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Streets of Melsborough Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Place character's in here in this format:

    Race: (Anthro is allowed, but just the basics no powers or I'll kill you.)

    Description: *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler*
    *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler*
    *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler*
    *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler*

    History & Personality: *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler* *filler*
  2. RE: Characters (Character's Go here)

    Name: Jason Hrick
    Player: Darkness41
    Race: Canine, Coyote
    Age: 26
    Weight: 176lbs.
    Height: 6ft.

    Description: Rugged brown fur, Wears a blue T-shirt, and faded jeans, Yellow eyes. Bears a gold pocket watch.

    History & Personality: Jason is a lowlife living in the basement of an abandoned apartment complex, he lives of social security checks. For 2 years he has been looking for his daughter Grace who mysteriously vanished, his bearing of a daughter was because of an incident with a human prostitute by the name of Abbey, she refused to take part in rasing the child so Jason did his best to raise the human girl on his own. His only concern in life is surviving until he can find his daughter.

    Name: Kyte Scuffs
    Player: Darkness41
    Race: Canine, Fox.
    Age: 10
    Weight: 78lbs.
    Height: 4,8'

    Description: Basic orange Fox fur, and a white stomach, the tips of his ears, tail, toes, and nose are Black, he has small bangs that reach the bridge of his nose, the tips of those are also black. He wears a baggy grey sweatshirt, and baggy jeans, he has black skateshoes, and a small Green Backpack.

    History & Personality: Kyte used to live in a Orphanage, but he escaped shortly after he was supposed to be adopted, he lives now in the streets of melsborough using his skills as a thief and pickpocket to survive. Kyte made his home in an abandoned mansion, where he stores most of his things. He uses his childish nature and guilt to get what he wants. Kyte cannot swim, and is afraid of water.
  3. RE: Characters (Character's Go here)

    Race: Cheetah

    Description: Rare white and Black cheetah always wears a white tank with black leather pants. Several scars adorn her face adding more beauty than ugliness. A slice of bang lays along the side of her face which is always set with a sarcastic grin. A;ways carries a matching set of obsidian blades. A gift from her mother to help keep her safe.

    History & Personality: As soon as she was able to fend for herself she was thrown out of her clan considered to be too much of an abomination to be acknowledged. An all for one personality with a soft spot for orphans she wanders stealing what she needs and taking jobs when she needs more.
  4. RE: Characters (Character's Go here)

    Name: Thaddeus Barclay
    Player: Cid
    Race: Canine, Pug
    Age: 19
    Weight: 60 Ilbs
    Height: 4"1

    Description: Thaddeus wears a large green shirt over his body, with the edges of the sleeves torn a bit, and some of it having been replaced with some patch work. He wears just some regular jeans, and a brown belt. Thaddeus also has black patches over his mouth and nose, and over his ears (Think the stereotypical pug).

    History & Personality: Thaddeus has always been a bit of a strange man, because no one is exactly sure were he came from. He roams the alley ways, looking for food, money, and places to sleep at night all day. Thaddeus has almost gone a bit insane, and seems to have split personalities, which are always fighting to get out.
  5. RE: Characters (Character's Go here)

    Name: James Larkin
    Player: Dark
    Race: Feline (Lion)
    Age: 26
    Weight: 235
    Height: 6'10


    James is a black-striped orangish-yellow lion with short auburn hair and emerald eyes. He is of a fairly moderate build, measuring around 6'7", and weighing about 220 pounds. James can usually be found wearing a leather jacket without any sort of undershirt or clothing underneath, as well as a pair of torn, faded jeans.

    History & Personality:

    While his history is to be revealed throughout the course of the plot, it can be said that it lends itself to his attitude, which can be easily summed up as more than a bit cynical. Well, "more than a bit cynical" is still an understatement, because you probably won't find anyone quite as cynical as James Andrew Larkin.

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