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The Ancient Panda Statue

Discussion in 'Ask-a-Character' started by Irouk Inverse, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Somewhere, deep within the Kun-Lin Mountains, there is said to be a giant panda statue of marble supposedly built on the grave of a once mighty deity. Stories say that those who are able to endure the arduous trek up the mountains, and lay an offering in front of the statue, they may invoke the spirit of the Great Panda to answer a single question.
  2. O Great Panda, how should we stop the spread of the Zika virus?
  3. ((@"Irouk Inverse" - I think it might help a little bit if we knew who to address through the might of the great panda statue. Could you give us a list of a few of your characters that are open to fielding questions?))

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