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DISCUSSION Take an RP Character out for Dinner

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Red Starr, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Self explanatory title! Let's say you and a character from an RP of your choice were out for dinner. You know everything about this character and would like to make the experience fit their tastes-- literally! What kind of food would you order for them which would be their favorite? Would they like it? Do you share the same taste?
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  2. Hm, for a certain someone this would be kind of difficult as he likes pretty much everything.

    Jack is a cook himself so he'd be happy to just eat at home.

    Henri though, dud loves fish. To an extent, so do I. I could eat salmon all day, lol. I'm not sure if he'd like salmon over rice, but that's sort of my own taste after having been eating curry for years upon years now.
  3. Taking Jason out to dinner would be an... experience, to say the least. It'd be an excuse for me to actually find a place that serves venison because I've always wanted to try it and Jason is too used to being a wolf for that not to be his go-to meal. The dragon in him would want the venison rare, though for a first time trying it I wouldn't personally have it below medium rare, dunno.

    Things get more complicated when you consider the dragon in him also likes wine and I don't drink. Also you can expect the dessert to have something to do with dark chocolate (which I myself don't like that much).

    If Mimring tags along, he has a taste for red meat (particularly deer) but he also likes fish and fowl. I don't think I'd find a place that serves dragon meat though so he doesn't have to worry about his species' cannibalistic tendencies. Also he likes tree nuts (particularly walnuts and pine nuts).

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