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Discussion in 'Comings and Goings' started by BroomPanda, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    hi im like super new here and i'll probably be really inactive until i learn how to navigate this forum yo i wanna thank eebit and cody ayyy lmao

    also im probably always busy playing a different game so o7
  2. yes i have changed my avatar i am one step further out of newbieism
  3. I guess I should give a real welcoming post. I'm one of the guys in charge of Galamion, our user-created persistant world setting. I'll gladly answe any questions about that!
    We also have freeform and statistical categories for roleplaying. I'll let someone else explain statplay, because I'm still new to it myself. There's also a section for serious discussions, forum games, spam, and one to post everything else.
    If you have any questions, just find someone with a colored name!
  4. Alright well, thanks. I suppose I should probably say more about myself too. I'm in a big cluster of fandoms which may just be Homestuck, Pokemon, and well anime because im a weeb. I like those crappy shonen animes, and i like fairy tail because i'm a massive nerd. also i play this game called eternia like 24/7 so im probably gonna be afk like every 2 seconds. my avatar is actually my character from it! : )

    also i like brooms and pandas

    hence the name

    oh also i like to use big words for some reason
  5. Hey there :D I'm generally mentally drained from just getting a roleplay set up, so no huge greeting from me, but welcome to ZEJ~

    Edit: fuck these emoticons tho
  6. pff this is a really nice community, better than that one that cody pulled me from! (and eebit, i stayed because i knew like two people here.)

    ill add this to my profile l8r but my skype is brooompanda
  7. ayy lmao np fam i gotchu

    Uhh I mean... *clears throat violently*

    Professionalism is hard when you're just tryna keep up with Cody's shitposting. Anyway, welcome to ZEJ, BroomPanda! This is my formal voice because I am a proper, upstanding administrator of the law. As I'm sure you've noticed over the course of your first day around here, we're pretty laid back with our style of moderation -- pretty much as long as you follow our 'Golden Rule' of "Use common sense," you yourself are golden!

    Cody gave you a pretty decent overview of the forum layout, and I see that you've been finding your way on your own, so I'll spare you the tl;dr rant that I usually subject new users to. Building off of what Cody mentioned, though, if you're interested in giving statistical roleplaying a shot, we've got a fairly comprehensive tutorial that you can follow, or you can shoot myself or @Shadow a message, and we'll help you get situated.

    Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your stay here! I'm glad to hear that you're finding it a nicer place than your other community - means a lot to hear (well, read) that. We're a bit of a varied bunch, but hey, you can't spell 'dysfunctional' without 'fun'!
  8. He just doesn't want to be a wilting flower.


    Hi there! I'm Gist, the resident [REDACTED]. <3 It's not often we receive new members, but Eebit and friends always shower them with welcomes :D I hope you stay a while! ^^
  9. why am i constantly late to these things now ;^;
    Anyways yo, Resident-Baby, Resident Gay-by, Resident-Homestuck/ZEJ-Crossover-Writer, ETC.

    Also, I see you like roxy.
  10. Welcome!

    I'm Krista, resident parental figure and voice of reason.

    Don't ask me about roleplaying but I can give life and general writing advice.
  11. i see you had dave as your avatar.

    (i personally like jade, aradia, and latula though.)
  12. Aha- I just had Dave because, for me at least, he has the easiest design to draw :p
    While I do like Dave, my favorites are more like:

  13. Honestly I don't know how anyone can actually... like the Dancestors? I mean, this is probably old me yelling at clouds but I don't feel like they had the chance to grow like the original twelve did.

    I feel that way about the Alpha kids too.

    Honestly I sort of wish Problem Sleuth 2 DID happen
  14. after arc 5 of homestuck I was like eh lame

    Problem Sleuth is still my shit though
  15. tfw when someone's intro thread becomes homestuck
  16. Your name is TRENT. As was previously mentioned it is not your BIRTHDAY. A number of COCA-COLA BOTTLES are scattered about your room. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for MULTI-PARAGRAPH ROLEPLAYING. You like to roleplay but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for FANTASY, and are an aspiring WRITER. You also like to play GAMES sometimes.

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