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The Age Rage

Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by FlamingClaw, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Good day to you, how do you do? I'm a n00b called Gyarados Rage, but I never troll (I'm past that stage).

    I'm not too interested in roleplay, really - but I have reason to be here (clearly). You see, whilst I might not be a roleplay ace, this forum looks like a friendly place! Nice to be here :)
  2. Allo, sir! :D Welcome to you!
    We hope you have a good time here! =D
  3. lol rhymes

  4. Rhymes? Good times.

    Before this day is through, I must thank you!
  5. Welcome to ZEJ, good sir! I see that you are already becoming our resident rhyme-master. Hopefully you enjoy the other facets of our community, which will hopefully gain in activity with the influx of new people lately :>

    Once again, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay~
  6. I can tell this guy is going to be awesome.

    Nice to meet you good sir. May I ask how you found our little internet cavern?
  7. I completely forgot to enclose the following
    At times I can be a silly thing!
    But 'tis a wonderful thing, we have a new member!
    You MUST have a good time, sir.
    I'll get sad if you don't
    Please don't say that you won't.
    It appears that you know the rules
    Good, for those who don't are fools
    Your grammar's excellent, you appear to be smart
    Just a request, please don't fart!

    XD </crappyrhyme>

    But you'll never overtake me as the master of crappy rhymes. :U
    I'll be the crappiest rhymer of all time! XD
  8. You're all on cue, so thank you!

    Thanks, I'm already having fun today!

    It all started once I'd missed the gear and my massive spaceship landed here! In short, this forum looked the part, so I thought I'd just check out your art :)

    Your rhymes I must say are not so bad - don't knock yourself, you'll make me sad!
  9. Hahaha, I think this guy/gal is awesome.
    Welcome to ZEJ, I hope you enjoy your stay.
    And just to say something a bit off, possum.
    I think we all have a small gimmick, if you may.
  10. ^A nice intro I have to say, not going to lie - it's made my day!
  11. This is a wonderful time to rhyme.
    Needs more cowbell. XD

    Welcome to ZEE-EE-JAY.
    I do say.
  12. Thanks, good friend, for your compliment.
    But here is where I must stop
    rhyming, for my rhyming skills
    face a gap and they can't hop!
  13. Well now it's in the air, coming clean is only fair...


    An undercover mission, what a joy?
    ZEJ is the subject of my latest ploy!
    A life of driving in the rain!
    Burning ambition whilst destroying the pain!


    In three
    In two
    In one
    A fiery hope sourced direct from the sun!
    Going to extremes to take it on the chin,
    I, the FLAME CLAW, have found my way in!

    No hard feelings, and who here honestly didn't know it was me?

    *dodges tomatoes*
  14. Welcome to ZEJ. I'll be your Lorem for tis tour, so please keep your hands and feet inside te vehicle at all ti- *shot*
  16. Trolling Éspeo = a day's work for the Flame :D

    Oh dear :p
  17. I saw through your schemes once you started PMing me. :p
  18. It took you a while, most of the time you thought I was ATD...
  19. Not exactly; I thought you were ATD OR Flaem. :p

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