • [​IMG]

      [Eebit Request In Progress] The Zhennka Shi Unit ~Draft~
    • [​IMG]
  2. Updated with the following pictures:

    ~"A Puppet Master and his Instrument"
    ~Updated Raiden in old-fashioned Quiyon army garb.
    ~Arsenic Octopus

  3. Updated thread with:

    ~Mini Arsenic playing with his toys
    ~Doodle of the Genome Revolutionary Unit
    ~ @Eebit's request in progress.

  4. omg starr yes this request is a yes for sure aaaaaaa.

    Thank you for taking it on I am so hhhhhhhyped!
  5. Well, this counts as art too, right? Though this may contain minor MINOR spoilers for Quirenyun's Imprinted, I thought it would be nice to share this on here to give the thread a little variety. You can sort of consider this a mini-series of Operation: Ribbon Seeker through the eyes of Raiden on little, semi-significant events during the mission. Think of it as a mental diary of his that he keeps in his mind while venturing throughout the jungles of Zurika. No major giveaways or plot revelations included to be fair. I'll update this mini-series a few times a week if I can. You can rest easy knowing I'll stick to this XD

    Anyway...what is it called? Here it is, ZEJimmies. 

    Heaven’s Auxiliary; a deep-thought odyssey from the eyes of a Diclonius.

    It was agonizing.

    Between my fingertips swept away a current of salt water, whisking along with it a thick veil of blood and poison from my injured palm. I felt completely alone, In pain, but I could not convince myself to give up. Not on them I wouldn’t. For once I felt a connection with others during my time here in certain danger, but the circumstances in which landed me to become the prey in a twisted board game made me fear the worst of all— losing that connective touch between me and my unit. I prepared my mind for the worst as I pulled my hand out of the water and watched as the blood continued to flow down to my wrist and beyond. Somewhere, somehow they’ll find me, kill me, and then this whole façade will be over. Couldn’t things end on a lighter note? Was my second death….meant to be such a scene of a brutal cat-and-mouse game?

    I sighed, looking up above me at a breaking glimpse of sunlight over the volcano “Shiete yun” as if it were my last sight of it. The Major explicitly told me to keep a low profile along with the girl but I couldn’t. Rage engulfed me in a blur that phases past my ability to remember; it wasn’t pretty when I became aware of my actions afterwards. Only the wafting scent of burning carcasses and the humid rain dripping down my face did tell me what I did. Such a mixture of death and life, rain and rot gave me a rush and chill all at the same time; I bet he would throw a fit if he found out I went against orders and completely caught the attention of Maldrin and the soldiers. Not that they are much of a threat anymore, really….

    As for the past few hours, nothing has gone as we planned. I still haven’t located anyone familiar ever since the ambush. The girl in my possession right now is a “maid” I snagged while raiding the mansion just nestled between the valleys of Zurika. The maid within the once personal confines of the ones running these facilities, Though she may not provide much information that could be helpful for us, she did promise me something and gave me a clue on the whereabouts of the Professor.

    Terra-Tier 17, Cove of repressed senses. The maid feebly told me the floor was off limits to regulars and most employees, making me question how she knows about it. However, she also promised me to hand over a sort of implantation chip that registers with the floor’s opening doors in order to gain access. The chip for now was implanted in her brain of all places. Though, seeing how brutally cut up she is now and near death from her wheezing and twitching, I can only hope she can pass it onto me sooner.

    Her eyes drifted onto mine rather desperately after I turned away from the white beaches of the island. “…I don’t think we can…outrun…them…I’m sorry, young sir….It’s—”

    “You didn’t mean it. don’t worry and..rest, alright?” I responded back sheepishly. It was awkward facing a dying woman in obvious pain apologizing for her wrongdoing. Before we reached the shores, the maid foolishly tried to rid the Nocturne’s gang of disposable humans by redirecting them towards the north of the mansion’s garden wing using a computer from the room she occupied. Without her knowing I was there… that’s where the ‘fun’ began. Once I was spotted it was a wild chase as I sprinted back to the maid’s location to fetch her. Though I didn’t try hard enough to shake them off my tail, my lack of effort showed when Maldrin’s ectren consistently clashed with my vectors to disassemble their frequencies and land lacerations on the woman and I. Knowing how much is going through my head, I can only assume she felt worse about the sour situation. My awkward self tried my very best to not make it seem so bad by giving her a very wary and stiff smirk. Though she did insist with a sunken look that she felt guilty for putting me in harm’s way. Hopefully she passed on sooner to make this a whole lot easier on me.


    I blinked and crouched down to her level, caressing her torn up cheek with my finger as softly as I could. “..Yeah? Something wrong?” She winced. “..No, not..not really, sir…I just feel..” Suddenly I retreated back once spotting clear droplets accumulating in her eyes; those eyes that paled In comparison to what I saw in myself in the past. I couldn’t help but let out a grunt and force myself to keep eye contact no matter what. She was bound to tell me something important. Anything would do right now to get this nightmare mission over with and return back to Quirenyun. And as her one and only witness to her last and final moments as a living, breathing child of life, I felt obligated to pay as much attention to her as possible, ignoring the obvious trouble lurking through the thick jungle array of this island. I couldn’t do much but listen to her possible last words.

    The maid struggled to mutter out a word with a quivering lip, but soon succeeded to whisper something. “…it hurts too much….it hurts, Raiden, it hurts…I can’t…why can’t I feel my legs anymore…..? Why is there so much blood…..”

    I winced and bit my lip while stroking her cheek with some kind, tender intent. “You’re wounded, Ms. Mariela-koh…don’t you remember—-”

    “Raiden, but…Raiden, I don’t want to /die/….please don’t…don’t let that happen…not before I get…to see my friends and family again….”

    Family? Friends? Something stirred in my chest. I felt compelled to lean in and place my forehead against hers to give her comfort. I didn’t know what I was thinking, but something in that mind of mine told me to do this one last show of care to this lone woman I found in that solemn building. Her words rang with such sorrow and emphasis in those two words: Friends and Family. My eyes closed just before she whispered out a few more things before I could even answer her.

    “…I can’t see anymore, Raiden…..am…I free now..?”


    And total silence. Her head slumped down with the last streams of tears making their way down her cheeks one last time. All I could do was remain in my position in deep thought of what had just happened….and what has gone so wrong because of us to these poor, innocent people caught in this.

    Despite that sinking feeling in my chest, there was...at least in my opinion, some good out of this as I carefully slit open the top of her skull with my vector.

    Life goes on, I suppose.
  6. [​IMG]


    The Major doesn't seem to be having much fun being next to QI's main villain. I'm so sorry Major stop giving me that look.

    (Happy super-belated birthday, Quirenyun's Imprinted. My once-beloved Thing. A year old already!)
  7. [​IMG]

    Minimalist Version:
  8. Really dig the style on this one. The minimalist version is pretty sweet as well - kind of reminds me of the old iPod ads. (Quirenyun's iMprinted)

    Only thing is that he seems to have a bit of a triangle crotch going on. However I like the effect on the vectors(?) and the string-thing as well (i can't recall what they are called it's been a while)

    Are we going to be seeing some more QI art soontimes? More art of the main squad, perhaps? :>
  9. Never was good with crotches. Its such a weird thing.

    p.s: Also they're called Ectren.
  10. Bump.

    So with the QI Reboot looming, there are some prequel things I gotta get out there in order to establish some new things. So with that said, here's Part 1 of the "Unchained" mini series!

    Unchained Part 1: The Tainted Second Chance:

    As the world distorted wildly into a dissonant, chaotic mesh of bright flashes and blurry imagery of a dark forest, a single bloodied hand reached up to the view of its owner as if testing the world around him to see if this was real. The disorientation was a hidden layer in the eyes of a confused and hostile being. The hand felt like it was rapidly combining with the blurred scenery as the owner’s brain tried it’s best to regain all bearings possible. The young man, drenched in increasing heavy downpour and mud, slammed his hand on his face and groaned to himself while stumbling up on his feet. Though his vision was still blurred, he could make out some strange shapes at the distance closing in. Fractals of light dancing through the dark foliage of the forest. The young man’s hot breath escaped his lips like steam. Vibrations on the ground hinted that people were closing in…and the young man’s mind, still behind and clinging on what events happened before he ended up here, interpreted it wrongly.

    “It’s this way—"

    “Captain, are you sure?”

    “Affirmative. Radar picked up a Class B Magioteleportation rift being manifested just north of the Kirenyun border.”

    A pause as the footsteps stopped. The voice of a woman chimes up. “I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Oriphyrin outbreak, does it..?”

    Then the stern voice of a man answered. “If it is, then our night of fighting is all but over. Keqluna, scout.” The man ordered, immediately seeing a man next to him shift into a puma and run off.

    A streak of lightning cut through the skies as if it were on the verge of breaking, thus highlighting the silhouette of the young man just standing in the small forest clearing he found himself in. Eyes closed, holding his left arm, and feeling the sensation of warm blood run down the side of his face. Though he couldn’t see, his senses tingled at the strike of lightning. Almost magnetically did his heart want it. At this point, a hit from a lightning bolt could end whatever dream this man was having…though something within him was roaring for him to not count on that to kill him. He wished to survive.

    The footsteps came up closer. A sort of anxiety intensified in this young man until a soldier called out upon seeing the supposed cause of the anomaly standing right there. The young man grunted and immediately turned his head and part of his body back to meet the gaze of the naïve little soldier, to which they exchanged a look. Little did the soldier know that he was staring down at an outworlder pulled out of hell….

    “Sir..” the soldier said softly, then slowly raising his weapon and cocking it. The clicking sound the hammer of the rifle made immediately made the young man twitch upon realization that the sound was most likely hostile, thus arousing feelings of anger that were quickly boiling within his blood. Though he waited, somehow. The anger constricting his veins wanted to wait for more people to come closer. More…more.



    He has to unleash full payback somehow. There will be more people to slaughter to sate this anger, he thought. It's either them or him. If he's somehow alive right now, they had no right to revoke that luxury of his away again.

    His breathing grew heavy as his legs spread a little and his fists tightened. Once more soldiers arrived and their superiors, a man and woman, a quick look the strange young man gave to the male superior’s hard as steel gray eyes signaled what was to come.

    Quickly, a distorted blur dashed from behind him and immediately struck the rifle of one soldier, causing the soldier himself to yelp and step back as his firearm began to automatically shoot because of the damage. Quickly the bullets began to spray to it’s sides, striking some soldiers immediately until the blur then struck the side of the soldier’s neck, effectively disabling him for good. The superiors commanded that the soldiers fire at will, one of them taking up a battle stance and raising her hands slightly. She straightened her fingers and pointed them up, effectively creating a dome of rainwater she had willed to stop above the strange and hostile young man. Each bullet shot through the accumulating dome of water, hungry to delve into the man’s being, but then with a hostile and confused growl, the young man twisted his body as a sort of ghostly arm shot up to the sky. The female superior’s eyes widened with surprise, immediately prompting her senses to force her manipulation of the rainwater to begin the process of solidifying as a knee jerk reaction, though it would surely backfire.

    The phantom limb, barely visible with the aid of every rifle’s limited light, extended towards the sky until the skies answered back. A jet of lightning from the storm clouds above immediately struck it, causing the electricity to mostly be absorbed into the limb to illuminate it in a very light electric blue while the remnants of this powerful strike of energy formed sparks and traveled across the surface of the hardening water barrier. Because of the force of the lightning colliding with the dome that had just become ice, the collision forced an electrified explosion to occur. Fragments of sparks and sharp javelins of ice flew out, striking nearby soldiers and heading towards the woman who made the dome happen. The woman swiftly sidestepped and weaved through the fragments with such focused icy blue eyes, not even allowing her blonde hair to be scraped by anything as she moved. Though she was already certain she was safe from the ice fragments…a yell pierced from behind. The yell of the male superior. A very concerned cry:


    The woman twirled to her side just so her eyes could meet the slash of an electrified vector immediately cleave itself to the side of her head and force its way across her face until the scene itself went silent…and timed came to a complete halt.

    The echo of a particularly important body falling to the cold wet ground became the music for this fated event.

    And the fury in the eyes of The Major General. The venom in his voice soon after.


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