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The House By The bridge [RP THREAD]

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Spaughtyena, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. The county road was dark and dreary,covered in a light mist, with only the aid of headlights to guide you as you rolled along the stoney back road. The trip was eerily quiet, only the sounds of cheap sixties hits and the occasional gearshift of the beater-van you road in. The only company being yourself, a friend beside you, and the driver. The driver was a lifelong friend you all shared; Tomas Autumns. He was a rusty-red coyote that enjoyed long trips like this one. Tomas thumbed the track buttons on the old CD player until he found one he liked, whistling along with the mellow tune and tapping his fingers on the wheel.

    As time passed, you felt the van slowing its already monotonous pace, and clunking to a halt. “Damn.” Tomas muttered as he removed the key from the ignition. “The god-damn bridge is out, and there's no way around!” Unfortunately, he was right. The small cobbled bridge that would be your only retreat from the haunting darkness of trees and isolation was out, rotted from age as a small but formidable waterfall cascaded down the cliff side, and the only other option was to wander the woods; but these woods stretched for miles...

    “Well, I guess that means we get out and take a walk. I don't see any other way to go, and I'm sure as hell not driving us back sixteen hours to Melsborough – the place is a shit-hole.” The sound of a seatbelt being unbuckled could be heard as the drivers-side door was swung open, and Tomas hopped out. “There's a couple flashlights in the back folks, let's see if we can't find another place to go.”
  2. With I sigh, I stepped out of the car, quietly stretching after the long drive. The lack of artificial lighting allowed the starts to shine to their hearts content. Tomas went around back and opened the trunk waiting for us to collect our things.

    "That reminds me-" I yawned and grabbed a light grey backpack, matching my hair "Try to curse less, it's obscene and I think it makes me dumber."

    I'm sure Tomas had replied but I had already turned around, checking my surrounding. Even with the stars combined with my cat eye-sight it was too dark to make out anything but the vague shapes of trees and bushes. From the corner of my eye I saw Tomas waving a flashlight, a sticker labeled Felicity Butler marking it as mine.

    I practically snatched it from his hands and turned it on. I pointed it towards the section of woods closest to where I stood. The tree bark a light grey, covered in thick moss and adorned with dark green leaves. I recognized the smell, it had rained recently. Had it rained during our drive here? I had been too busy being half-asleep to notice.

    A drop of water somehow dripped down from a tree branch and onto my nose as I stared up at it. With a meow indicating a combination of aggravation and discomfort I pawed at my nose. I turned angrily as I heard laughter from behind me.
  3. stepping out of the van stretching hearing a satisfying pop as i realigned my spine "Really? makes you dumber eh?" i proceed to string together enough curse and fowl language words it would have made a sailor blush . \

    "Anyways" i said pushing my black hair out of my eyes "with the bridge out what the hell are we going to do?" i asked as Ii made my way to the back of the van pulling a laptop bag and a single strap back pack out of the trunk before reaching in i attempted to find the item of my salvation my last chocolate bar which i had hidden from my friends in case they decided to try to eat it on me.

    i looked at my clock as my alarm went off opening my backpack i looked around for a bit before i bellowed "SHIT TOM HAVE YOU SEEN MY MEDS?"s i ran my eyes through the contents of the bags again in case i missed seeing them. rummaging through again i did succeed in managing to find my cell phone.

    "so that's where it was?" looking down 10 missed calls from my crazy ex Tetra and easily a hundred texts -how did she get this number?- i thought to my self as i scanned through the text most of which were random spam: (i love you)'s , ( I'll kill you)'s, a couple (how dare you break up with me)s. and the last one had me worried apparently she put a hit out on my head for about six grand and told her brother who was 6'5 300lbs and built like a brick shit house that i had assaulted her and there little sister as a plan b . putting the phone away slowly "that bitch is psycho" i mumbled as i rummaged around a Little more before giving up
  4. ”Apologies.” Tom said to Felicity, too distracted to add any semblance of sincerity as he waved his flashlight to and fro, scanning bushes and the crumbled bridge. He took a few steps towards the thicket before his ears shot back to one of his companions screaming. He knew the voice, but he couldn't put a name to it, despite knowing the man for years. Tom shrugged it off, figuring the man had to introduce himself again sometime. ”Medication?” Tom turned to face him. ”I think I saw you hide it with your laptop, so you could remember to take some when you went to use it. I could be wrong though.”

    Tom wasn't to concerned about the medication. Perhaps he should be, but the thought of being trapped in the woods with half a tank of gas with Melsborough being the only other option had his brain preoccupied. In the end, the Coyote thought it best to take a calm survey of his surroundings, wandering cautiously through the long grass as he held a tree trunk for support. ”Guys, I think I see a porch-light.”

    It was more out of luck than anything else. The small, but warm glow of a rural porch-light shone through the thickness of moths and branches, revealing a small green-shingled house with worn yellow paint. The thin dirt path was hidden by small stones and grass, visible only the by recent downtrodden lush fanning into tire tracks along the dirt road. ”If someone's home, we can ask for directions, maybe there's another way around.” Tom shuffled out of the thicket. ”Worse comes to worse, we could always ask to stay the night, see when that bridge gets done...”
  5. "idiot" i said as i bonked my head off my hand "come on Jason what is with you?" i said as i located my meds opening the bottle i took two before putting the back in the bag.
    i turned slowly to look at my friend tom as he mentioned the house "sure and maybe the have a bathroom i haven't gone sense our last pit stop in autumnsburg and that was hours ago" i stated heading towards him.

    i shook my head as i started to see things a little before my meds kicked in "stupid imagination stop playing with my vision" i said quietly as to not alert my friends to my slight problem.

    "tom don't forget to lock the van i don't want to find a skunk in it again like last time!" i said jokingly trying to lighten the mood this place was starting to creep me out
  6. I pulled out a hankie and dried the drop of water from my nose. When I had turned, neither Tomas nor Jason had been laughing, guess I had imagined it. Or they were being sneaky again...

    "You two really should watch your mouth." I put away the hankie as Jason mumbled something about his ex. My ear twitched a little when I heard the word bitch, but I kept my mouth shut. Jason didn't need to know about it. I shot a quick glance at Tomas, being a life-long friend he had known about my adoptive mother already. She was... well... pardon my language, but... a literal... bitch.

    I watched as the two began talking about the house in the distance- how had I missed that? I reached up to rub my eyes and grumbled in realization. I had forgot to wear my glasses, again. Putting them on I walked up beside the two.

    Looked...  Pretty good. I had lived in worse houses before.

    Jason made some off-hand comment about a skunk and I almost laughed to myself a bit before trying to go back to my regular monotone "Skunks won't do anything to the car. You've already been in there for hours- I think it's smelly enough."
  7. Tom walked earnestly towards the small house, keeping his ears curled back as he listened to Felicity muttering something about language again and the scent of the Van, but he saw no problems. After all, his nose was arguably just as good as hers, and he didn't mind the smell of the van one bit – was it because he was used to male scents? He couldn't be sure. What he did know however, was that any hope solace lied in the hands of the house's residency.

    ”Quit your blabbering,” he said half-joking as he stepped up to the doorway. ”Besides, if the van really was as bad as a skunk, I would've complained with you.” For a moment, Tom stood still in front of the doorway, as if suddenly apprehensive to place his paw to the door. He took a quick breath, ”Okay, here goes...”

    *Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

    Tom lowered his paw from the wooden door, shuffling his feet earnestly as he twiddled his thumbs. Within a few moments the sounds of footsteps could be heard descending a stairwell and making their way to the door, imprinting a silhouette of a canine woman on the other side, before the knob was twisted and the door creaked open. ”Hello?” The woman was a fox-like anthromorph with gentle brown eyes. She had light sandy fur underneath a fifties blouse, decorated with a floral pattern. She looked the group up and down with a hint of distrust as she continued to grip the knob. ”Can I help you?”
    ”Possibly.” Tom answered, clearing his throat. ”The bridge is out on the east road unfortunately, we were wondering if there was another way around, or if you knew when the bridge would be fixed...”
    ”Well...” The woman cocked her head slightly, giving herself a moment to think. ”I don't know how long the bridge'll take to fix, my husband would know – but he's out working right now. As far as routes go, the only other way is Melsborough.”
    Tom sighed, placing his paws in his pockets. ”I'd hate to impose, but if you have a couple spare beds, we could pay you to...
    ”I was about to suggest that very thing. I'll let my husband know we have guests. Come on in, you can stay as long as the bridge is out – no charge, as long as you mind your manners.”


    On the interior, the house was still small. It was clean and well lived-in. Just past the doorway was the kitchen. The oven, fridge and toaster sat on a counter on the other side of the room. It had a stairways directly to the right and left, The rightmost stairway leading vertically up to presumably the bedrooms, whereas the leftmost stairwell led horizontally down to the basement. ”I don't have enough beds for all of you, but I'm sure two can share a bed in the basement – it was my sons room, but he's off to college. The other will have to sleep on the couch in the living room – just past the kitchen.” She moved to the cupboards above the counter, opening the fridge to pour herself a glass of water. ”You can watch TV as long as you like, just make sure it isn't too loud. If your thirsty we have plenty of water, but I don't want to find you snacking after midnight!
    ”Understood.” Tom said, despite the woman treating him like she was his son who'd never left for college. ”Um, one more thing...”
    ”Could I get your name please? We haven't been introduced...”
    ”Oh, goodness! I'm terribly sorry, I've forgotten my manners! *ahem* My name is Abby Sails. Pleased to meet you.” She extended a paw.
    ”Tomas Autumns, likewise.” He shook her paw before gesturing to the others, ”This are my two best friends Felicity Butler and Jason Void.”
    ”Well, I'm pleased to meet you all. Feel free to make yourselves at home – if you don't mind, I'm going to head back to bed.”

    The vixen waved as she ascended the stairs, yawning visibly before she went out of sight. ”Well... that went well...”
  8. I stuck my tongue out and made faces behind Tomas as I followed him towards the house. My revenge for my small joke being shot down. Arguably not much like myself, or... well, how they saw me. But no one was looking as far as I knew. As we got to the door, Tomas looked apprehensive so I reached to knock for him- although we ended up knocking together for at least the first knock. He seemed too nervous to notice so I slipped my hand away and let him have a bit of space.

    As a woman opened the door, I turned my head towards her. She seemed... odd. Too nice. Too pretty. I knew a thing or too about forest families- and you didn't trust anyone. ANYONE. I pulled from my thoughts as the woman denied any pay... So she was about to suggest we stay, eh? But then realization struck. Tomas had spent most his money at Melsborough, right? First with the gas, then with the snacks... He could have more I supposed.

    I then remembered how Jason had so rudely used the word bitch. Sure, he didn't know about my adoptive mother, but whatever. I remember having gotten his number before but never using it. I slipped my hand into my bag, adept at sending texts without having to look.

    "This is Tetra's brother. I know where you are. 16 hours out from Melsborough. By the busted bridge. I got three words bud- watch yer' back."

    I tried to suppress a laugh as I heard Jason's phone vibrate.
    Quickly donning a straight face as this woman treated Tomas like her so-called son... mother-figure.... even worse. As "Ms. Abby Sails" left, my ear twitched. As she went out of sight I quietly hissed to myself, a bit of a poisonous tone entering my words-
    "Very well indeed, Sails." I turned back to Jason and Tomas, Jason apparently only just noticing his text. "I guess I'll sleep on the couch."  I followed the pair as we moved to the living room, right past the kitchen.

    "I mean- best if you two share the bed right? Men and all."

    I found the remote and turned on the TV. The volume was low already, at a point where only those seated on the closely placed couch could probably hear- But the channel- Oh god-

    It was... ahem... quite compromising, without going into the details. My face reddened and I fumbled with the control in my... I'm not even sure... a bit of shock, nervousness, and embarrassment I suppose. I quickly turned it off and my hands shot up to my eyes, my cat-ears folded flat on my head. "Please tell me that wasn't my imagination!"

    If such a... thing... was from my imagination- No, no... Not me. I could never. I never even thought of it. It was just so... Weird!
  9. i entered the building cautiously I'm not the superstitious type but this was giving me a bad feeling when Her name is Alice played quietly from my laptop bag pulling it out i mumbled "where is that blasted phone?" after a moment i reached the object of my current prize my small black cellphone opening it i saw /* unkown-number *\ : This is Tetra's brother. I know where you are. 16 hours out from Melsborough. By the busted bridge. I got three words bud- watch yer' back.

    "oh fuck" i said under my breath looking around like a spooked rabbit during hunting season not only did i have to go in heebejeeby house but now i had a threat hanging over my head like a hungry executioner "um.... guys?" i said quietly trying to not let my fear show "if i die tonight I'm blaming you" i said only half joking i put my phone away.

    we headed past the living room towards the kitchen i stopped to say something turning i noticed Felicity suddenly change the channel on the TV and seem to be both embarrassed and confused. turning back around i preceded to look for a washroom to relive my self of one to many sodas
  10. Despite the intense embarrassment from... such an obscene late night show... I grinned when I heard Jason-

    "If I die tonight, I'm blaming you."

    I glanced at him, probably looking for the bathroom like he said he would do before we came in. I saw a door out of the corner of my eye, a sign labeled Bath-Room hanging on it, a little behind Jason. I covertly slipped my hand into my bag and sent another little text.

    "Hey Bud- are you that spooked that ya' gotta go piss now? Try turning around and looking at that door ya' walked past. No wonder Tetra wants you dead- I wanna' just hurry up and beat ya' already."

    As Jason checked his phone, I sent another one.

    "Hell- That doors pretty weak."
    "Could break in any time I want- Hey bud..."
    "When I come- you want me do choke you, or break every bone in yer' scrawny body slowly?"

    I let him wait a bit after that one.

    "I'm thinking- I break all yer' F*ing bones. Real s-l-o-w."

    I could have sworn he made some weird noise at that one. Like... A really "Oh shit man I'm dead!" noise. This wasn't a good thing to do to a friend-
    But F* it, I'm having fun. Being cruel is fun. Real fun. I decided to mess with him a bit- repeat a bit of that text.

    "Remember that part of the drive where Tomas just HAD to go real s-l-o-w?" I covertly glanced at Jason, who hadn't noticed my glance in his panic "Bet that's why we got here so late. If I wasn't nice- I'd break his bones for this! You hear me Tom!" I turned to Tomas, my voice sounding annoyed but my face apologetic as I sent Tom a text.

    "Sorry- Just go with it. I don't mean it, I swear."
  11. as i searched the house my phone went off. i gulped quietly as i pulled it out and saw a new text /* unkown-number *\ : Hey Bud- are you that spooked that ya' gotta go piss now? Try turning around and looking at that door ya' walked past. No wonder Tetra wants you dead- I wanna' just hurry up and beat ya' already.

    slowly i turned and noticed the bathroom " oh?...... wait he can see me? .... HE CAN SEE ME?" i said not to loudly but my voice was shaking as the next batch of texts came /* unknown-number *\ :Hell- That doors pretty weak.

    i froze then came the next one

    /*unknown-number*\:"Could break in any time I want- Hey bud..."

    i started to really panic my my meds we starting to quit do to fear running rampant causing me to hear someone bang on the door with some thing heavy as the next one came
    /*unknown-number*\"When I come- you want me do choke you, or break every bone in yer' scrawny body slowly?"
    i made a strange noise in between a choke a squeak and a plea for help.

    Felicity started to say some thing from the other room "Remember that part of the drive where Tomas just HAD to go real s-l-o-w?" she said as i exited the bathroom "Bet that's why we got here so late. If I wasn't nice- I'd break his bones for this! You hear me Tom!" i attempted to regain my composure "uh ... right Felicity like you would break anyone's bones" i said with a forced laugh as i put my phone back in my bag any ways I'm getting a drink i said my hands cold and shaking -fuck- i thought -get your act together man Van is big but .... but what if he wants me dead I'm dead so.... fuck it- i turned to say something but decided against it after i saw a looming shadow shaking my head "fucking meds must be wearing off pieces of shit" i said quietly as the shadow vanished
  12. I leaned further into the couch, pleased with the outcome. As Jason left to... I think he said get a drink? As he went to do that I guess, I glanced at the phone he had carelessly left behind. As Tomas was busy doing... whatever that thing he was doing was, I stood and walked to his phone. Opening it, I deleted the messages from "Tetra's Brother".

    I think Tomas saw me and just gave me a tired glance. It might not have been the first time I'd done something like this. I think Tomas was even the victim of one when were younger... Anyways, point is- I did this stupid thing often. The last part was to, well... Not make it look like me. Or do something nice.

    I sat in my chair, waiting for Jason to return to his phone. After a minute he was back in the room, and I slipped my hand into my purse. I glanced at Tomas, still giving me that tired/slightly angry look, and mouthed "I'm making it better OK!"

    "Hey Jason." his phone rang as he got the text.
    "This is Felicity."
    I sat for a second, frozen. I had planned on doing a joke- but I was basically the worst comedian to ever walk on the earth.
    "A rubber band gun was confiscated from an algebra class-"
    "because it was a weapon of math disruption."

    Right as I hit send, I realized something- I didn't tell jokes often. I was generally monotone! When I receive texts I tend to read them in the person voice-

    Let's see... monotone+bad joke= Funny?
    ... Hopefully.

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