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[Statplay] Final Fantasy Tactics: Binding the World Together *Redux*

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Cid, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Time... it is a mysterious thing. In one moment of time, all could be well... then the next, it could be worse. Time causes people to move, and worlds to change. All of this, simply caused by its flow. Along with time, there is Space. By space, meaning more than what is just out there, but what is right here as well. Space is everywhere, yet no where at all. Of course, everyone knows about Time, and Space... but what everyone does not know, is about what Binds Them Together....

    Between space and time, there are strings. This string is what keeps us together. It stops chaos from spreading out, yet at times it is known as the reason chaos is created. These strings are known as Law. The law is kept by beings known as Judges, and these Judges also protect the law as well. When the law falls apart, so do the laws of time, and space. And when Time and Space is gone from the world... what is there left? The answer? Nothing.

    Now... the very existence of not only Ivalice, but the entire world is at stake. Chaos has been spread throughout the land, and new monsters are popping up everywhere, appearing from rifts created by tears in the space-time continuum. These rifts are opening up everywhere, and where they open, the area around it changes. The way time flows, and the way the land is shaped all changes. 

    Eventually, the entire world will be covered in these rifts, freezing time and space in place. There is hope however... The Judge Master has been gathering together more and more people, and is getting them to create as many clans as they can. With these clans all out there, working together for the better good, a way may just be found to close the rifts. 

    They Need to save the world.... They need... to Bind the World Together.​


    Hey! So... I have decided to redo my Final Fantasy Tactics roleplay, and this time I hope it won't go to hell. This time, it is going to be in the format of a Statplay. I will be using an entirely new system to accommodate for the play-style of the Final Fantasy Tactics games. It is still fairly basic however, and will be able to be picked right up by anyone who has already participated in a statplay before. If anyone is interested, please let me know. 4 people and I will start it.​
  2. I think I'm tentatively interested. I'm a bit busy lately and I'm very behind on RPs, but by the time this starts up I should be able to give it a go. I'll be interested to see what you do on the front of the mechanics especially. Should be a cool differentiation from the statplays here at ZEJ. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Eebit. I currently have most of the mechanics worked out really, so I should probably have sign-ups soon.
  4. Somewhat the same as Eebit, but I'll try - it's interesting and it's Final Fantasy, should be fun. =D
  5. Interest confirmed.
  6. If you still have space, Cid, I have the perfect character already in mind. :3c
  7. I already posted my character so I am ready to see what everyone has in store! =D
  8. @Masq: Yes, I still have space. I am using the race and job list from Final Fantasy A2 so you know. Also, please refrain from choosing a prestige job, as you start at level 1... XD (I say this because Star tried to be a ninja on her first level.)
  9. LOL.  I'm familiar with A2, so we're good. ^ ^  I'll work get my profile to you later tonight.
  10. Did you have to say that out loud!? Dang Cid! I can't tell you nuthin! *pouts and storms out*

    Imma be a ninja. Just y'all wait.

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