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[Statplay / Fan-Based] The TWEWY Statplay

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Shadow, May 3, 2012.

  1. Alright. Seeing as there are quite the number of Statplays lately, and as if to break the standard systems, I present you a Statistical Roleplay based on The World Ends With You, or TWEWY for short, which will be co-GM'd (to some extent) by Kudamon and Eebit. For those who have played the game, you will be familiar with both the world and the new mechanics that will be implemented for it to acquire a new "perspective" to make it more similar to the original. For those who haven't, don't worry, for you don't really need to have played it beforehand... Why?

    First, the story will be an original Shadowplot, with no relevance to TWEWY's story save for the same setting used. Then, I will make sure the Profile Thread contains a "glossary"-like section of all important facets of the universe itself so you can know what things are like beforehand. And most importantly, it will have a high level of player-friendliness, I assure. In fact, this will be a very player-oriented SP.

    What IS TWEWY? An amazing game yes, but for those who haven't played it, I GREATLY suggest your research about it to be limited to its setting and such, because its storyline is absolutely worth going through. Just saying. More about it HERE, and be careful of the spoilers.

    Every player is restricted to a single character as always, except there will be a "partnership" system between two RPer's characters so they are capable of battling Noise and completing the Missions assigned to them. It is highly advised you do NOT plan those in advance, as for one, the profile template is not the usual one, and there are character "types" in each partnership... But obviously, we will see more about this later. That is, if anyone is interested!

    Due to the amount of characters required, at LEAST eight players are needed to have the SP going (equals to four partnerships)--which is exactly why I am posting this Interest Check. Who is interested?​
  2. As you may have figured, based on the fact that I'm one of the co-GMs for this...

    I'm in! :p
  3. Obviously in this lol.
  4. This sounds really interesting, considering tWEWY's... unique battle mechanics. :p I'd like to see how it's implemented, but most likely I'm in as well.
  5. Of course, I'd totally love to participate. This sounds rather intriguing. Plus, it's TWEWY. 'Nuff said
  6. Also: Pins and other available as with the game? Is that the major method of battle? (Because if it is then am super-hyped)
  7. Of COURSE it will! They are implemented in some sort of system which, as you battle with your pins, they will acquire PP and unlock "Skill Slots" for them so you can then buy additional branching techniques for that pin. As I said, the systems are completely unorthodox when compared to a normal statplay's.
  8. Great, so I'm in.
  9. Im in, TWEWY was a great game, so it sounds like fun :p
  11. I'm not able to join but uh, I feel I can't let this go unnoticed. So if I may share my feelings on the idea...

  12. Okay, then, my reaction:
  13. This is interesting. I'm definitely in.
  14. Alright, let's see. I shall be listing the number of players now so you might be able to form partnerships in advance. That way you will just need to agree on the profile types and proceed to simply making them, and PMing them to me for approval~ However, that will come as soon as I decide on other matters and post the Profile Thread, so there is no rush at the moment.

    1. Shadow
    2. Eebit
    3. Kuda
    4. Espy
    5. NCM
    6. Cid
    7. Masq
    8. Umbra
    9. Cerberus
    10. Redleaves
    11. Suvi
    12. Fallen

    1. Shadow - Eebit
    2. Kuda - NCM
    3. Espy - Umbra
    4. Cerberus - Redleaves

    I will be adding other players to the list if they decide to join as well.
  15. Espy and I would like to form a partnership now if possible!
    Now, I'm scared of the entry fee!

    Also, do we use the standard Statplay Profile template? And do we get to choose Psychs?
  16. Post updated. And no, you do not use the standard template--it will be a lot different. As for starting Psychs, there will be a list for players to pick from.
  17. Okidoki, Shadow! I think I'm going to get a Force Rounds pin if I can. :p
  18. Hello, I was referred here by a Ms.Ninjacatmuffin, and I would be very much interested in joining. ouo Count me in.
  19. Oh awesome, another~

    Roleplayer list updated.
  20. I would request to form a partnership with redleaveshavefallen now.

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