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DISCUSSION The Manaverse :: A Beginner's Guide

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. - T h e_M a n a v e r s e -
    | A Beginner's Guide |


    The reason you may find yourself in this thread may be because you want an answer to the question, "What is the Manaverse?" And the answer is a lot less complicated than it may first seem. As several members of ZEJ roleplayed together for an extended period of time, a bunch of 'technical rulings' had been made to level the playing field. To make sure everyone was on the same page.

    A relationship born of convenience. Linked the various settings of ZEJ roleplays together to form one big "supersetting" -- the buzzword we've coined for a massive conglomeration of the settings of roleplays, consistent throughout the ages.


    Domains - Soul Phantasms - Magic​


    The Elemental Spectrum

    Fire - Earth - Lightning - Wind - Nature - Ice - Water
    Light - Darkness



    Manaverse: A collective “universe” of worlds, characters, and roleplay canons all bound by the same basic principles, such as Mana Theory (and thus the same principles of magic).

    Almagenetic - Pertaining to the unique composition (the "genes") of the soul

    A Domain is the overarching concept that influences an individual’s innate capabilities and is the origin from which Soul Phantasms are born.

    A Soul Phantasm is a sort of fuel source within an individual capable of allowing the user to influence specific aspect of reality without the need for external sources like Mana.

    Mana - Magical energy, more or less. We need to describe it as such, only taking into account that in the setting of the Manaverse it is actually akin to a substance (what with potents of Mana and whatnot)

    To help you remember the "primordial aethers" of the Manaverse, we've come up with a cute little acronym/mnemonic -- the "MEEP Aethers" are Mana, Eon, Excess, and Prana.




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